Greatest Fear


Bill hadn’t necessarily spoken to Fleur. Their eyes had only met upon passing by and even though he claimed it was love at first sight, Alex’s hope had been raised. If they hadn’t been properly introduced then she still had a chance.

But that chance never arrived. The rest of the day was spent with them reliving their memories at Hogwarts and watching the first task.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t get to hear your news. I’ve got to head back to Gringotts now, but send me an owl!” Bill hurriedly hugged his best friend and disapparated.

Alex didn’t see Bill for several more months. He had not been at the school for the second task, but had arrived for the third. Everyone sat around the side chamber from the Great Hall and spoke excitedly.

“Alright Harry?” She had greeted him with a hug, “don’t worry. I’ll be cheerin’ real hard for ya.”

“Thanks. I’ll need it,” Harry returned her smile and turned around to greet everyone else.

“Oi, Bill. Can I talk to you after this?” Alex turned around to Bill and smiled who answered her with a yes. Throughout the greetings and the tour Harry had given them of the castle, she and Bill remained close and often called out their memories with each other when they passed something familiar. Everything had been going smoothly and they seemed to enjoy their time together. A few of the portraits had even gone as far to ask if they had gotten married yet. Alex blushed at those comments and Bill just laughed.

“I’m gonna go visit Hagrid, care to join me?” Alex asked. She had hoped he would agree so that they could talk on their way down. But Bill refused with the excuse to spend time with his family.

When she had returned, her worst fears had been confirmed. Just outside the entrance hall Bill and Fleur were talking with their heads pushed together and in hushed tones. Bill had a certain twinkle in his eye that Alex had only seen on rare occasions and Fleurs cheeks were a rosy pink that only made her more attractive.

How in the world, would she be able to compete?