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The Road.

Chapter 23.

I wiped my eyes, my body was trembling, Jack was holding my hand leading me, I wasn't sure where he was taking me but I followed.

"This is your place" I whispered.

"Yep, Stay here awhile, don't worry, I won't let Alex near you, don't give me that face, I won't let you stay at a hotel"

I sighed, "Thanks Jack"

He opened the door for me and let me in, I set my thing down and sat down on his couch, it was strangely clean. At least it was for Jack, he walked in and grabbed all my stuff taking them to his bedroom. I looked at my hands, wondering why these things happened to me, why did Alex enjoy tormenting me. My phone buzzed, new text message, it was from Alex of course.

I don't know what was going through my head.I'm sorry baby, please just come back to me.

I didn't reply I just set my phone on the table and waited for Jack to come back, I made myself comfortable and laid on his couch.

"You look comfortable" he said, grinning.

I managed to let out a small smile, "Yeah, come sit with me?"


Jack walked over to me and sat down, I sat up and leaned against him, he wrapped his arms around me. I planted a kiss on his cheek, Jack was the only person that could make me feel better at a time like this.

"I don't know what to do Jack," I sighed.

"Ariana, are you really not gonna forgive him?" he whispered.

I shook my head, "No, he cheated on me, Jack. He didn't deny it, he promised to never hurt me and he goes and does it. I can't take it anymore,"

"Are you going to let him near his kid?"

I wiped my eyes "Not right after they're born no, I'm going to take my time I don't want him near me or my child"

Jack cupped my face, "Don't stay mad at him, I know he's a complete asshole but you're much to gorgeous to hold a grudge"

I sighed, "I probably will but, that doesn't mean I'll go back to him, no way. I'm not that stupid"

Jack was caressing my cheeks, I felt them go red, "Jack..."

"You're just so beautiful"

"Jack... It's a little too soon don't you think?"

He chuckled, "I wasn't doing anything, I was just mentioning how amazingly gorgeous you are"

I blushed "Thanks..."

"Please don't slap me" he whispers in my ear.

I quiver, "Jack..."

Jack's face was inches from my own and I could feel his breath against my face, my heart was racing.

"I'll make it okay, I promise" he whispers into my ear.

I turn to face him, Jack had this look that you couldn't say no to, but I was in so much pain, I didn't want to use him as a rebound.

"I don't want to rebound on you Jack, you've been to nice" I reply.

Jack just looked at me and smiled, "Don't think of it as a rebound then"

I giggled, "Jack .."

Jack winked, "It's just us two, alone"

Jack always knew how to make me forget everything and I loved that about him, he made me feel like I was truly special.

"So it is..Wait.. its 3" I smiled.

He looked down at my bulging stomach, "So it is, I love all three of you"

I smiled, "You're a sweet guy"

Jack's hands were on my back as he pulled me closer, "I just want to make all this pain go away'"

I breathed, "O-Oh?"

Jack then pressed his lips against mine, my heart was racing and I wasn't sure of what to do at first. I ended up kissing him back, because I wanted comfort, Jack was my comfort, and when his lips touched mine, it felt... right. We stopped, Jack just glanced at me with his big puppy eyes and I flushed.

"Your lips are soft" he whispered.


Jack and I just stared at each other for awhile; I didn't feel guilty, Alex and I were over and I knew that we were drifting apart, Jack came to visit me quite often and we grew closer. I wasn't in love with him, it was just a small crush, but it was growing.

This time I kissed Jack and he kiss me back, his arms were on my back, holding me and pulling me close. I pulled him close, his lips were on my neck and I was trying to stay calm, then the door opened.

"Jack I -- What the fuck?!" Alex screamed.

Jack turned around and I sat up, fixing my blouse that Jack had unbuttoned, I wasn't going to be giving an explanations to Alex.

"What?" I screamed, "You're mad now? You're showing emotion for once!"

"You're making out with my best friend!"

"Jack was making me feel better and forgetting about you!"

"Jack what the fuck man? Why would you--"

"It's not like we're together Alex! So I'm not fucking cheating, it's called a rebound, if it is a fucking rebound!" I shouted.

"Tell me something, is that baby actually mine? Are you sure it's not Jack's?"

"AGAIN WITH THIS! The baby is mine! If you're asking if you're the father, then yes, you fucking are, unlike you, I didn't cheat when we were together, I never thought about, Jack was my comfort when you weren't around!"

"Why are you even explaining yourself to this jerk" Jack mumbled, stepping in.

"You're right, Jack I don't have to do,"

"I can't believe--"

"You have no reason to talk, and if you don't leave her alone, I WILL talk," he glared.

Talk? Talk about, I wondered what Jack was talking about, "What are you talking about Jack?"

Alex stayed quiet, he stopped arguing, "This hurts"

"Don't you think it hurt me when I found out that you were cheating on me? Or when you accused me of cheating and you did it again now?!" I started crying again.

It seems I have been crying a lot, "I'm going to sleep now Jack, I don't want to see him again, just tell me when he's gone"

I ran to the bedroom and locked myself inside, I grabbed my phone and started messaging Meghan.

Earlier today, Alex and I finally saw each other. I confronted him about the whole situation, he sure didn't deny it, and in the end he told me. I'm very broken about it, it kills me even more not knowing who it is, what if it's someone I know? That's just going to hurt me even more. Sigh. Then he demanded to know if the child was mine, again, because he saw Jack and I kissing. Yeah, I kissed Jack. He's my comfort and he makes me feel better and it kind of just happened. I don't feel guilty, I broke things up with Alex and Jack was there to make me feel better. Sorry for bothering you with this, but I have to let this out, you think you can help me find out who this girl is? I really, just want to know..

I could hear Alex and Jack shout at each other about this, Alex called him a whore and Jack called him even a bigger whore and that he shouldn't talk. I really wanted to know what this was about. But before I could hear any names my stomach was giving me sharp pains, and I screamed.

I heard running and they both barged in and stared at me, I was in bed breathing and holding my stomach.

"Ariana are you okay?" Jack asks walking over.

I nodded, "Yeah"

"We should take her to the hospital,"Alex adds in.

"NO, I'll be okay, it's nothing just sharp pains"

Alex just stares at me and sighs, "Fine but I'm staying to take care of you"

I shook my head, "It's fine, I don't want you here anyway"

"Well, too bad, I'm going to stay" He sits by the bed and Jack on the other side of me as well.

Why me?
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