‹ Prequel: Twins.

The Road.

Chapter 3.

Alex wasn't taking my calls or answering my texts; he was upset with me and I didn't have a clue to why that was. I sighed and tried to get him off my mind for awhile, I went back to business as usual.

"I can't believe they want me to be part of that play, I mean my music? Wow this is so excited" I said, smiling.

"You are musical genius bigger than your boyfriend that's for sure" Miriam laughed.

"Stop, he's a rock star we're just two different--"

"Class, he's a punk and you're a classy girl" She snorted.

I glared, "I love him, he's been sweet"

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but he seems like the type to hurt you,"

I sighed, " Miriam I know you mean well, but could you back off, "

"I'm sorry, I will"

It was time to get ready, Charlie had bought me a cute dress, with some shoes, I was so thankful for him.


"Are you kidding me! You look fantastic!" Charlie said, grinning.

"Thanks, " I grinned.

After the play there was an after party which I was invited to, and I wondered who was going to be there. Charlie, being my best friend grabbed my hand and followed me, Alex never had a problem with having Charlie around. I guess it had to do with the fact that Charlie was gay, either way he was amazing.

"Alex hasn't answered my calls or returned text messages," I said sadly.

"Awe, well he's a dick.. wait a second... " Charlie said, flipping his hair.

I laughed, he was so cute; he opened his phone and read a message or something while I looked around for familiar faces.

"So, that was Alex texting me, he's upset with you for not telling him about you and Meghan being twins."

My mouth dropped, "Shit, I forgot to tell him but he doesn't have to be so upset!"

"I know that's what I said, but you know how straight men are, so ridiculous, anyways, let's go have some fun!"

I nodded and followed Charlie; we talked to some of the cast and then we just hung around watching people talk and laugh.

"Charlie, I miss Alex,"

"I know you do sweet, but don't you worry everything will be okay, he can't possibly stay mad at someone as cute as you! Besides, he'll forget all about it when he gets back!" he nodded.

I suppose he was right but I had this weird feeling that he wasn't going to forget; I sat down and took a sip of wine, I needed to relax.

After a few more drinks I was starting to get really tipsy and Charlie had to hold me together, I was giggling and kept trying to call Alex.

"Alex pick up your god damn phone, I know you're upset with me, but this was her fault too!" I shouted into the phone.

"I'm sorry okay, I miss you baby, please answer me," I sighed.

"Let's go, Ari it's getting late and you've drunk a little too many glasses of wine,"Charlie chuckled.

I shrugged and followed Charlie, not without falling here and there but we made it home; I was a wreck. I took my heels off and ran into the bathroom, suddenly I wasn't feeling too well, my hair was already up in a bun so I didn't have to hold it back before throwing up.
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Kind of short; but I ran out of ideas sorry guys!