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The Road.

Chapter 24.

I stare at my old bedroom, I couldn’t believe Carmen had kept everything the same, when I had left almost four years ago I had packed a suitcase and left everything else behind, I was determined to start fresh.

Now looking back, I had really missed this place. I had spent almost all my time in this room when I lived in this house. To me this was my small art studio, it was everything I wanted.

I sigh as I lay on my bed, it felt just like I had remember, soft, comfortable, warm, the only difference was that it didn’t smell like my papaya perfume anymore, it smelled like fresh laundry.

I still couldn’t believe that Carmen hadn’t kicked me out once I had told her about the affair, instead she hugged me and told me she was here for me. I asked her why she was so… understanding, I mean I was basically putting Ariana through what Carmen had gone through with my dad. She told me that this was nothing like that because I actually felt guilty, and I had put my sister’s happiness before my own.

“You can stay as long as you want to,” I hear Carmen say as she stands by the doorway.

“Thanks,” I reply with a small smile.

“Good night,”

“Good night,” I say back to her as she closes the door.

I take out my cell phone from my pocket and begin to write Ariana a message.

I am so sorry for everything that is happening, don’t worry things will get better, it’ll just take some time. As for the girl situation… of course I’ll help you, I said it before that I was and I haven’t changed my mind. I know your doctor’s appointment is tomorrow but I won’t be able to make it, some things for work came up. I promise I’ll go with you next time. Good night.

I turn off my phone and put it on top of the night stand. I sigh as I lay on my back and stare at the dark ceiling.

What happened to you Meghan? I ask myself in my head. You used to be so strong and in control, you didn’t care about anybody but yourself. You were number one, the only one that mattered, and look at you know you’re nothing more than a sad and pathetic broken hearted little girl.

I groan as I turn to my side. Alex was right; I liked hurting myself with my own words.
I close my eyes and wrap myself with my blankets, and for a split second I never wanted to leave this bed again.

_____________________________________1 MONTH LATER.

“You have to face your problems sooner or later Meghan,” Carmen tells me as she places a plate on pancakes in front of me.

“I know, and that’s why I’m going back to New York today, well actually I’m not going to face my problem, I’m going because I promised Ariana I would go with her to her doctor’s appointment.”

“Is there something wrong with her?” Carmen asks sounding alarmed and concerned.

“No… It’s just a check up; you know how she hates going to the doctor’s… so she asked me to tag along.”

Carmen narrows her eyes as she stares at me, “you’re lying,” She simply says not taking her eyes away from me.

“No I’m not,” I say with a small smile.

“You’re the one that hates Doctors and hospitals, not Ariana.”

I cough lightly and look down at my plate.

“Tell me the truth, why is Ariana going to see a doctor?”

I couldn’t believe that Ariana still hadn’t told her that she was pregnant.

“Fine, but you didn’t hear it from me”

“Okay, what is it?”

“She’s pregnant.”

Carmen’s mouth drops open just as I finish saying the words.

“How long has she been pregnant?”

“Six months?”

“She has been pregnant for six months and she hasn’t told me!?” Carmen shrieks

“I told her to tell you, you can’t get mad at her, after all her life hasn’t been very great lately,” I mumble.

“I’m going to need to have a serious talk with her,”

“Remember, you didn’t hear it from me,” I tell her as I pick up my fork and begin to eat my pancakes.


Just take deep breaths and relax, remember you just came back from California.

“Meghan! I’m so glad you made it!” Ariana shrieks as she gives me a hug.

“Me too!” I shriek back as my eyes fall down to her stomach.

I couldn’t believe how much she had grown over last month.

“I know, I’m huge!” She says as she rubs her stomach.

“It’s normal.”

“I’ve gained like forty pounds, and I’m only six months!” She says with a frown.

“I’ll work out with you after you have the baby,” I say trying to make her feel better.


“Ariana Sandoval?” A female nurse asks.

“I’m here,” Ariana says turning.

“The doctor is ready to see you,”

Ariana takes in a deep breath of air, and takes my hand as we make follow the nurse through a hall and into a room.

“Here’s your robe, the bathroom is right over there and the doctor will be here in a few minutes,” the nurse tells Ariana as she hands her a robe and then walks away.

A few minutes later a female doctor with long brown curly hair walks in with a big smile on her face.

“Hello-” she pauses as she looks at her clipboard.

“Miss. Sandoval, how are you today?”

“I’m good, a bit nervous.” Ariana admits.

“Nothing to be worried about, I’m looking at your files and I can see that you’re perfectly healthy and today we’re going to find out how well your baby is doing.” She says and then her eyes land on me.

“Are you two twins?” She asks with a bit of excitement.

“Yes,” both Ariana and I reply at the same time.

“You guys look identical, well besides the hair.” She giggles and then takes a sit on the stool next to Ariana as she turns on the ultrasound machine.

“This is going to be a bit cold,” the doctor warns Ariana as she puts some sort of gel on her bare belly.

“There it is,” the doctor says a couple of seconds later as a small figure appears on the screen followed by what sounded like a heartbeat.

“Wow, can you hear that?”

“Is there something wrong?” Ariana asks worried.

“No, but there are two heart beats,” the doctor says with a big smile as she moves the probe around Ariana’s belly, and then my mouth drops and my eyes go wide.

“You’re having twins! Congratulations!”
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