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The Road.

Chapter 41

My eyes flutter open, I was awake and it was my wedding day, Jack was not with me for the obvious reasons. I sat up pulling my hair into a messy bun, I get out and stretch, it's seven in the morning and there's so much to be done. Meghan was in the next room, she spent the night over; we've been planning this wedding for months and finally the day has come. I was getting married to Jack, I loved him so much.

I opened the door and there's Jack's sister in my face, "Aria! finally you're up!" she was beaming. I chuckled softly, "Hey, May I'm glad you're here!" she squealed, "I'm so happy to be here, now we have to get you ready!" I laughed and grabbed my towel, "all right, I'll go take a quick shower then I eat and then we go to the salon all right?" May nods, "don't worry I'll go wake up your lazy sister" she hummed and made her way to Meg's room.

I don't think anyone could see Jack getting married, every time I run into anyone they always ask how I did it? How did I manage to get him to commit? It's sad that people lose hope in faith and love, they don't realize how one person can change your perspective the moment you meet and fall in love with them.

After my shower I changed into some sweat pants and a tank top, I dried my hair and pulled into a tight bun. I walked out, as I grabbed my flip flops. "Okay, so breakfast first then... we start getting ready, wedding starts at 1" I sighed softly. After we all ate, all my bridesmaids and myself and May headed to the salon. "I'm so nervous I mean.."

Meg looked at me, "you're not getting cold feet are you?" I frowned, "No, I love Jack why would I be getting cold feet?" I bit my lip and stared out the window, I wondered what the guys were up to. I love you. :) I hit sent, then moments later I got a reply. I love you too, babe. I can't wait to see your beautiful face and get you out of that dress later. ;D I blushed and giggled causing the girls to look at me. "Tell me you're not text messaging Jack?" May groaned. I stuck my tongue out, "it doesn't count, we haven't seen each other!"

I looked at my sister, "you doing all right there Meg?" she nodded, "yeah, I'm so excited for you" I turned around and breathed, wondering how my babies were doing. I also wondered what Alex was doing, we haven't really spoke since the twins' birthday. Sure, we hung out, along with Jack and Meg but nothing else. I had to admit I missed him sometimes.

As we made our way to the salon I felt like something was bothering Meg, I walked with her as the others walked inside. "You okay?" she simply nodded her head, "yeah, just feeling a little nauseous" I nodded and took her hand, "come time for us to get pretty, did you like the bridesmaid dress?" I asked her. She simply nodded, "Meg you're really quiet today, what's up?"

I sighed, "I want this to be a happy day, I'm ready for this I hope you are too" I pulled her inside and sat down. "Here's the bride!" May shouted hugging me tight. I sat in one of the seats next to Meghan and May. "So how would you like your hair?" the stylist asked, I bit my lip. "I want curls, but like to the side one side you know?" she nodded and began brushing my hair. I was so happy, "what do you think the guys are doing?" I asked Meghan, she shrugged, "drinking beer not even ready yet" she laughed.

May frowned, "they better be doing something productive, we have food and the whole reception, it's so exciting so Jack better not be on his ass" she quickly grabbed her phone and began text messaging. After our hair was done we moved to our make up, I stood and looked in the mirror. I loved my hair it was perfect, I was having a great time with the girls. Some were old friends from my old jobs.

It was already eleven and we had finally finished all there needed to do is get dressed. "So you're having a limo picking you up?" I nodded, "not here at my place, all my bridesmaid and flower girls too" I bit my lip so nervous. I found myself getting my dress on to be difficult, but it was so worth it. "You look stunning he's going to pee his pants when he sees you!" Sabrina, one of my bridesmaid squealed. I laughed and breathed, I looked so pretty.

I looked in the mirror fixing some of the ruffles in my white gown, I couldn't believe it. I was getting married to Jack, I was happy, I've had the same question asked all day. "Are you getting cold feet" no, I wasn't I was sure that this was going to be such a wonderful wedding. As I continue to think about today I heard a knock, I turned around, "yes? come in" I blinked as the door knob turned, Alex stood there. I smiled softly, "hey, wasn't expecting you" I chuckled.

Alex grinned, "you know I had to take a peek at what Jack was getting before he did, you look beautiful" he walked over, he was all ready. Black tux and everything, "you clean up well, Gaskarth" I chuckled, hugging him. "He's so lucky to have you," he whispered cupping my face in his hands,I didn't know why my heart was racing. I thought all my feelings for him left, I guess some of them were still lingering. I couldn't hang to them them, not after today. "Alex, what are you really doing here?" I asked softly, glad that Meg wasn't around, she had to pick up her dress and get ready at her apartment.

He smiled widely at me, "I came to give some words of encouragement, and asking if you really want to marry him?" he got serious all of a sudden. I was taken back by his question, "what do you mean? of course I want to marry him, I love Jack. Alex what's going on?" Alex breathed, "I just don't want you guys to make a mistake, I already talked to Jack about this and I wanted to hear what you had to say" I blinked, "I wouldn't be marrying him if I didn't think Jack was the one for me Alex, I really love him." I gulped, looking out the window. "Really?" he took my hand and turned me around, "you still don't have any feelings for me left then?" I bit my lip, "no" he brought me closer to him, "are you sure?" I pushed him back. "Alex, stop testing me, I'm sure I thought for a moment that I did but those are my nerves, I'm just nervous, this is a big step and a big commitment"

Alex touched my lips, "you know I regret hurting you, I hope you know that. Don't tell either of them but, I kind of wish it was me you were marrying" I blinked, "Alex.. are you trying to get me ditch the wedding or something really today?" He shook his head laughing, "no, I'm just saying .. no. I'm not trying to get you out of this nor am I confessing my love to you, I know it seems that way, but you know I love you, like a friend and I always will"

I sighed in relief, "Don't do that to me Gaskarth you're making me anxious and I can't sweat I have to look perfect" he chuckled, "you look fine, I better go, I'm picking up your sister, by the way she hates the color of the dress you picked" I shrugged, "everyone else loved it and I thought she'd look good in wine red okay, don't judge me just go"

I was glad he was gone, I didn't want him making things worse for me, I looked at the time 12:30. "Time to go future Mrs. Barakat" I giggled and walked downstairs. "Ready, wow you look gorgeous!" May hugged me tight. "He's going to piss his pants watch" I shook my head and walked out where the limo was waiting for us. I was ready as I sat in the limo, I had to carry my dress, it was long. Alex had sent me pictures of the twins dressed up, "aw my babies, so cute!" I breathed, I hoped he feel as strongly about this as much as I was.
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So yeah.. 8 months of writer's block sucks but here we are. Finishing this story up. :D

Ariana's dress
bridesmaids' dress
{bridesmaids dress is a wine red)