‹ Prequel: Twins.

The Road.

Chapter 2.

I stare out into the streets of Paris, everything here was beautiful and breathtaking, I had moved here three years ago, I knew if I stayed in Maryland, or New York, I would just be miserable and I would have two awful memories haunting me.

I sigh and close my balcony window and walk back into my apartment, I walk over to my desk and stare at my outfit designs. After I had left Maryland I had decided to go into the family business and design clothes for Ashley’s fashion line.

I collect all my drawings from the desk and put them into my portfolio and grab my bag off the floor. I walk out of my apartment and begin to walk through the crowded streets of Paris.

I walk straight to my office as soon as I enter the modeling agency, but to my dismay Paulette, my assistant was standing in front of my desk waiting for me.

“I have all the information for the New York contract,” she tells me as she hands me a thick manila folder.

I groan mentally as I take the manila folder, I was kind of hoping the contract would have taken longer being revised and edited.

“You really don’t want to go to New York, do you?” Paulette asks as she sits on one of the chairs in front of my desk.

I shake my head, “I haven’t been there since my parents died, it’s just going to be different,” I sigh shrugging.

“The only thing that’s going to be different is you.”

I look away from Paulette, she was right; places never change, only the people living in them.

The only reason why I was going to New York was because in a matter of weeks the grand opening of a new Carlson modeling agency was going to happen, and I needed to be there to make sure everything went smoothly.

I sigh and turn back to look at Paulette, “it’ll be fun, right?”

“Yeah,” she says with a nod and a smile.


I hum as I walk through the now empty streets of Paris, it was past midnight and most people were already sleeping in bed.

“I’m telling you, we’re lost,” I hear someone say behind me.

I keep humming and pick up my pace hoping they wouldn’t ask me for directions.

“Why don’t we ask them, hey excuse me?” the same person says as I feel a small tap on my shoulder.

I turn around ready to tell them that I was not from here, but my eyes go wide as I see the four guys in front of me.

I stare at Alex feeling a weird mixture of excitement, joy and anger, after all I hadn’t seen him since the day he broke my heart in the park three years ago.

“Wow, long time no see,” I say with a small laugh.

“Yeah, are you here on vacation?” Zack is the one that asks.

“Uh… No, I actually live here, just down the street.” I say with a small smile

“Do you think you can help us find our hotel?”

“Sure, um… which one are you staying at?”

“It’s called Le Petite Paris.”

“Oh, you guys passed it, it’s about half a mile down, and you turn right on Saint Jacques, and it’s at the end of the block.”

“I told you guys I knew where I was going,” Rian says causing me to laugh a bit.

“I should really get going; it’s late and I have to work early tomorrow,” I say as I take a step back.

“Oh, well it was good seeing you,” Jack says

“Likewise,” I say and start walking again towards my apartment.

“Why couldn’t they just stay at the Holiday Inn,” I murmur to myself.

“It was all booked.”

I come to a halt as I hear Alex’s voice behind me; I turn around just to see him looking at me.

“Why are you following me?”

“I wanted to make sure you got home safe.”

“I know how to take care of myself, besides it’s not far from here.” I tell him and turn back around hoping he would do the same and just go to his hotel, but instead he continues walking besides me.

“Are you and Ariana…” I say unable to finish the question, I knew what the answer would be.

“Yeah, after three years we’re still together.”

“That’s… great. I’m happy for you both.” I say in a low voice hoping he wouldn’t hear the sadness in it.

“I’m sorry for the way things ended,” he says as his footsteps fall in sync with my own.

I stay quiet; I didn’t know why he was bringing this up, as if he hadn’t hurt me enough.

“I know it must have hurt a lot, especially since you and Ariana-“

“Her being my twin sister wasn’t what hurt the most, what did was that you made it so final and you didn’t even want to try.”

“What!?” Alex shrieks.

He looks at me with wide eyes as his mouth drops open.

“Y-You didn’t know?” I ask a bit surprised, I imagined after three years she would have remembered to mention it.

“Twin sisters?” He asks completely in shock.

“I guess it slipped her mind,” I say as I stop walking.

“This is my stop.” I say taking out my keys from my bag

“It was nice seeing you.” He says taking me by surprise as he gives me a hug.

“Thanks for making sure I got home safe,” I whisper into his ear.

I close my eyes as I smile, I had missed this feeling.

We separate from the hug as we stare at each other; something in his eyes told me he missed the same feeling.

“Good night,” I tell him pecking his lips softly, I half expected Alex to step back but instead his warm lips accepted my own and began to kiss me back.

I felt my back hit the cold brick wall as I feel Alex's body against my own, he pulls away with a grin on his face.

"Good night," he says and walks away leaving me breathless and with a smile on my face.

I stare as he disappears into the darkness, I didn't really know why he had done that, maybe he was angry at Ariana for not telling him about us being twins, or maybe it was just a spur of the moment, either way, it didn't matter.
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