‹ Prequel: Shattering Crystals
Status: Active

Twisted Returns

Part of the Diana Crystal collection.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Please do not read if you have not read all sixty-five chapters of the prequel, Shattering Crystals.


Having made the heart-wrenching decision to leave all she's ever known, Dana sets off to restore the home she once had.

Beauty and fame are just within her grasp, so close that she can almost taste it. But Dana feels the perfection slipping through her fingers.

War rages on, and the group is ripped apart, searching for their lost pasts. Dana decides to do the same - and experiences things she can never forget.

Instead of a joyful family reunion, she uncovers a pile of lies, secrets, and old legends - things her mother never told her. And maybe - just maybe - she was better off not knowing.

Through all the death, pain, and fear, a solution rises up. Only one choice, no alternatives. And once again, it's up to Dana to make the decision. But this time, the stakes are higher and the choices are harder.

Yet with what she's already been through, what could possibly be harder?