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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

I'll ask you if the rain still makes you smile.

Amelia’s POV.

As I walked through the door my Mom smiled happily at me.

“Hello honey, Have fun at Brooke’s?” She asked and I nodded my head softly.

“It was fun.” I said with a smile.

“Did you steal one of her jumpers again?” She asked with a small laugh and I rolled my eyes as I smiled.

“I didn’t steal it Mom, She let me lend it till the next time I see her.” I said and I stuck my tongue out at her. “So ha.” I said with a giggle as I grabbed a biscuit from the cupboard and ran up to my room. I just wanted this weekend to be over now..


It was Monday morning now and I was quickly getting ready for school. I grabbed my clothes from my wardrobe and slipped them on before going over to my array of shoes. I quietly told my flats to go fuck themselves, for once and looked at my huge collection of heels. If anyone knew anything about me, They would know that I love any type of heels.. As long as they were different. I couldn’t have normal ones because.. Well.. They were to boring. I often wore my heels for school when I was wearing skirts etc. I quickly slipped on one of my favourite pairs and made my way down the stairs easily. I walked in the kitchen to see my Mom’s beaming face.

“What?” I asked with a soft laugh and she pushed me over to the door.

“Look outside.” She said plainly and I opened the front door to see my car sitting outside on the drive.

“MOM I LOVE YOU!” I shouted as I ran up to my car and jumped inside. I started learning to drive as soon as I turned seventeen and I passed a few months ago. On the first time. I was so proud of myself. I started up the engine and buckled my seat belt. “See you later Mom, I’ll get some breakfast at school.” I said before pulling out of the drive and making my way to school. I knew it was really early but, I’d just sit under the shady tree again. Once I got to school I parked up my car and got out, My heels clicking on the pavement as I walked. I sat underneath the old tree and grabbed out a writing book I used for lyrics and started randomly writing. I pulled my heels off my feet and crossed my legs as I continued writing.

“What you doing?” I heard a deep voice say and I jumped at the sudden noise. “Calm down.” Alex said with a deep chuckle and sat down beside me.

“Nothing.” I said with a shrug and shoved the book back into my bag.

“Your being adventurous aren’t you.” He said motioning to my heels and I rolled my eyes.

“My heels are my babies.. Along with my car. Don’t make fun. And plus there so comfy. There easy to walk in.” I said with a grin and he adjusted his beanie.

“I didn’t know you had a car.” He said with a confused expression and I nodded my head.

“Got it back this morning. It had something wrong with it apparently.” I said with a shrug as I played with parts of the grass.

“..You look beautiful today..” He said nervously and I giggled slightly.

“Do I fuck.” I said as I got up from my place and slipped on my heels. “I have to go put something in my car.” I said with a sigh as I walked away. Alex followed behind me slowly and un-easily. “You alright there?” I called back to him as I got to my car and popped open the boot, Throwing my bag inside before getting out the few things I’d desperately need. That bag was fucking heavy.

“Yeah, sure. I’m fine I just.. Like staring at your ass.“ He said with a laugh before sighing, A frown appearing. “And.. I Really want to be able to kiss you.” He whispered quietly as he got over to me. And I smiled slightly at his words.

“We can’t Alex, it’s school.” I said softly and he nodded his head with a sigh. His cheeky grin came back moments later though and I looked at him with a confused expression. “What?” I asked with a laugh and his smirk only grew.

“What if.. I gave you lessons after school.. Everyday? Then we can make up for lost time.” He said with a smirk as he bit his bottom lip seductively.

“You got yourself a deal, Gaskarth.” I said with a giggle and then, I saw my friends approaching. “And if you don’t want anyone finding out about us, You might want to leave now. Andy and Brooke are here.” I said with a soft smile and he nodded his head softly before winking at me.

“See you fourth gorgeous.” He said and turned around on his heels. Making his way to the building.

“Yo! BIATCH!” Andy shouted as he ran over to me and I grinned as I jumped into his arms.

“Lookie, Lookie. I have my car!” I shouted at Brooke and she admired the car before her eyes falling down to my feet.

“Fuck the car! I want those shoes!” She exclaimed and bent down to see them properly.

“Can you stop staring at my feet now?” I asked with a laugh and she got up from her position. Not long later the bell went and me and Andy were on our way to maths.

“You look very nice today.” Andy said with a shit eating grin as he help open the classroom door for me. I smiled softly back at him as I walked into the room.

“Thanks Andy.” I said as we sat down at our seats.


“Lunch!” Andy shouted as he ran out of the room, me following shortly behind him. I rolled my eyes as I followed my crazy friend down the hallway.

“Brooke, Please save me from him.” I shouted to my best friend that was a few feet away from us.

“No can do honey.” She said with a smile as I walked up to her and we started walking to the lunch room together. “I swear he’s been staring at you all day.” She said with a soft giggle and my eyes widened.

“Ewewewewewew!” I shouted and she just laughed at me.

“No but seriously, He has.” She said as she wiggled her eyebrows and I rolled my eyes softly. It was Andy, She was just over-reacting.

“I’m not interested.” I said with a laugh and she shrugged her shoulders. While muttering a ‘he is’ Under her breath. Once we got inside the cafeteria we walked over to our group of friends and sat down. I saw Alex walk into the room and bit my lip softly as I looked away from him.

“Oh my god,” Brooke said with wide eyes and I looked at her in confusion. “Your crushing on Gaskarth.” She shouted quietly. And I rolled my eyes at her.

“Do not!” I said defensively and she let out a chuckle.

“Your being defensive. You do like him.” She said and I groaned as I threw my head back. I could trust Brooke.. Couldn’t I?

