Greatest Fear


Alex’s mom was gone, for good this time. She had been muggleborn and refused to register. Alex’s father had been pureblood which made her half blood and safe from harm. However, she thought it best to stay at the Weasley’s. Her house had been boarded up and important belongings stashed away in Gringotts.

If she had anywhere else to go she would have, but the Weasley’s were her best bet. She remained invisible to Fluer and Bill seemed less aware of his best friend. Though they spoke and joked around every so often, Alex sought him out purposefully just to annoy Fleur. The two of them had never been properly introduced and therefore loathed each other. Despite that they hated eachother, they were forced to share a room with Ginny.

On the eve of their wedding, everyone was out of the house busying themselves. Last minute preparations were being made and Alex was sent to change the sheets on all the beds. Mrs. Weasley was certainly going mad because of the stress. Ginny had changed the sheets just days before, but no one dared to go against her. Not when tensions were this high.

Alex had finished the sheets in everyone bedrooms but Ginny’s. After stripping Ginny bed and changing the sheets on Fleurs cot, she paused. It was the first time she had been alone in Ginny’s room. When she used to spend the night she often slept in that room.

“I wonder if my invisibility cloak is still here.” She smirked to herself. Of course it wasn’t a real cloak of invisibility. It was a normal violet cloak with a strong disillusionment charm that she had hidden behind the wardrobe. Alex reached around and pulled it out, sneezing at the amount of dust that came off of it. Leaning out the window she gave it a few good shakes and dust flew in the air like snow. The charm was weaker than she remembered, but upon putting it on found that it still hid her substantially.

Walking across the room, away from Ginny’s bed, she stood in front of them mirror. There was a faint outline of her white shirt, but you couldn’t see her dark jeans. As she was reaching up to pull the cloak off, the door opened and she froze. If Mr. or Mrs. Weasly found her with the cloak it would have explained all of the trouble she had gotten into and all of the trouble Bill had pulled her out of.

However, it was Bill and Fleur. “Are you zure, ve zhould be in ‘ere” she smiled at him.
“Mum can get on without us for a little bit.”
“Ve can ‘t be gone long.” She kissed his lips gently.

Bills answer was a ferocious kiss to her lips. It was the kind of kiss that Alex had always dreamed of with Bill. Seeing Bill walk Fleur backwards to Ginny’s bed, all the wall unbuttoning her shirt was devastatingly heart breaking. She had dreamed of a romance like this with Bill and here it was happening in front of her with another girl.

Pulling out her wand and shouted “Impedimenta” and the both of them broke apart forcefully and stumbled backwards. Alex pulled off the cloak and threw it on the ground. Her face was red from anger and her fists shook. She stalked past them towards the door and called back over her shoulder, “You should wait until your honeymoon.”

“Alex!” Bill called down the stairs after it. It was exactly the way she wished he would call after her, but she didn’t want it now. Not after what she had seen.

“What was I thinking?” She covered her face with her hands. “Why didn’t I just use the full body bind on her?” Alex had walked over to the edge of the protective enchantments, near a group of bushes. For the first time since Bill had told her about Fleur, she had no hope. As the tears spilled over her cheeks, she finally knew that it was too late.

Her greatest fear had finally come true and because she realized it so late, she felt her heart would never mend itself. She and Bill, the boy who had captured her heart in their first year, could never be together.
♠ ♠ ♠