Memories Never Seem To Fade

Midnight Phone Call.

Life was good.

I was currently situated on the couch with my arms around my fiancé, watching the television screen. There was a bottle of champagne next to us and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries in front. Hotel rooms were honestly amazing.

What brought a smile on my face though, was the fact that Matt had let me stay in a room with Ashleigh, alone. I wasn’t bunking with Alex, Rian, or Zack. No, I had the girl I had been waiting for my whole life. The girl of my dreams.

How we met was even more amazing. Okay, so maybe amazing wasn’t the right word. Painful, now that one came pretty close.

I laughed at the memory, and shook my head ever so slightly. Although not much time had passed, I knew that I loved this girl with all my heart. She was drop dead gorgeous, had a pretty good sense of humor, and got along well with everyone.

Turning my head away from the TV, I looked at Ashleigh. Her blonde hair was situated on her shoulders in perfect curls. The perfume she was wearing made me want to rip both of our clothes off and head to bed a bit earlier than I had originally anticipated. Leaning forward I planted a soft kiss on her cheek, before pulling away and flashing her a grin, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Ashleigh whispered turning her head and brushing her lips against mine for a more passionate kiss. Our lips were moving in perfect sync, until I couldn’t handle only kissing her.

A pulled away slowly, and then leaned over towards her ear as a plan began work out in my head. “What do you say about heading to bed, right now?”

My fiancé gave me a small nod in response, and I chuckled.

She didn’t have to tell me twice, because at that moment I jumped off of the couch and then gave her a goofy lopsided smile. “You’re mine. All mine,” I put my hands together like a mad scientist would, before letting out a loud cackle. Ashleigh giggled at my stupidity, but decided to play along.

“Oh no! Some one save me,”

I wasn’t going to say anything, but, she honestly sucked at acting and playing along. But—I love her anyway.

“No one will be able to hear your screams, my dear.” I leaned down and picked her up bridle style before straightening my back and heading towards the bed on the opposite side of the hotel room.

I gently put her down on the bed and then crawled over her, but ended up dropping myself right on top of her. I stayed there for a moment or two, my head planted right in between her cleavage.

“Jack?” I tried to hold back my laughter form how much it tickled feeling the vibrations of her talk. “Get off,” Ashleigh extended the ‘f’ sound as she whined and hit my back. “You’re too heavy!”

“Bitch,” I teased, and rolled over so I was on my side of the bed. “I don’t weigh that much.”

I situated myself so that I was facing her, before scooting closer. Which, was honestly very difficult considering I was positioned on my side.

I reached my hands forward and cupped her face, before pulling her towards me and brushing my lips against her. Ashleigh reacted immediately by reaching forward and wrapping her arms my neck, pulling us even closer together.

Nibbling on her bottom lip, I begged the blonde for entrance into her mouth. She granted it, and our tongues began fighting for dominance. However, at the same time, we were both feverishly trying to get each other’s clothes off.

- - -

Turning over, I glanced at the time. It was currently midnight, and for some reason I had the oddest urge to call my best friend. Or at least, my best friend that wasn’t on the tour with me. Keely.

We hadn’t had a decent conversation in such a long time, and I was dying to tell her the news about Ashleigh. I wanted her to be at the wedding, and I’m sure Ash would want the same thing.

With a light sigh, I flopped my head over so it was looking at the blonde beauty beside me. She always looked so beautiful while she was sleeping. Planting a light kiss on her cheek, I made my way out of the bed .

Not wanting to walk around naked, I tried my best to search for my boxers in the dark. I kept tripping over every piece of clothing that we had shed earlier, and regret even trying to get out of bed to try and find my boxers and my phone. If I turned on the light it’d probably wake up Ash, but it I kept tripping over everything and falling on the floor that’d wake her up as well. Staying in the bed would have been my smartest option.

Raising my hand to my face, I pinched the bridge of my nose as I stood there thinking for a few moments. I’d already gone through this much trouble, might as well just finish it out.

I tip-toed my way back to the bed, felt around for the lamp before pressing the button and turning it on. Biting into my lower lip, I turned to face my fiancé, hoping to god that she hadn’t woken up from the sudden light.

However, she was still there sleeping. I grinned to myself and then snapped my attention back to the task at hand. Boxers. iPhone.

Taking a few steps, I looked around at the clothes sprawled out at the front of the bed. I pretty much spotted everything but them. A frown creased its way onto my face as I looked around the hotel room in confusion. Reaching my hand up to a run a hand through it, I spotted them. They were on top of a lamp, barely enough fabric to stay up much longer.

I bit hard into my cheeks to contain the laughs that wanted to escape my throat. I shook my head, and walked over to the lamp and peeled off my boxers. I examined them for a moment, before slipping them on in a swift motion.

Step one, complete.

As I was about to go looking for my iPhone, I could hear the soft murmur of voices. I cocked my head to the side, wondering who would be up at this hour having a conversation. However I noticed that it was coming from inside of the hotel room, and recognized it as the television. Of course we had forgotten to turn it off before ‘heading to bed.’

I maneuvered my way towards the T.V. couch and picked up the remote. Pressing the off button, I tossed it back down onto the couch and then went back to my search for my phone. It would either be in my jeans pocket or on one of the multiple tables in the room. I figured my best bet would be my jeans and immediately headed back towards the disorganized pile of clothes.

I plopped down onto the carpeted ground and grabbed my black skinnies. I felt around inside of each pocket before finding them in a back one.

Unlocking the phone, I stood up from the grounded and decided to try calling Keely outside in the hall. Just in case she did answer, I wanted to make sure that Ashleigh didn’t wake up.

Glancing down at the lit up screen I searched through my contacts, only to look up every once in a while to make sure I wasn’t about to run into something as I walked towards the door.

I opened it up, and stepped outside into the hall. As I closed the door behind me, I slid down to the ground and pressed the green phone on the screen to call Keely.

It rang a few times, until it got to her voicemail. Of course she wasn’t up. Then again what was I thinking. It was around midnight here, meaning it was three in the morning there.

“Yo, bitch, call Jack back. One it’s been awhile, and, two I have some news to tell you. Call whenever, okay? Whether it’s five in fucking morning, or five in the afternoon. Over and out.”

Rolling my eyes, I pulled the phone away from my ear and ended the call. Pushing myself up from the floor of the hallway, I scratched at my stomach and let out a yawn. There went staying up and waiting for her call.

With my iPhone in one hand, I attempted to open the door to the room with the other. Except it didn’t budge. I frowned and tried for a second time.

Only then did I realized I was locked outside of the room, and didn’t have a key to get in.

With a frustrated sigh I leaned forward and hit my forehead against the door. Well, fuck.
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