‹ Prequel: Twins.

The Road.

Chapter 11.

I looked great thanks to Charlie, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't look so good, my hair was curled and my make up was perfect. Alex looked great too, and I couldn't stop smiling, it's been great so far.

"Let's go Alex," I smiled holding his hand.

He looked down at me and smiled, "Sure,"

Charlie's arm was linked to mine, "I can't wait,"

I giggled, "You're so sweet Charlie,"

He grinned, "better than Alex right?"

Alex looked over and stuck his tongue out, "I'm her boyfriend, of course I am"

"So, I'm her best friend! And stick that tongue in, we're not in kindergarten"

I laughed, "Guys please, there's enough of me to go around"

"Not the way, I want you,"Alex whispered in my ear.

I giggled, "Shh, after I told you"

He grinned "Awesome"

Charlie rolled her eyes, "Alex, you're a pervert,"

"And she loves me, by the way, nice outfit you picked out for her, she looks hotter than she already is," Alex winked.

"Okay, guys, let's sit down"

I sat in between Alex and Charlie and waited for the curtains to raise, Alex's hand was on my leg, figures he'd be doing something like this in public.

Music started playing, lights were flashing, I never thought I'd come to one of this shows before, it was very intriguing.

Then I saw Meghan come out, she looked gorgeous as ever, everyone clapped; she seemed excited and nervous.

Before she spoke, my stomach started hurting, I knew what it was and I got up, I looked at Charlie and he got up too.

"Where you going?" Alex asked.

"I don't feel well, I'll be right back,"

"I'll make sure she's okay" Charlie nodded, following me.

I walked into the bathroom and took deep breathes trying not to vomit but it was impossible, I ran into a stall and I threw up. I heard Charlie walked in like it wasn't nothing and I heard girls shriek.

"Oh, girls settle down, I'm not into any of you, I'm gay," he chuckled.

I shook my head, "Charlie, I feel terrible,"

"I know hun, I'm sorry I brought you some water"

I got up, flushed the toiler and opened the door, Charlie handed me the water bottle and I rinsed my mouth out.

"Ick, I hate this after taste gross, got any gum?"

He nodded and handed me a pack, "You should tell Alex soon,"

I cringed when he said that, "I don't know Charlie, what if he's not... you know ready, what if he decided to leave me what if--"

"It's all in your head, that's just nonsense, we both know that Alex loves you unconditionally that he wouldn't do that, he's not an asshole," Charlie informed me.

I nodded, "You're right,"

"Of course I am, now let's go back and enjoy the show," he smiled.

We linked arms and walked back out, Meghan was standing against a wall watching her models.

"Hey where did you go?" she asked.

"I wasn't feeling too well, but I'm better now, thanks"

"Awesome outfits," Charlie said, smiling.

"Thanks" Meghan smiled.

"I better get back to Alex," I nodded.

"Okay, but after we're having a banquet if you want to join us,"

I nodded, "Yeah, that sounds nice"

I walked back, Charlie behind me, "You guys don't look like twins, but she seems nice"

I grinned, "We have different styles and yeah she is, hey Alex,"

He looked up, "Hi, you okay?"

I nodded and sat next to him, I laid my head against his chest, "Much better now,"

He looked down and kissed my forehead, "Good,"

I sighed rubbing my stomach, maybe I should tell him? Or I should bring up the subject, like now?

"Hey Alex?" I whispered.


The music was so loud and the models just kept up and going and Alex was watching; I wondered what was going through his mind.

"What would you think of starting a family?"

He turned to look at me, "Sounds good, not soon obviously, but in the future, yeah, I'd like to, maybe, just not now, I'm not really ready,"

I looked down at my hands, I knew he'd say something like this;but what would he say if I told him?

I nibbled on my lip trying to come up with something to say, but Alex was paying more attention to the models than me. I sighed, maybe he wasn't paying any attention at all to what I was saying.

"I'll be right back okay?" Alex whispered getting up and walking.

"So what did you ask him?" Charlie whispered.

"If he was ready to start a family"

"What did he say?"

I sighed, "No, I don't think he'll want this child,"

Charlie frowned, "Don't say that, we don't know that for sure, you really have to tell him sometime"

"I know Charlie, but .. not right now..."

Charlie wrapped his arm around me, "It'll be okay, you want me to be there when you tell him?"

I nodded, "It'd make me feel better,"

"Then I'll be there,"

The show was almost over and I kept thinking about the baby in my womb, was it a boy or a girl? Would this baby grow up to be like me or Alex? I worried a lot about everything, especially what Alex would say.
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