Greatest Fear


“The Tri-Wizard Tournament’s going to be at Hogwarts?” Alexandra smiled widely while helping Molly Weasley clean up the kitchen. All of her children were off elsewhere, probably playing quidditch, and the two were able to talk freely.

“Arthur's mentioned it and Percy won’t stop saying how top secret it is. Oh, I wish he would learn that he can’t hide anything from his mother.” Mrs. Weasley flicked her wand and the dishes piled up by the sink.

“Does this mean Bill will be returning from Egypt?”

Mrs. Weasley turned and smiled at her. “You two haven’t seen each other since you both left Hogwarts, right?”

“Mhm, and after a while we were both too busy to write.”

“Ah, lost contact then. Not to worry dear, I’m sure he’ll be delighted to see you.”

Alexandra made plans not to write to Bill and tell him that they could be reunited soon. After a sturdy promise from Mrs. Weasley, she began her wait. It was the middle of summer when she found out that Bill would be returning, and each week felt like an entire year to her. She would soon see the man she had loved for years and had been waiting for.

When the time had arrived to apparate into Hogsmead, Alexandra arrived an hour early. She was anxious and nervous with anticipation. What would Bill do when he saw her? What would happen if she confessed her love to him? Would he deny her, or accept her? There was so much that could go wrong and she almost returned home in fear. However, the nostalgic environment held her in place.

It had been years since she had set foot in Hogsmead. Looking at all the shops made her feel like she was a student all over again. Upon heading to the Three Broomsticks for a quick butter beer she ran into the Weasly family. “I thought we were meeting in the stands.” She laughed.

“Arthur wanted a butter beer.” Molly smiled.

“I don’t blame him,” Alex smiled, “so do I.”

After finishing their drinks and heading into the stands together, the awaited the start of the tournament. Bill had not shown up and a small bubble of relief burst inside of Alex. She would not have to face him yet. For now, she could worry about poor Harry Potter.

The feats of all four champions were amazing and once it was over and done with, Alex accompanied the Weasley’s back by the dragon’s bunkers to say hello to Charlie. It had been years since she had seen him too and the new scars and burn marks startled her.

“How do you do it, knowing the risks like that?”

“It’s easy once you find your passion.” Charlie waved at someone behind her. Curious she turned around and smiled. Bill was walking towards her and Charlie. After a quick hello to his brother he wrapped his arms around Alex, hugging her close to him.

“It’s been too long!” She said when he let go.

“I know. Sorry I stopped writing.”

“It’s alright,” Alex hugged him again, “It’s good to see you.”

“I’m glad I’m able to see you again.”

“You are?” Alex’s heart leapt.

“Yeah, I’ve got loads to tell you.” Bill rushed his greeting with his family and left for a walk with Alex. They spent over an hour catching up and once the talking had slowed down, she decided to tell him.


“Alex-“ They both spoke at the same time.

“You first.” Bill said.

“No, it’s alright. You seem like your really excited about something."

“I am,” Bill smiled down at her. “Something amazing has happened. I think I’ve met her.”

“Her?” Alex’s hope faltered.

“The girl I’m going to marry." For a moment, just a moment, Alexandra thought he met her. "She’s the Beauxbatons champion.”

The world around Alex shattered as she did her best to keep her smile up and seem cheerful for Bill. He no longer wanted to talk about curses in Egypt or Gringotts. What he wanted to talk about was helping the girl learn proper English and work with him.

Fleur Isabelle Delacour: the bane of Alexandras Loveheart’s existence.
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