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The Road.

Chapter 9.

It was nice seeing her again, since the last time I saw her, we both grew and matured, I knew she wasn't the bitchy girl I first met, or I wasn't the stuck up girl that everyone saw me as, I was more open. I was glad that I'm getting a chance to get to know my sister again, better. I was excited to see her fashion show, I've been to one or two, thanks to Charlie. He wants to be a famous fashion designer some day. I think he could do a very good job, since he's helped a lot with my wardrobe.

"Ariana!" he shouted, running, all smiles.

"Hey Charlie, what's up?"

"I have a present for you!" he grinned.

"Oh, Charlie why do you always get me stuff, haven't I told you a millions times that your friendship is enough?"

"Yeah, but I had to get it, it's so you and I can't wear it, I'm a man" he pouted.

I giggled, "Awe, don't pout, look Meghan invited us to her fashion show"

"Oh my god, really? That's great! Now you have to wear this dress"

I rolled my eyes, "Fine let's see it"

He opened the box and took out the dress, it was gorgeous it was flashy too, a fushia, silver sparkle striped strapless dress.

"Oh my god, Charlie it's beautiful!"

"I knew you would" he grinned.

"You certainly know my taste, Charlie" I giggled.

"I'm your best friend, of course I know" he smiled.

"Well, who knows when the opening is, but I know what to wear now," I laughed.

"Well, we should go get something to eat, I'm starving"

I agreed and followed him; Charlie was always such a great friend he was there when I needed him. He took care of me when I was sick, he helped me out achieve my dreams, and when I left Baltimore he helped me get on my feet. He was like a savior, I loved him very much.

When I first met Charlie, I thought he was cute and that maybe I had a chance with him, but when I tried to kiss him, he had to put me in my place and tell me that I was only doing that to get over Alex. Not only that but when he told me he was gay, I almost cried, I thought there goes my chance at happiness.

"So, what are you in the mood for?" he asked.

I shrugged, "Anything I guess, nothing too greasy though, watching my figure"

He laughed, "Girl please, like you need to, look at you, supermodel"

I rolled my eyes, "Please, Charlie I'm not that good looking,"

"Yes you are, why do you think Alex likes you so much" he winked.

"Uh... my amazing personality?"

Charlie bursted out laughing, "Sweetie, I know that's true but come on, look at you,"

I blushed, "Charlie! I won't look like this forever, remember I have a baby in here"

"He or she'll be cute! Just like momma" he grinned.

I shrugged, "Maybe"

Chester and I walked into Subway, while I was looking at the menu I could feel people staring at us. I turned around, teenage boys, go figure, I just rolled my eyes and kept my eyes on the menu.

"I'll have my usual please" I smiled.

"Sure thing Ariana, and who is this?" Jared asked.

"This is Charlie, my best friend"

"Nice to meet you," he smiled.

I giggled, Jared had been working here since I first arrived here, I was surprised that Charlie has never went into Subway before today.

"What about you Charlie what would you like?" I turned to him.

"Er... whatever sounds good" he said, blushing.

I giggled, I think Charlie was starting to develop a crush on Jared, I thought it was cute, since Charlie was at a loss for words I ordered for him.

"Thanks Jared," I smiled.

"No problem!"

"Come on Charlie, you can oggle him from over here" I whispered, walking past the teen boys who kept winking at me.

"Fine," he blushed, sitting down.

"He's gay you," I whispered, nibbling on my vegetarian sub.


"Jared," I grinned, winking.

"I don't know what you're talking about,"

"Please, Charlie you keep eyeing him, I know you've developed a crush"

He blushed deeper, "Shh, let me just enjoy the view"

I giggled, it was nice seeing Charlie act all girly, it made me smile I wanted him to be happy and Jared could do just that. I stood up and walked over to the counter to talk to Jared, I could feel eyes staring at my back, I knew who was watching but I didn't know who they were.

"What creeps huh?" Jared said.

I nodded, "You bet, hey, so um.. are you still single?"

He grinned, "You know I'd go out with you and all Ariana, but I don't exactly go out with girls, you know that,"

I laughed, "It's not me! Jared, I have a boyfriend"

"Oh then who?"


He blinked, "You mean to tell me he's gay?"

I smirked, "Yup, and he's interested, don't tell him that I told you.."

Jared smiled, "I won't, and I think I'll go talk to him, my break is just starting,"

"Go get him tiger," I chuckled and walked to the bathroom.

I wondered what Alex is doing at this moment.

I looked over at Charlie who I saw was talking to Jared and laughing, it was nice they were getting along just fine.

"Hey baby," one of the teenage boys smirked.

The nerve of those boys, coming up to me; Charlie would have said they were just horny, but
I knew better.

"May I help you?" I asked coldly, raising an eyebrow.

"What's your name sweetheart?"

I rolled my eyes, "Why does it matter to you?"

"Just want to know"

I was so tired of this, "Ari"

"Cute, are you single?"

"Nope, married and pregnant" I replied hotly.

He just blinked, I shook my head these boys were so immature and needed some real growing up to do.

"Good bye" I said and walked off.

I noticed that Jared and Charlie were getting along pretty well, and I saw them switching numbers, how sweet.

"Charlie can we go?" I asked, irritated.

"Oh, yeah sure, see you around Jared"

He waved "bye guys!"

We were walking back to the apartment and I was really annoyed, mainly because of those idiotic teen boys.
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