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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

He was the poet, while she was the muse,

“Get in the car, Lia.” The driver said and all the colour drained from my face.

“No Chris, Leave me the fuck alone, Okay? Were not together anymore so get that into your thick skull!” I shouted as a carried on walking the way I had to.

“Lia, come on, Give me another chance!” He shouted back as he drove along side me. I shook my head vigorously and he groaned as he got out of the car and ran over to me, grabbing my wrists in a very firm hold. “Now listen Lia, And listen fucking well. We’re going to be boyfriend and girlfriend again whether the fuck you like it or not! I need someone and that’s you.” He said through clenched teeth and I shook in fear. He grip on my wrist getting tighter and tighter, he was a strong boy too so he could probably break me in a click of someone's fingers.

“Please.. Let go.” I sobbed and he only smirked evilly at my pain.

“Why should I?” He asked with a dark laugh and I screamed at the searing pain he was causing my probably fractured wrist.

“Where the fuck did I go wrong? Why did I have to go out with you of all people.” I said through sobs and he shrugged.

“You did princess, so your going to have to deal with it.” He said as he tried to drag me towards the car. But, I fought back.

“Get the fuck away from me!” I screamed. Hoping someone.. Anyone would hear me..

“Just do as I say and you won’t get hurt.. Got it?” He asked as I still tried to attempt to get away. I closed my eyes and continued pulling. A few seconds later his grip released and I fell to the floor with a thud. What the hell.. Chris was way stronger than me.. There has to be a reason he let go.. I opened my eyes immediately and saw Christ pushed against his car, another boy in front of him. I watched in amazement as the guy punched him right in the jaw. I saw Chris scurry off into his car and pull away from where we were, staring at me evilly as he did so. I curled my body into a ball, cradling my hand to my chest and sobbing into my knees. As soon as the boy heard me sobbing he walked over to me and knelt beside me.

“Lia, it’s all gonna be okay.” The person said and I instantly knew who it was, Alex.

“No it’s fucking not! You saw that douche bag!” I shouted through sobs and Alex sighed, bringing me up of the floor and cradling me to his side. He sang softly to me as he brought my wrist up to his eyesight, a bruise already forming on my pale skin.

“He definitely did a number on you.” He said softly as he pointed to my wrist. I sobbed silently as Alex took me up in his arms and carried me over to his car, Placing me in the backseat, Laying me across all the seats. I sobbed quietly to myself as Alex got into the drivers side. He looked over at me with worry then started driving. “I’m taking you back to mine. Get that checked out.” He said motioning to my wrist. “Jacks gone so don’t worry.” He said and I let out a shaky breath as I nodded my head. I really couldn’t be doing with a fight at the minute. The ride to Alex’s was really all a blur to me. The trees as we zoomed past taking most of my attention. Once we got to his apartment he opened the back door and pulled me up into his arms again. Once we were back inside his spacious apartment he placed me gently on the sofa as he took my wrist ever so softly and as soon as he touched it I let out a loud hiss.

“He’s probably fractured it..” He said with a frown as he kissed the bruised skin. “Erm.. Why don’t you phone your Mom and tell her your staying at a friends tonight..? I want to keep a good eye on you and I’m sure she’d go ballistic if she saw your wrist.” He said and I thought about it for a moment.. I could always ask Brooke to cover me.. But then she’d want to know who I was with.. Would I be able to risk it.. Probably.. I thought as I nodded my head and took out my phone, calling my best friend.

“Hello?” I heard her say and sighed to myself.

“Brooke, Would you be able to cover for me? I‘m staying with a friend the night and.. I need your help.” I asked and she stayed silent for a moment.

“Okay.. I want to know who this friend is the next time I see you though..” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“Okay Brooke, Bye.” I said and she said bye back and I hung up the phone. Next: Mom.

“Hello?” She asked into the phone.

“Hey Mom, Would it be okay if I stayed at Brooke’s tonight? It is the weekend tomorrow..” I said and she stayed quiet too, Just as Brooke had.

“Okay Honey, Sure You Can.” She said and I smiled softly.

“Thanks Mom, I Love You. Bye” I said and waited for her to reply before I hung up.

“What did she say?” Alex asked curiously and I smiled slightly.

“I can stay..” I said with a yawn and He nodded his head before getting up and going into the kitchen.

“Here.” He said and handed me some water. I grabbed the glass from him with a smile and he nodded as he sat down beside me, flicking on the TV. I began to feel really sleepy so I rested my head on Alex after I put down my water on the table.

“I’m sorry about what I said earlier..” I said and Alex shrugged.

“You were right. How would we ever be able to go out really? I’m a teacher at the end of the day.” He said. The frown still evident on his lips as he talked about the subject. I nodded my head softly and let a yawn escape my lips. “You tired?” He asked as he kissed my forehead. I nodded slightly and leaned into him more. “Come on, let’s get you upstairs.” He said before he picked me up again and made his way to his bedroom. Once I was laid down on the bed he tried to move his arms away from me but I grabbed them.

“Please.. Don’t leave me alone after that..” I said quietly and he sighed before getting into bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around me protectively and I snuggled my head into his chest. “Thank You..” I muttered and he kissed my hair lightly.

“It’s alright. Your gonna be okay, Lia.” He whispered softly into my ear and I melted on the inside at the sound of his hushed voice.

“Wh-What if he come’s after me, Alex. I‘m sc-screwed.” I stuttered and he stroked my hair softly.

“I won’t let him Amelia. I’ll do anything I can to protect you.” He said with a sigh and I shook my head.

“No Alex, You shouldn’t have to do that for me.. It’s not like you’re my boyfriend.. You shouldn’t have to care.” I said with a faint sob and he hugged me tighter.

“Look, Lia, You already know I like you.. More than I ever thought I could like someone.. I will do anything I can whether you like it on not.” He said and I sunk back into his chest, feeling sleep take over my whole body. That’s too much crying for one day I think.. It totally wears me out.. I let it finally take over me and drifted off into a deep sleep.
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