Status: Complete

Sister of Syn

Synyster Gates' little sister is finally permitted to go on the road with the band. Chaos ensues.

Disclaimer: I do not own the members of Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, their friends, or family. I do own all original characters and the storyline.

Also, there WILL be sexual content in later chapters, but the majority of the story is tame. I will let you know which chapters contain the naughty stuff. Haha!
  1. A Nice Surprise
    Melia Haner and Matty Baker get a pleasant surprise while at school.
  2. An Even Better Surprise
    Matt and Melia find out why the boys really came home and experience their first day of being stuck on a tour bus.
  3. Favors
  4. Two Lucky Fans
  5. A Little Flirting Never Hurt Anyone
  6. Is It Getting Tense In Here?
    Shadsy is behaving a little strangely towards Melia; Melia is oblivious because she's focused on ZV.
  7. Mixed Signals
  8. This Trip Isn't Exactly What I Imagined
  9. Revelations
  10. Taking Action
    This chapter contains NC-17 content. You have been warned.
  11. Just Stop Raining on My Parade
    Shads continues to be sullen and angry; he lashes out at Melia, hitting her where it hurts.
  12. Busted!
  13. The Deal
  14. Telling Someone Else's Secrets
  15. Merry A7Xmas
    Christmas with the Avenged family
  16. Permission?
    Jimmy, Johnny, and Matt are reunited with their girls; Melia finally tells her dad she's been dating ZV
  17. The Apology
  18. You're Not A Little Kid Anymore, Have a Dose of the Truth
  19. Broken Promises = Shattered Trust
  20. If You Can Do It, So Can I
  21. These Lies Are Tearing Us Apart
  22. Things Are Looking Up...Maybe
  23. Finale: Part One
    Don't be thrown by the shifting points-of-view.
  24. Finale: Part Two