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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

Inquisitive and thoughtful,

I sighed softly as I dragged my lazy ass out of bed. Why did
I have to go to school really? The only thing I was really looking forward to was seeing my best friends in the world again. The boys might be annoying sometimes but I loved them none-the-less. I groaned as my bare feet hit the cold wooden floor as I made my way to the bathroom, grabbing some clothes and a towel on my way. Once I was done in the nice warm shower; I grabbed the towel and wrapped it tightly around my body. I applied my make up firstly before quickly blow drying and straightening my raven hair. I put on my chosen clothing and made my way down to the kitchen where my Mom was happily cooking breakfast.

“Good morning Honey, You want some breakfast?” she asked me with a warm smile and I smiled back. I shook my head softly as I dug through the cupboards before finally finding some pop tarts.

“No thanks Mom. I really should be getting to school.” I said with a sigh and she nodded her head softly with a smile.

“Okay Honey, Have a nice day.” She said enthusiastically and I rolled my eyes softly.

“It’s school Mom.” I said with a slight laugh and she joined in. “See you later.” I said as I grabbed the pop tart from the toaster and made my way through the front door. I popped my headphones in and pressed play on my I-pod as Avenged Sevenfold filled my ears, instantly making me happy. I’ll be happier when I finally get my fucking car.. I thought with a sigh as I started my walk to school.


I smiled slightly as I finally reached the giant building that was my high school, Seeing my friends stood in a big circle; waiting for me patiently.

“Where the fuck have you been?! Your usually earlier than this!” My best friend Brooke shouted as she quickly approached me and wrapped me tightly in a hug.

“Guys, Come on. It ’s not like you’d die from not having me here.” I said with a soft giggle and they all scoffed as a disagreement.

“Lia, Your part of us. If you go, We’ll all be sad.” My other best friend Andy said with a sad pout and I laughed as I punched his shoulder lightly. The bell rang signalling for us to go to our classes. “Come on bitch, Maths!” Andy exclaimed and I giggled as he linked his arm with mine and we skipped to our maths class with Miss White.

“I fucking hate this teacher.” I said with a groan and Andy wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

“So do I, Lia.” He said as we made our way into the classroom. We got a lot of stares but that’s probably just because were ‘different’.

“Oh look, The Goth kids finally go out!” One of the popular kids said and I laughed dryly as Adam flipped them off.

“No we don’t but it’d be better than going out with one of… Your kind.” He said as he grimaced. And I laughed loudly as we took our seats beside each other. The funny thing about this place was, Even the popular kids were too scared to say bad things to us. Most of the time it was making fun of something we’ve been doing. Not how we dress or our hairstyles. They were to scared of the guys we hung out with to do that. “When do we have music today?”

“Erm.. Right after lunch I think.. Why?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

“Apparently Mr Gonzalez got fired and there’s a new teacher, he‘s a proper teacher as well. Apparently he’s not permanent though. He’s from a band or some shit and all the girls are going gaga over him.” He said with a sigh and I grew confused. Who was this mystery teacher? And why the hell didn’t I know about it.

“What bands he from?” I asked as I turned my chair to face him and he shrugged softly as he leaned back in his chair.

“I don’t know, no one’s said anything.” He said with a sigh as he bit on his lip ring.

“It’s not fair, All the girls attention will be on him!” He shouted quietly so only I could here.

“Babe, You may have attention from girls but that attention was the sluts.” I said and he pondered on the thought for a minute before grimacing.

“Good point. He can have them.” He said as he pulled another disgusted face. I laughed quietly and he smiled over at me widely. “Come on, I’ll always have you, Right?” He asked with a grin and I nodded my head.

“Yes Honey.” I said with a half smile and he clapped his hands happily.

“Wilson, White. Can you please be quiet? Just for a second.” The teacher said with a smirk and we just nodded our heads with innocent smiles as she turned back around towards the white board.

“Bitch.” I muttered and Andy snickered beside me. “I can’t wait for lunch.” I said with a sigh and Andy nodded in agreement.


“Finally!” I screamed as I ran onto the lunch room with Andy as he had the same Art class as me. “Brookie!” I screamed as I saw my best friend and started running towards her.

“Lia!” She screamed as she did the same and enveloped her in a hug. “I’ve fucking missed you bitch!” she exclaimed as she let me go and I nodded in agreement.

“At least we have the rest of our lessons together now.” I said with a grin as she happily lead us over to our crowded table.

“Oh yeah and apparently we got an alright looking teacher next lesson.” She said as she wiggled her eyebrows and I giggled softly.

