‹ Prequel: Twins.

The Road.

Chapter 16.

“I had a great night tonight,” I tell Nathan as he walks me to my front door.

“I hope we can do this again,” he tells me as he starts to lean in.

I nod as I open my condo’s door, “well I’ll see you,” I say and walk into my condo.

I close the door and sigh, I knew what he was going to do and for some reason I felt really odd about it.

I drop my purse on the floor as I take my heels off. I head over to my bedroom and change into my Elmo pajamas, and then I hear someone knocking.

“Coming!” I call out and walk over to the door.

I look at Alex curiously as I see him standing there in front of me, and before I can say anything his lips crash with mine. He kicks the door causing it to slam shut. He picks me up as he heads to my bedroom.

He drops me on my bed, I look at him as he starts to undress, and I can tell there’s something wrong.

“What happened?” I ask.

“Nothing,” he snaps, he looks at me and then sighs as his face expression softens.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout at you, and I shouldn’t have just burst in here,” he tells me as he sits at the edge of the bed.

“Do you want to tell me what happened?” I ask as I sit beside him.

He looks at me with a sad smile, “Ariana and I had an argument, and I just didn’t feel like staying the night in our apartment.”

“You can stay here,” I whisper as I look down at my feet.

“Thanks Meghan.”

“That’s what friends are for, right?” I ask with a small smile as I look up to see him.

“Is that what Nathan is?”

“Yeah, and I think that’s the only thing he’ll ever be.”

He smiles back as he tucks some of my lose curls behind my ear.

“Do you want to have some fun before we go to bed?” I grin as I straddle him.

“I like where this is going,” he replies grabbing me by the waist, before he starts to laugh.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I can’t believe you still have those Elmo pajamas,” he says with an amused tone of voice.

“They’re my favorite! And as I recall you said they were “elmotastical,””

“Did I really say that?”

“Yeah, and then I called you a dork,” I smile remembering one of the many nights we shared when we were going out.

“And I told you I was only a dork for you,” he says giving me a sweet simple kiss, causing my heart to go crazy, and making butterflies appear in my stomach.

I look into his light brown eyes and I can’t help but to feel the same way I did three years ago.

I’m in love with my sister’s boyfriend, and I hate myself for that, because I want him to feel the same way.

“What are you thinking about?” Alex whispers staring back at me.

“Nothing,” I reply in a low voice.

“You’re always thinking about something,”

“I just- I don’t know I’m thinking about a lot of stuff.”

“Like what?”

“Why do you always want to know what I’m thinking?” I ask curiously.

He shrugs, “because I know you’re going to tell me,” he says with a smile.

“That’s true,” I laugh a bit.

“So what were you thinking about?”

“i'm thinking that I’m a bad person.”

“No you’re not.”

“If she finds out, it’ll crush her Alex; I don’t want to hurt her, but I want to keep doing this because…I love you,” I whisper as my eye sight blurs from the tears trying to escape.


“I know what we said, “no feelings, no emotions, no strings attached,” but I can’t keep telling myself that I’ve moved on and that I don’t feel anything for you, but I do.” I whisper allowing the tears to roll down my face.

“Meghan, please don’t cry.” Alex says as he wipes away my tears.

“I’m sorry.” I say as I try to compose myself.

“You know what I realized tonight?” Alex asks.


“When I saw you with Nathan, I couldn’t help but feel jealous, not because he was with you, but because he was holding your hand.”

“You were jealous of a guy for holding my hand?”

“Do you remember how you would intertwine your fingers with mine? Well when you did that I always felt happy and safe, like you were the only thing I needed, and the only thing that mattered.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you were right, it takes time to fall in love…” he tells me and starts to kiss me.
I kiss him back passionately as he begins to undress me, he pulls back smiling at me as he hovers on top of me.

“…and I’m falling in love with you,” he whispers, and I close my eyes as I feel his soft skin on my own.