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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


Alright, so my perfect guy is a bit different then some.

Lets see here.

My puppy has to like him.
He has to be good with kids, or at least not hate them.
He has to be sweet and actually care about my feelings.
He must accept my style choices even if they are a bit eccentric.
He must, must , MUST be honest, honest with me and everyone else, 24/7 or else I just wont be able to respect him.
I want him to be simple, not have to have the finest things in life. I couldn't live with someone who always wanted more, item wise.
He has to enjoy music, and I want our tastes to be pretty different.
I'd like it if he loves pasta.
He better respect me or else.
I also want him to be a little fucked up.
Nobodies perfect, I cant have him not have any bad life experiences. Because you see what kind of person you are after you've been hurt, how can I know how he reacts to bad things if he's never been through something.
He must love that my eyes are hazel and that my hairs brown, even if they are a boring combo.
Also he must be perverted I know most don't girls like that but it usually just makes them funnier.
I need him to be more out going than me because I'm rather shy.
Lastly, he has to be at least average looking I don't really have and physical things I prefer but please, no gingers. <3

That's about it :)