Sequel: Hurricane Heart

Chasing Imagination

‘Surely no one person is either good or evil; everyone has it within them. Just because someone believes differently from you, does that make them evil?’

It is 37 years after the Revolution. 37 years ago, imagination was made illegal, dreams were banned and creativity was forbidden.
For some, like twenty-year-old Amy, she has never known any different. She has lived her life the new, post-Revolution way, and she has never been in trouble with the government. The dark and dangerous world of imagination is like a distant story.

And then she sees the boy with the red jacket.

And for some reason, she follows him. She follows him down into the underground, down beneath the safe, pristine city she has always known and into a strange, ugly, untamed world that she never even knew existed so close to her home.

Down in that underworld, she meets the Dreamers; the rebels; the terrorists. And her life changes forever.

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Credits: Layout by vintageDOLL.
Banner quote by Khalil Gibran