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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


I'm going to be a little different with mine.

The truth is, my perfect guy is just there, possibly within my grasp.

I see him everyday, his locker is right next to mine at school.

His name is Harry, he's a year above be, Year 12 Senior, to be precise.

He has gorgeous light brown hair, it's pretty much the same as Jack Barakat's style, he wears skinny jeans and band shirts but we have a uniform at school, it's the most disgusting uniform but some how he still manages to look drop dead gorgeous.

Everytime we change lessons or go to recess or lunch, he always says hi to me, I struggle to say hi back without completely embarrassing myself.

I'm not the only one though, everyone at my school agrees he's the hottest guy.

I don't blame them, he's so nice, sweet and funny.

He has the cutest smile that makes your heart melt, and he has the most amazing eyes.

The things I would do to make him mine.

I knew deep down in my heart I wouldn't have a chance with him, apparently he was smitten for a girl called Tilda.

But I was wrong.

Harry asked me to be his date for the Year 12 formal.



So I was accepted into this story a while ago but decided not to post until tonight, the night of the formal.

Here I am, all dressed up. I cannot desribe my excitement.

Just remember, anyone who reads this,

"Never give up on anyone you can't go a day without thinking about."

The perfect guy DOES exist.

And he's waiting for you. So? What are you waiting for? Get out there and find your perfect guy.

I know I have.