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The Road.

Chapter 31.

I sung softly to myself, to my babies wondering what kind of mother I would be if I didn't let Alex see them. I was in so much pain though, Alex didn't seem to take interest in his children, not like Jack. Jack bought them diapers and blankets and bottles he even bought them new cribs, it was like he was the father.

"It's all right babies, Jack isn't as bad as he seems. He's actually a very caring person" I smiled.

Jack chuckled, "We should get you to bed it's late and you look tired"

I nodded after everything that happened today I was extremely exhausted and I need to sleep, I got into his bed and stared out the window. The moon was full, I looked at it and I felt a pang like someone I knew was staring at me. I shook my head and sighed, I wondered if Alex cared about me, he said he did but I wonder if he ever meant anything of what he said. Jack turned to face me and smiled, his face was on my neck. I giggled his beard was tickling me, I could feel his breath on my neck too.

"You know the only good thing about this situation is that since he's fucked up so badly I can have my chance with you. I know that sounds wrong.." he whispered.

I looked at Jack, I couldn't help but smile, I placed my hand on his cheek, "It's okay. I understand. Jack I appreciate all that you have done for me"

He smiled "You know I would do anything for you"

I rubbed my belly "I need to call my mom and tell her what happened,"

I grabbed the phone and started dialing she picked up on the first ring, "Hello?"

"Ma" I could feel the tears run down my face.

The pain wouldn't go away, "Ma something happened..."

"What? Are you okay? Is it the babies?"

I shook my head, "I found out about Alex and Meghan"

I didn't hear my mother for a minute maybe she was just as pissed as me, maybe she wanted to say how sorry she was and how she knew how it felt.

"Oh" was her response.

Oh is your only response?

"Wait... please tell me you didn't know about this" I huffed, wiping my now angry tears away.

"Mija.. she just-"

I couldn't believe this, "Even after what you had to go through you kept this from me! Why how could you do this to me!" I shouted.

"Ariana calm down and listen to me"

"NO! I don't want to. Mom you knew that she was hurting me that they were both hurting me and you kept this from me!"

"Ariana when she told me. Meghan said she wasn't doing it anymore--"

"It doesn't matter. You still knew. Everyone knew but me. You say you love me but how do you really feel?" I snapped.


"Just be quiet. I don't want to hear what you have to say. You're just as bad. I'm nothing like you mother. I don't hurt the people I love. I was behind you from the start and since dad left. Now I understand. You don't have a backbone"

"Ariana don't speak to me like that!" she screamed.

"Don't bother coming up here mom. I really don't want to see you anymore." I sighed and pressed end.

I looked over at Jack who looked quite as shocked as I was and all I could do was cry in his arms.

"Why do people keep this from me?"

"Maybe she was trying to protect you?"

I looked at him, "You mean her. She was always her favorite. She always wanted her and not me. I wasn't special. I was the other twin."

Jack's face soften and held me tight, "Don't worry. I think you're' special. I'll always be here for you"

I had fallen asleep on Jack and I couldn't help but feel so strange while I was sleeping, my breathing increased and I felt something break.

"JACK!" I shouted sitting up.

He jumped out of bed and looked at me "what? what happened?"

I breathed, "Jack... my water just broke"

His eyes widen as he started putting on his pants, "Oh shit. um.. i'll get your stuff and the car just stay put"

Jack ran out of the room while I stood up and wobbled to get my bag, "Why now"

Jack didn't even bother calling anyone he just got me to the hospital, I was exhausted and in pain.

Jack was by my side, "Alex is on his way" he whispered.

I screamed "What?"

"I couldn't just not let him know... plus they'd all kill me"

I sighed, "I guess it's fine. I don't want to speak to him though"

Jack kissed my forehead "you don't have to. I'm sorry I didn't want to to, but they made me do it"

Moments later Alex walked in through the door and I didn't want to look at him so I kept my eyes closed.

"Ariana..." he whispered.

I turned my face away from him and tried to stay calm; Alex walked over and tried to grab my hand but I snatched it away.

"Just because I'm going to give birth to our children doesn't mean I want anything to do with you" I snapped.

The babies came out after being in the hospital thirty minutes, they were healthy baby girls and adorable.

"Here are your babies miss" the nurse smiled and handed me my twins.

I smiled and held my baby girls in my arms, Alex took one of them and kissed her small face, I wish he hadn't hurt me. We could have been a family but instead he chose to fuck up our relationship.

"Can I hold one?" Jack asked, smiling.

I nodded and handed him a twin; I wiped the sweat from my forehead with a clean rag and set my head on the pillow. I was so tired, they were both smiling, I wondered if anyone else showed up, my mother couldn't have made it she lived too far and Meghan I didn't want to see her.

"What are you going to name them?" Jack asked me.

I thought about it for a minute, "Um..Savannah and Sydney"

Alex looked at me; I turned to look at Jack "I'm going to sleep now"

He nodded, "You deserve it"


When I opened my eyes I saw a circle of people surrounding me and my baby girls, I smiled, it was Rian and Zack and the ATL crew. I waved, no sign of my so called sister, that was the good thing, my mother couldn't make it either, again a good thing.

Alex was leaning against the window probably thinking about Meghan, I huffed and looked up at Jack who was cuddling one of the twins. I smiled he would make a great father I wondered if he was interested in that.

"They are so adorable Ariana" one of the girlfriends smiled.

I looked at her, "Thanks"

Alex turned to look at me, I glared. I was still very upset and hurt by his betrayal and his eyes didn't say much to me. He wasn't sorry and he wouldn't take any of it back.

"Can we talk" he asked, clearing his throat.

I shrugged, everyone left to let us talk. I wanted to cry and tell him that I loved him and that I would forgive him but I kept replaying scenarios in my head of him and Meghan. I also had Jack now I didn't need Alex anymore.
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