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The Road.

Chapter 29.

Meghan, I’m so sorry for everything, and I meant it when I said I love you.

Those words were still ringing in my head, my sister, my twin, the person I was just getting to know and get along with, betrayed me. I couldn't contain all this anger and sadness anymore, I just screamed and started stomping around like, like a beast practically.

"Go away! You slut! " I shouted at her.

"Ariana.."she whispered.

"STOP! Just stop, you knew we were together! you knew how much he meant to me, how much I wanted him. I loved him and you stole him from me!" I cried.

Meghan didn't say anything, she tried opening her mouth to say something but she then shut it again.

"How could you? On top of that, I'm pregnant and you just.. I can't...fuck you!" I screamed, "Fuck you!"

By now everyone around us was watching and I didn't care I was hurt and my heart was breaking more than before.

"We had plans! Meghan, I wanted a family with him! Why did you have to fuck it up! Why? Do you always have to have what I have?"

I bawled my fists "How long! Tell me now!"

She was quiet, "Ariana I-I am s-so sorry"

I cried harder, "I was so in love with him and you knew it too!"


"How long!"

"About seven months" she whispered.

I shook my head, "I can not fucking believe you, I thought... I knew I shouldn't have tried to patch things up with you, I shouldn't have, you ruined all my hopes and dreams with Alex and now it hurts more because I find out that he was cheating on me with you!"

A few minutes of silence Alex walked in laughing and having some fun with his crew, except Jack who was glaring daggers. He stopped in front of both Meghan and I, his smile turned into a frown.

"You bitch!" I growled and slapped him.

"How could you?!" I shouted.

Alex blinked, "I-I didn't know you were coming"

"Jack invited me" I sniffed, pushing him away.

"Jack!" He shouted.

"She had the right to know! You two fucked her over and I couldn't stand seeing her cry every night crying because she didn't know who her ex boyfriend was fucking, her own fucking sister who was supposed to be there for her and support her instead she betrays her" he hissed.

I ran over to Jack and started to cry again, I couldn't take it anymore all of this I wanted to get away.

"Get me away from those two whores" I cried in his chest.

Jack held me tight and whispered, "It'll be okay, I'll protect you,"

With that Jack picked me up and carried me away, I hid my face from the people around me, I was ashamed and disappointed and mostly hurt. I could feel fresh tears trickling down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry" he whispered.

I looked up, "You have nothing to be sorry about"

He rubbed my back, "I want you to know that no matter what happens I'm here"

I nodded, "Thanks Jack,"

I closed my eyes while he carried me back to his place, his childhood home, my heart was still pounding in my chest. I wanted to get rid of the memories of Alex, every single one, from the moment we met back in first grade. If I knew he was going to hurt me like this I would have never gone near him, I never thought he would do something like this.

I felt Jack hold onto me with one arm while the other one dug through his jean pockets, searching for keys. I slid my hand down his back pocket and grabbed the keys, then handed him.

"Oh, oops" he smiled, "Guess I forgot"

I gave a weak smile, "Yeah"

He quickly unlocked the door and carried me in, I buried my face in his neck, he smelled of sweat and dirt, I would too if I were dancing and playing guitar on stage. Jack carried me to his bedroom and set me on his bed, I looked at him trying my best not to cry, he looked at me with sympathizing eyes.

"I wish it wasn't you the one getting hurt" he whispered.

I nodded, "They don't understand my pain, I thought Meghan would understand, my father did this to my mother, it's why I hated him, I hated him and even though he's gone I still hate him, I can't forgive him for hurting my mom, my mom says that I need to learn to forgive but it's hard when two people you love betray you, she only had one person betray her. I had two, my twin and my best friend"

Jack draped his arms around me and held me close, "I'm so sorry"

I looked at my hands and wondered what was wrong with me, there must be something wrong with me, if he would cheat on me. Meghan was prettier than me, she was better at most things, except that one thing, playing the piano, that was my talent. I wanted love, I wanted Alex to love me, but I knew now that he never did and never will. I was stupid to think that someone like him could love me.

I stood up and started unbuttoning my jeans, I was in need of a bubble bath and some heart to heart with Jack. I knew we've had a few before, but I needed this more than anything and talking about it in front of people I would have felt strange.

"I'll get your bath ready" he said standing up, I pulled back his arm.

"Help me?" I whispered.

Jack smiled and nodded, "Okay"

His sweet smile made my heart flutter even though I was going through so much pain he was being patient with me. Jack promised me that he would heal all the scars and pain.
Jack's hands were on my hips, his hands slid to my stomach, he grinned and started rubbing gently. I pulled my shirt up and quickly threw it over my shoulder, Jack got on his knees and hugged me, I looked at him.

"Jack what are you doing?"

"I always wanted to do this" he smiled.

He wrapped his arms around my legs and hugged me, then placed his ear against my stomach and then kissed my stomach, my babies. I giggled, he was more excited about the twins than anyone else, just like me.

"You always wanted to go down on a pregnant woman?" I asked, laughing.

Jack winked at me, "You know it, now take off your panties!"

I blushed, "Jack! Let me go take my bubble bath,"

I ran to the bathroom, I could hear Jack behind me; I ran into the bathroom and slipped, my heart racing, luckily Jack broke my fall. I looked up, a scared look on my face I'm sure, he had a worried expression plastered on his.

"Let's not run anymore okay? I wouldn't want those bundle of joys to get hurt" he sighed, relief.

I nodded "Okay, thank you"

"Anything for you"

I finished getting undressed and stepped into the bath tub, Jack was sitting on the toilet, watching me.

"You creep" I teased.

He laughed, "Am I?"

"Mhmm, watching a pregnant woman take a bath, you should be ashamed"

"I'm not," he cackled.

I rolled my eyes and blew some bubbles at him, he then proceeded to grab bubbles and put them in my hair. I was tempted to pull in him in with me, but I was too big for him to fit so I didn't, I did however manage to put a bubble beard on him.


I stuck my tongue out, "You started it,"

For a moment everything seemed to fade away, all the pain disappeared. Thanks to Jack, I knew that I would be okay in the end. It was going to take time, but I was going to be okay, now I was a mess and I was pregnant, I was going to make sure that my children to grow up with that kind of behavior. I wasn't going to let Alex hurt my babies like he did, no way, no how.
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