‹ Prequel: Twins.

The Road.

Chapter 34.

They don’t care about you. His words echoed in my head as I lay in bed. I didn’t want to believe those words.

I sigh and roll on my back and stare at the dark ceiling contemplating whether or not I should call Ariana. I mean I knew she wouldn’t want to talk to me, but that didn’t mean she didn’t care about me.

I groan and lie back on my side and look at the clock. It read 4:15 which meant it was 7:15 in New York.

Just call her, it’s worth a try. I tell myself and get out of bed making sure to unplug my cell phone from its charger before going into the bathroom; I didn’t want to wake Nathan up.

My heart begins to beat hard against my chest as I press the dial button.

One ring… two rings…what if she doesn’t answ-


“Ariana?” I whisper.

“I thought I told you to stay away!” she hisses

“Please don’t hang up! I know you probably won’t ever forgive me for everything I did, and I understand that but you’re still my sister and-”

“You’re nothing but a slut and I don’t ever want to talk to you, as far as I’m concerned you are dead to me!” She shouts and hangs up.

My lips tremble as I stare at my cell phone. Nathan was right. I was nothing but a whore and he was the only one who could possibly love me.

I slide down onto the floor and bring my legs up to my chest as I begin to sob.

Why did my life turn out to be like this? Why couldn’t I do things differently when I had the chance? Why couldn’t I do anything right?

I open the small cabinet beneath the sink and grab some scissors. I get up and stare at myself in the mirror.

Who was I kidding? I wasn’t the rebellious seventeen year old anymore, I was a grown adult who was stuck in the past and I needed to move on.

I bring the scissors up to my hair and close my eyes as I begin to cut it. I wasn’t going to be that stupid little rich girl anymore.


I stare out the window looking at the passing cars. After the twins were born the band had decided to take a break from tour. But after a long year on hiatus it was finally time to get back on tour, and our first stop was Los Angeles.

“Do you think you’ll ever see her again?” I hear Zack question.

I turn to look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Are you talking to me?” I ask confused.

“Who else would I be talking to?”

“I don’t know, you could be talking to yourself,” I shrug.

“Do you think you’ll ever see her again?” he asks again.

“I honestly don’t know, it’s been over a year and I haven’t heard anything from her.”

“What do you think happened to her?”

I sigh. I really didn’t know why Zack was asking me all these questions, or why I was answering them for that matter.

“She probably moved on.” I simply say, a bit sad about the idea.

“Maybe you should do the same…” he pauses before going on.

“You’ve been down ever since tour started and it’s honestly been starting to depress me, I miss the old fun Alex.”

“Fine, let’s go out and get drunk.”

“I know the perfect place in LA!” Zack says excitedly and gets up from the couch and heads to the back of the bus.

I was starting to get the idea that this had all been planned.

I sigh and look back out the window; I wanted to stop thinking about Meghan. I wanted to start over and try not to fuck up this time.


“You guys are so wasted,” I say as I look at Rian and Zack.

“Chocolate wasted!” Rian shouts and begins to laugh as Zack and Jack join him.

“Why didn’t you get drunk?” Jack asks as we head out of the club.

“Why didn’t you?” I retort.

“I promised Ariana I wouldn’t do anything crazy on tour,”

“A promise I couldn’t keep.”

“Every fucking time!” I hear someone shout angrily as we head out to the street.

“Somebody had a bad night,” Jack whispers as he point to a couple in front of us.

“Who was that fucking guy?”

“I don’t know, I already told you.” The guy’s girlfriend says in a low voice.

“Fucking liar.”

“I’m not lying!”

“Don’t you fucking raise your voice at me,” the guy growls as he cups her face forcefully.

I couldn’t believe this asshole, what was his fucking problem?

“I-I’m sorry,” she whimpers.

“Sorry for what? Being a whore and a liar?” He asks shoving her a little bit.

“What a douche,” I murmur to myself.

“Please don’t call me that.” She tells him

“I’ll call you whatever I want to call you,” he hisses back at her.

“I don’t understand why you always have to be so mean.”

“Mean? You want to see mean?” He asks angrily before pushing her to the ground and then taking hold of her hair causing her to moan out in pain.

“Hey!” I shout unable to control myself.

“Dude, don’t” Jack says as he stops me from walking over to them.

“This is none of your business!” He shouts back at me and then pulls her up by her hair.

“I’m sorry,” she tells him as she starts crying.

“How many times have I told you that I hate it when you cry!?” He shouts slapping her across the face.

She falls to the ground and lets a sob out. That was it, I wasn’t going to let this asshole push around and innocent person.

“You fucking asshole!” I shout as I make my way to them.

“You stay the fuck away!” he shouts as he turns to look at me, and then my eyes widen, this couldn’t be Nathan, but from the expression on his face I knew he also couldn’t believe it was me.

“This does not concern you, so turn around and walk away.” He hisses at me angrily before turning back and roughly pulling up his girlfriend from the ground.

“You fucking slut!” He shouts angrily and without any warning his fist makes contact with her face.

I hear Jack shout as he begins to run towards us, I grab Nathan by his jacket and pull him away from that poor girl and without even hesitating I punch him right on the nose causing him to groan and stumble to the ground.

Then I hear Jack gasp, “oh my god.”

I turn to look at him and then I notice the person beside him.

♠ ♠ ♠