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The Road.

Chapter 17.

I cried for hours, this was breaking my heart; how could he say something like that to me, I thought he loved me.

I sat up after an hour of crying and wiped my face, my cheeks were red and so were my eyes not to mention puffy. I changed and walked out to the living room, he was no where in sight, big surprise, he always left when we argued.

There was a knock on the door and I don't know if I wanted to answer, I was too upset to talk to anyone.

"I know it's late Ari but we need to plan stuff!" Charlie shouted.

I opened the door and greeted him with my sad face, "Hey"

His smile faded, "What's wrong sweetie?"

I pulled his hand and lead him in, closing the door behind me, I told him everything, I cried all over again. Charlie wrapped his arms around me and held me.

"He is such an asshole,"

"I just can't believe this!"

"I am going to show him my wrath," he mumbled.

I looked up, "No, Charlie it's all right, I'll be okay.."

He sighed, "Ariana, he can't just claim that you cheated, that implies that he..."

I looked at him "What?"

He shook his head, "Nothing.. just thinking, um so.."

"Don't you have a date coming up soon?"

He nodded, "Tomorrow morning we're going out for lunch"

I smiled it was nice seeing him happy for a chance and not have to worry about me, I gave him a hug.

"Go to bed Ari, you need rest, I will talk to your stupid boyfriend tomorrow " he said, kissing my forehead.

I nodded and walked to my bedroom, this had to be one of the worst days, it couldn't possibly get worse.



I was worried about Ariana, that girl has gone through a lot lately, especially with that asshole, Alex. I still could not believe that he had the nerve to ask her that, she's practically a saint!

"He really said that?" Jared asked.

I sighed, "Yeah, I'm going to fucking kill him,"

Jared shook his head, "That was wrong of him, Ariana doesn't seem like the cheating whore type,"

"She's not,"

Jared and I were having a small lunch at this new restaurant that just opened up, and it was great the food was delicious.

"Charlie you're so out of it today, "Jared laughed.

I shrugged "I am a little worried about my home girl,"

He started laughing so hard, I had to crack a smile, "I know I'm so cool like that,"

Jared grinned, "You are, very cute too"

I blushed, "Thanks, but seriously, Ariana is going to be depressed for days, we need to get her away from Alex for a couple of weeks,"


"Yeah, this was big, he pretty much called her a whore,"

Jared nodded, "Yeah, guess he did imply it didn't he? I will be right back, I gotta use the bathroom"

I watched Jared walk away, he was so cute and he made me happy, I never thought I'd find someone for me so soon.

I was eating my pasta when I noticed Jared come back two minutes later, pissed at least that's the impression I got.

"What's eating you?" I asked.

He sat down and took a long drink of his banana daiquiri, "Just thinking.."

"Oh what about?"


"Alex Gaskarth?" I chuckled.

"I just saw him here,"


He pointed to the corner, "There, he isn't alone either, he's with some slut,"

My mouth dropped, "What?"

"He was all over her, like a hungry dog," he spat.

This was just fucking great not only did he hurt Ariana by asking her that, but HE'S the one that's being the whore.

I stood up, I was going to go over there and give him a piece of my mind and that girl too, I didn't care who she was I was going to chew her out.

"Don't, Charlie," Jared said, pulling my arm.

"Jared, he's cheating on my best friend! This is not okay," I growled.

"I know, but let's use stragety instead of violence okay?"

I sighed and sat back down "I guess you're right"

I curled my fists, I had enough of him one of these days when Jared wasn't around I was going to kill him.

"Did you see who the slut was?" I mumbled.

He shook his head, "She was wearing a hat and sunglasses like she knows what she's doing is bad"

"That makes it worse, that fucking bitch does Ariana then, there's no way a strange girl would do that!"

Jared agreed, "Yup we should invistage this before you tell Ariana,"

I bit my lip, "I have to tell her now!"

"Charlie I know you--"

I grabbed my phone and started typing I was sending her a message, Jared looked at me.

"You really think she'll believe you? I mean, she's already upset .."

"She just has to know, let's go " I said standing up.

Oh, Ariana you've been through a lot already, but I have to tell you that your fucking boyfriend is a cheating whore.


Ariana's POV

Finally clean and ready to take a walk around the park to take my mind off things, I get a message from Charlie and what does he say? That Alex is a cheating whore. I really didn't know what to believe before I even answered his text message Charlie was already at my door.

"Charlie, Alex said those things but I really don't think he is-"

"Jared saw him kissing some ugh, girl at the restaurant,"

I blinked, "Jared?"

Jared looked uncomfortable, "Yeah, I did he was all over her,"

My eyes started to water, "I knew I shouldn't have said things couldn't get worse, oh my god,"

Charlie draped his arms around me, "I am so sorry"

I cried so hard that I thought my heart would implode , "D-Did you s-see who the g-girl was?"

Jared shook his head, "All I know is that she knows that he's with you, or she wouldn't have been wearing a hat and sunglasses"

I cried into my hands, bad things always happened to me and this had to be the worst, I never thought Alex would be capable of this.

Then again he has been going out a lot and he never tells me where or with who, or when he would be back. He just left. I told the guys that I needed to be alone to think things out and that I'd call them later.

I took my clothes off and I got into the bathtub to soak and try to relax, nothing would make this okay, nothing. Jared would never lie to me and neither would Charlie, they don't have a reason why. They couldn't be lying no. Alex was cheating and he didn't care, he has no remorse, no guilt and he doesn't want my baby. I wiped my tears. I grabbed my phone and started to write a message.

Meghan I'm going to need your help. I trust you and I know you wouldn't hurt me, I need help finding a person. Alex is cheating on me. Long story, I'll tell you about it later and how I know. But I need to find out who he's cheating on me with. Please, I'm so crushed right now, after Alex rejected ... I'm pregnant. I didn't want to tell anyone yet, but I had to tell him first. He doesn't want my baby and now this. My life has become a hell. I need you, you're all I have that's family. Charlie is planning his own with Jared I won't have him for too long. Help.
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