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The Road.

Chapter 35.

I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing, just praying to a god that I don't believe in. Cause I got time while she got freedom.

I took in a long breath, that song was everything I felt when Alex was breaking my heart and my heart is still not close to healing. I may have Jack but the pain is still there I was trying hard to move on and get over it but it’s hard. Especially when it was your best friend that broke your heart.

When a heart breaks it don't break even. What am I going to do? When the best part of me was always you. What am I suppose to say when I'm all choked up and you're okay, I'm falling to pieces, I'm falling to pieces.

"Cause you left me with no love and no love to my name" I sang softly.

I shook my head he was still in my head, his hugs, his scent, his kisses, his touch everything was still in my mind and it was killing me. It didn't help that Meghan called and made it worse so I let her have it.

Alex didn't come by like he said he would I guess he didn't want to see his children and this made me angry. What was I going to tell the girls when they grew older who their father is, they wouldn't believe Jack is. If we were still together I sighed and grabbed the phone I was going to give them a call.

"Hello?" I heard Zack's familiar voice greet me.

"Hey Zack" I smiled, "is Jack around?"

"Not at the moment he's out with Alex somewhere,"

I sighed, "Oh okay, tell him to call me okay?"

"Sure thing"


"Come on Alex you know more about her than I do," I begged him to help me find a perfect ring for Ariana.

He instantly knew what I was going to ask her and he was furious with me, which I found stupid because he broke her heart. I was there for Ariana when she felt alone and watched her stomach grow and helped her with the girls.

Alex shook his head, "I won't do it"

"Oh, come on it's not like you loved her anyways, you can at least help me out here"

Alex glared at me, "I did"

I scoffed "I doubt that. You hurt her more than you loved her"

"You have no idea how much I loved her..."

I shook my head, "If you really loved her, you would have hurt her the way you did, and you wouldn't have fallen in love with her sister"

Alex bawled his fists, "Why should I help you?"

"Let me make her happy, she deserves it more than anyone" I snapped back, "She's a single mother and she needs my help, since you won't give it to her"

"Shut up Jack! I fucking offer my help to her she won't take it!" he screamed.

"You can't blame her! You hurt her!" I shouted back.

Alex huffed, "Stop making me feel so fucking guilty! I know I hurt her and I apologized I was on my fucking knees telling her how sorry I am and she's still pissed"

"Just help me. I want to make her happy I want to make her forget all the pain"

Alex sighed, "Fine."

I grinned and ran to the first jewelry store I could find; I knew dragging Alex with me for this was mean of me to do, but he knew her better than I did. As much as I hated to admit it he spent a lot of time with Ariana growing up she had the biggest crush on Alex and I just watched them spend all that time together. I envied him for it, I've loved her since I was a kid and I never had the chance to show her that I could make her happy too. I finally get to show her and I wanted it to be perfect.

"What about this one?" I asked him pointing at a silver ring with a heart diamond.

"Yeah, you can't go wrong with that" he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

I looked at Alex he looked really bummed, it must have to do with Meghan he hasn't heard from her in awhile, not since the bar incident.

"Meghan on your mind?" I asked.

He shrugged, "I just never saw her after that and it's not just Meghan"

I raised an eyebrow "Oh? What else?"

"Ariana, don't you think I haven't thought about her? I think about her every day and my kids. She says she'll let me see them but when I do go over she either turns her head or completely ignores me. It hurts."

I could see the pain in his eyes and it did hurt me to see him like that it really did, I felt bad for him but he had it coming. I patted his back trying to comfort him; maybe asking him to do this was a bad idea, but it was too late to turn back.

"I'm sorry man, maybe I shouldn't have asked you to do--"

"No, it's okay I just know if you pick the ring she'll hate it, "he chuckled.

"Yeah probably right"

"I know what she likes; at least I think I do. This one right here. She'll love it"

I picked out silver one that had a ruby inside of it, it was perfect, and I smiled and took my wallet out. I paid for the ring and made sure to keep it safe in the bag until I proposed to her which would be later today.

"Just don't fuck it up like I did" Alex sighed.

I patted Alex's back, "What made you cheat?"

Alex's looked at me and sighed, "I don't know. I always had feelings for Ariana I mean since I was a kid but her sister just I don't know what happened...”

I nodded; I could tell he was having a hard time explaining, "Did you get bored?"

Alex shook his head, "Not at all. She's great and I guess I still kind of love her but it felt different with Meghan you know like a spark or something"

I tried hard to understand but I wasn't getting it, "I hate to say this Alex but if you have fallen in love with Meghan it means you never really loved Ariana"

Alex sat and looked at his feet, "I know"

"You know I've always loved her" I confessed.

Alex looked at me and just blinked, "What?"

I nodded, "I had to put my feelings aside to make her happy. I wanted to see her happy and she was she had this glow to her and even more when she found out she was pregnant by you she couldn't wait to tell you then you completely over reacted"

I could tell this conversation was hurting him but he had to let his feelings out he couldn't just bottle them up.

"Yeah, I know and I really did care about her I wanted to make her happy and I wanted to marry her, but then Meghan happened and everything changed" he explained.

"You should go after her if you really love her" I nodded.

"You really think I should?"

"Yeah man, if you think you're meant to be then go for it, as for Ariana, well, I'll talk to her"

"You know Jack I honestly don't think she'll ever forgive me" he said sadly.

"I don't think so either, but I'm going to try anyway"

"Thanks man, I really hope you can make her happy and heal her broken heart"

"That's what I'm planning to do"

Nothing else was said, we went back to the hotel and lounged around; Alex was looking for Meghan's number and I was lying in bed wondering if she was going to say yes or not.
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