“Come on.” I said and dragged her out into the empty hallway. “It’s kinda complicated, okay. You’ll freak at me if I tell you.” I said. At first she smiled because she thought I was kidding, then her face fell.

“What are you talking about, Lia? I need to know.” She said sternly and I sighed before running a hand over my face and biting on my fingers. A small nervous habit I had.

“We.. Kinda.. Already go out.” I said quickly and he face was one of pure shock.

“What!?” She said as she hit me with force in the arm. “He could go to jail for this!” She shouted quietly and I nodded my head sadly.

“I know but, We like each other Brooke. He said he doesn’t care, We’ll wing it out till I turn eighteen and then he’s going back on tour.. With me tagging along.” I said with a small smile at the thought of it. Soon later the door opened to reveal Alex. He stopped as he saw us and smiled sweetly.

“Hey girls.” He said. His eyes locked onto mine for longer than they probably should have before he walked off in the direction of the music room.

“Wow, you can so tell your dating.” She said with a sigh as she ran a hand through her hair. “Just.. Be careful with this, Lia.. What your doing is serious..” She said and I nodded my head.

“I know it is but.. I like him Brooke.. A lot. He dumped his fucking girlfriend of years for me.. I think that means he likes me back..” I said as I bit my lip and Brooke wrapped an arm around my shoulder as she led me back into the lunch room.

“It’s sounds as though he does, Lia.” She said as we sat back down.


We walked down to music class together, Andy’s arm wrapped around my shoulder as we did. What would Alex think of this when he see’s it.. Only one way to find out.. We walked inside and Alex instantly looked over at me with a faint smile. He saw Andy’s arm wrapped around my shoulder and frowned. I shook my head softly as we sat down in our seats.

“Okay guys, you know what your doing.” He said with a sigh as he sat behind his desk, His feet resting up on the wood. I walked over to him as I usually did to get my guitar. He got up with a groan and opened up the cupboard.

“Nothings happening, Alex.” I whispered softly with honest eyes and he nodded his head softly at me. I walked back over to the guys and sat down on one of the desks.

“I say we do a proper group performance for once.” Brooke said as she twirled the drumstick in her fingers.

“Yeah! How bout.. The gunsling?” I asked with a smile and they both nodded.

“Get your electric bitch!” Andy shouted and I laughed softly as I went back into the cupboard to fetch out my Gibson I kept in there. I hooked it all up and soon enough we were ready to go.


When sun sets dusk and streets are cleared,
Well this town's renegade is near.
I'm standing tall, awaiting host.
What's it like to see a ghost?

Both outlaws equal, yes indeed,
a one shot rhythm to the gunsling.
So long my sweet...
Bye, bye...

Standin' alone through the soot and stone,
He draws from his holster, a man.
Crawlin' alone through the soot and stone,
He makes his way home half to death...

My fingers danced along the guitar easily and people looked on at me in awe. The so called drummers also staring at Brooke and all the shit singers looking at Andy.

“HA. I’M BETTER THAN I LOOK BITCHES!” I shouted with a victorious scream and everyone clapped. Including Alex.

“Okay guys, Very nice but pack away.” He said with a smile and I put my guitar away. I said goodbye to Brooke and Andy giving them both giant hugs. Andy held on longer than usual but.. I don’t know. Once they were gone I made my way over to Alex and hugged him tightly. The blinds were already shut so I didn’t really care.

“I’m sorry about earlier.. He’s been like it with me all day..” I said with a sigh and he nodded as he lent his forehead against mine.

“I just got.. really jealous..” He said with a sigh and I kissed the material covering his chest.

“Don’t be.. You’re the only one I want..” I said with a soft smile and he smiled back at me softly as he pressed a soft kiss to my lips. “Do we even know if there’s camera’s in here?” I asked and he chuckled deeply.

“There isn’t any camera’s. They told me that.” He said with a smirk as he pressed his lips a little rougher to mine. I smirked into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck, twirling pieces of his hair around my fingers. My lips quickly found his neck and I gently nipped the sensitive skin, causing a moan to escape.

“Shh, unless you want someone to find out.” I said with a giggle and he smirked down at me.

“But, it felt good.” He said with a whine and I smirked softly before running a hand up his shirt. “You like teasing don’t you?” He asked with a smirk and I nodded my head softly as I bit my lip. “Your so fuckin’ hot” He whispered into my ear as I felt his lips travel down my neck.

“You really think we should be doing this stuff here?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

“Do we really care? No ones going to walk in. I locked the door.” He said with a mischievous smile and I rolled my eyes at him softly. He pressed his lips back to mine as he raised my shirt, his hands roaming my body.

“Shouldn’t we be getting to practice, Sir?” I asked with a small giggle as he pressed his finger to my lips.

“The names Alex, Missy.” He said sternly and I nodded my head under his finger. “And if that’s what you’d like.” He said with another genuine smile and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Whatever you’d like.” I said with a shiver as Alex ran his fingers down my bare leg. “Do you think we’re moving a tad too quickly..?” I asked and he sighed softly before moving away from me.

“I’m sorry.. I think we are too.. I want you to feel comfortable with it.” He said with a faint smile as he brushed my cheek softly with his hand.

“Thank you.” I said as I dropped my head down, only to see another sight.

“Awwh, Ikkle Alex’s got a boner!” I exclaimed with a giggle and he laughed nervously as he placed a book over his crotch. “Ew, gross dude. Kids have got to read that.” I said with another laugh and he just flipped me off. “You know you love it really.” I said with a wink and he shrugged softly.

“Obviously.” He said as he looked down at his hidden package. I looked down at my phone to see I had a message.

“Who could I have a message from..” I said softly but Alex must have heard me. He walked beside me and peered over my shoulder as I opened up the message and groaned loudly at the text.. It was from Andy..
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