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The Road.

Chapter 7.

I wasn't going to greet Alex, he may have been upset with me but I was upset too, and I don't think he cared. I asked Charlie to meet up with Alex, he agreed but when he told Alex, he wasn't happy that I was avoiding him.

"If you ask me, you're being a dick, Alex" Charlie shrieked into the phone.

My eyes grew wide, I never seen Charlie so angry, I bit my lower lip, I trying hard not to laugh; I don't know why I found this funny.

"Don't you yell at me! Ariana happens to be MY best friend and I love her more than you could know! I may not love her the way SOME should love her but she's my dearest friend and I care about her, and I swear to god if you hurt her I'm going to make you regret the day you were born.. ."

I watched Charlie pace around and yell into the phone, "I may be gay but it doesn't mean I'm a weakling you know!"

"Charlie settle down," I whispered.

He turned to me, grinning, I was very much confused at this point; What was he up to?

"Yeah, you better be sorry," he then clicked the speaker phone.

"Ariana are you there?" Alex sighed.

I looked at Charlie and he just nodded "Y-yes"

"I'm not just saying this because Charlie threaten my life, but I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gave you the cold shoulder, I know that you mean well and you love me.."

"I'm really sorry"

"Don't be"

"You want me to go home and meet you there?"

"Please, I have so much to tell you"

I smiled "Okay"

I was in my favorite dress Alex had given me for my birthday; I waited and waited, I hummed to All Time Low songs. Minutes later I felt two arms wrap around me I jumped and turned around, it was Alex. I grinned and wrapped my arms around him, I missed him so much.

"Hey baby" he whispered kissing me softly.

I smiled, "Hey,"'

His hands were on my hips and his eyes were on mine, I blushed as he squeezed my hips , I bit his neck.

"I missed your touch" he whispered, seductively.

I giggled, "I missed your kisses"

"Hmm.. let's go" he grinned, picking up.

I smiled, "Okay"

Alex lips didn't leave my neck, his hands were everywhere and I couldn't stop giggling it's been too long.


I was pacing around the apartment, I was too preoccupied with what was going on with me that I didn't notice Alex left. Charlie says he went to visit some friends and that he'd be back soon. Charlie said everything would be okay that he would be here for me no matter what.

"Charlie, I'm really worried"

"Then let's go to the doctor, this can't be normal" he agreed.

I noticed that over the past three months I had gained a little weight and I started freaking out, Charlie said it was nothing to worry about.

I sat quietly in the doctor's office waiting for him to come and tell me what was going on with me, Charlie was with me of course. He was holding my hand and kept telling me it would be okay.

"Thank you for being here," I told him.

"Of course, you know I'd be here for you," he smiled.

Our conversation was interrupted by Doctor Mayes, who came in with a clipboard and walked over to me.

"Good afternoon"

"Afternoon" we both replied.

"So, you say you haven't had your menstrual period in how many months?"

I bit my lip, "almost 3 months,"

He nodded and asked me to follow him; where I would be taking some physical exams and urine exam. I was nervous, I think I knew what it was but I was hoping that I wasn't, I couldn't be, not right now.

"Well, there is nothing physically wrong with you, everything is fine, perfect health" he said.

"How..." I began.

"You're going to have a healthy baby"

Wait.. Baby? I'm pregnant!

"I-I'm pregnant?" I whisper.

Doctor Mayes looked over at me and simply nodded, "Three months"

I breathed, I couldn't believe that I was pregnant, we were so careful, except for that last time when we got carried away.

We left the doctor's office, I was feeling anxious and scared, what would Alex say? Would he leave me?

"I'm scared Charlie," I breathed.

"Don't be, you have me, and you don't have to tell Alex just yet, if you're not prepared, I mean you just did find out today, so give in a week or two," He said, patting my back.

I nodded. When we got home, I sat down and thought things over, what would he do, should I tell him now or wait? What about Meghan I haven't spoken to her in so long, should I tell her? Maybe that wasn't a good idea.

Hey, Meghan. It's been a long time.

I decided to text her, it's been too long and we need to start fresh, maybe she won't be so cold to me this time.

Oh... hey. Wasn't expecting you to text me.

I missed talking to you, i know it seems weird, but you know I always loved having a sister, I know it didn't seem that way for a long time but I did.

Wow. It's been too long huh?

I smiled, Too long, maybe you should come see me, or I could come see you. We should start over? Act more like family?

I'd like that.

I wasn't planning on telling her about my pregnancy, not yet, not before I told Alex and I wasn't ready for that either. Alex had been home for a few hours after I got home and asked me where I was, I wasn't sure what to tell him so I let Charlie answer for me.

"With me, we were checking out some outfits for try outs"

"Try outs? For what?" he asked.

I blushed, "A play... Apparently I'm a good actress, "

"Oh, hey that's great! Congratulations" he smiled and hugged me tight.


I wasn't lying all of that was true and they wanted me to act now, but I wasn't sure I could do it, at least not for long, I was already pregnant, three months. I've never been a parent before so this was going to be a difficult journey for me.
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