“I honestly don’t care. As long as he’s a good music teacher. You guys know how much I love my music.” I said as Andy and Brooke nodded there head simultaneously. I quickly got up from my place at the table and made my way over to the food line to get some chips. My annual food at this place since the lunch ladies really couldn’t cook anything else. I quickly got my food and made my way back to the over crowded table to eat my dinner before the bell rang. Lunch didn’t feel as though it lasted two minutes. I was so caught up in talking with Andy and Brooke that I didn’t even realise lunch was over till everyone started piling out of the room. We slowly made out way down to the music department as we chattered, Really not caring if we were late of not. We were usually late to lessons anyways so, why stop now? We walked through the door around two minutes after the bell went and as we sauntered in I heard a velvety smooth shout to us.

“So nice of you to make it guys.” The tall brunette man said as he walked over to us. He was totally gorgeous but one problem, I knew what band he was from. All time low. I’d never listened to their music properly before but really, I didn’t have to. I knew I’d hate it. “Names?” He asked with a half smile. Brooke and Andy said their’s first and it finally came to me.

“Whole name?” I asked with a sigh and he nodded his head yes. I sighed again but spoke anyway. “Amelia-Mae Wilson..” said quietly and he nodded his head softly.

“Nice..” He mumbled as he walked back to the front of the room and the three of us took our seats beside each other at the back. The guy whistled at us and we all looked at him blankly.

“Problem?” I asked overly sweet and he smiled.

“Seating plan.” He said and those two words made me cringe.

“Are you really going to try that with me? Because you might not want too. Every teacher so far has given up and let us sit together. You can’t tell us what to do, Gaskarth.” I said bitterly as my friends snickered beside me. I looked up at our new teachers face and he looked baffled.

“Look, it’s not my rules okay? I got told to do this.” He said calmly and I scoffed.

“So shit. Look, This is the only class I like so if you want me to like you, You might want to let us stay here.” I said and he sighed in defeat.

“Fine, sit there.” He said as he got out a whiteboard pen and scribbled his name on the board. “Okay guys, so as you will now know by our friend Amelia over there, My name’s Mr Gaskarth. And obviously I’ll be teaching you music this year.” He said with a soft grin as some of the girls at the front giggled. “And I am also from the band All Time Low.” He said with a smirk and Andy scoffed from his seat. Maybe he doesn’t like them either. “Got something to say Mr White?” He said as he raised his eyebrows at my friend. He must have took note of my bag and laughed softly. “Right, You guys are rockers.. Screamo bands and shit?” He asked and we all nodded our heads proudly.

“In other words, not your music.” Andy said with a chuckle and the teacher rolled his eyes at us.

“So guys, all I really want you to do today is go pick an instrument and learn a song on that instrument for a solo.” He said with a half smile as everyone went their separate ways. I sighed as I realised Mr Gonzalez kept my own acoustic guitar in his store cupboard. I walked over to Alex and coughed slightly.

“Erm.. Could I please get my guitar from the cupboard?” I asked and Alex sighed before getting up with his keys and un-locking the door. “Thanks.” I said as I grabbed the case. No eye contact at all.

“Your welcome.” He said before going back to what he was doing before. It was awkward. Very awkward. I carried my guitar over to Andy and Brooke as they did their thing. Andy was singing and Brooke played the drums a little. I adored Andy's singing voice, it was like a fucking angel and I was jealous of him for that reason. Sometimes Me and Andy collaborated but it was very rare and only when we wanted to impress people and show off our skills. Maybe this is one of those times. To show Gaskarth that were not just brats and that we can actually do something with ourselves. I’d already decided what song I was doing and I started playing it quietly while I sang along. It may have been a mans song but that doesn’t mean I can’t take it up an octave.

It started with a kiss and turned out something else,
The blood coursing through my veins I think of no one else.
I’ve never believed in much but I believed in this.
I’m incomplete without you, I’d kill to taste your kiss

Andy started walking towards me with a grin. I knew what he was going to do so I carried on playing it but louder this time and he joined in.

I’m lost and lonely,
Scared and hiding.
Blind without you.

He sang and I grinned as we sang the chorus together. A crowd had already started forming and Gaskarth was looking on from his desk in bewilderment.

When the world comes crashing down and the skies begin to fall,
I’ll wait for you.
When the days grow old and long and my skin turns into stone,
I’ll wait for you.
When the pain it seems too much and my heart starts beating out of touch, I don’t need a thing,
I’ll wait for you.

We finished the song there and the room clapped as I hugged Andy tightly. Mr Gaskarth got up from his place, still clapping his hands loudly.

“Wow guys, Now that was amazing.” He said with a grin and we both nodded at his gesture. We still hated him no matter what. One act of kindness would never win me and Andy over.

“Cheers.” I said quietly as I plucked away at my guitar. How fun this lesson should be everyday..
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Song: Atreyu - Wait For You.