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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

Put color in our cheeks while the air turned cold,

“What the hell does he want?!” Alex asked sternly and I sighed as I opened up the message.

From: Andy(:
Hey,.. Sorry about the way I’ve been today..
I guess I’ve only just realised how beautiful you really are..

It said and I groaned loudly as Alex’s face contorted into one of pure anger.

“Can I fucking kill him?!” He asked through clenched teeth and I sighed heavily while shaking my head.

“He’s my friend Alex, no.” I said as I rubbed my forehead.

“Just.. Tell him you have a boyfriend! It’s the truth.” He said and I rolled my eyes at his stupidness.

“Then he’ll wanna know who my boyfriend is stupid.” I said with another sigh and he shrugged.

“Fucking tell him then if you have too. He’s not fucking going near you.” He said as he wrapped his arms protectively around me. He lent his forehead against mine before kissing the tip of my nose. I got out my phone and sent him a text back.

To: Andy(:
Okay.. Thank you Andy but.. kinda have a boyfriend..

I put and looked over my shoulder to see Alex smiling down at my phone. I waited patiently for a reply and once I felt my phone vibrate I opened the message up quickly.

From: Andy(:
Oh.. Who is it?

It said and I sighed as I showed it to Alex.

“What should I say now?!” I shouted and he shrugged softly as he put on his beanie hat.

“Just say you’ll tell him another day or something.” He said as he got his belongings together. I grabbed all my stuff too and followed him out of the room while texting.

To: Andy(:
I’ll have to tell you another day.. In person.. I’m sorry.

I put. I did feel bad but, I had a boyfriend at the end of the day.. Would Andy cause trouble for us.. I’ve seen him before with crushes and some of them haven’t been pretty.. But I was one of his best friends.. He wouldn’t do anything to me.. Would he? Once we were in front of the building I walked over to my car that was coincidentally two cars away from Alex’s.

“Bye Alex.” I said with a soft smile and he smiled back.

“Bye Babe.” He said with a grin and got into his car and I got into mine. I pushed the key inside and made my way quickly out of the parking lot. I had to talk to Andy..


I quickly texted Andy to tell him to meet me in the park we usually hung out at. He replied with a ‘Kay’ and I made my way up to the park. Once I got there I sat on one of the swings and waited patiently for Andy, I sent Alex a message saying I was going to talk to him and, well, Alex wasn’t too pleased. I told him where I was and that I’d call him if things got out of hand. I soon enough saw the black haired boy making his way over to me and smiled weakly at his slumped figure.

“Hey.” I said as he came close and sat down on the swing beside me.

“Hey..” He said, all the emotion drained from him.

“I’m sorry Andy.. You know I love you.. But as a friend..” I said. He got his hopes up at first but as I said the word friend, his face instantly dropped.

“It’s just.. I don’t know.. I’ve been thinking about it for a few days and.. I realised I really like you.. It was all of a sudden.. These feelings just kinda, fell over me and stayed there.” He said with a sigh and I nodded softly at his words. “Who’s this new boyfriend anyways?” He asked with a slightly bitter tone and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll tell you another time, Andy.” I said plainly and he groaned in frustration. He got up from his seat and stood right in front of me.

“Just fucking tell me! Is It really that important to keep it a fucking secret!” He shouted and to be honest, I was pretty scared.

“Look Andy, There’s no need to fucking shout okay. Were just not that serious.” I said and he bit his lip softly with a sad nod. I pressed the call button to Alex’s phone and smiled softly as I heard a faint hello.

“But.. If your not that serious.. Can’t you at least kiss me and see if you feel anything?” He asked and I shook my head vigorously.

“Andy, No! dude. Your not thinking straight.” I said and he made his way closer to me.

“But I am thinking straight Amelia. I really like you.” He said and I groaned.

“But Andy, I don’t like you.” I said. I knew it might have sounded harsh but, I didn’t care, it was true.

“Come on Amelia! Can’t we at least try it out?“ He asked as he backed me against the kiddie climbing frame. He went in for my lips and I dodged away from it.

“Ew, Andy! Get the fuck away from me!“ I shouted and I felt the phone vibrate indicating the person had hung up. I sighed heavily. What if he didn’t come.. After a few more moments arguing I heard a car screech around the corner and parking swiftly into a space. Alex came bounding across the park moments later.

“You little fucker! Your pretty much making her kiss you. That’s fucking sick man. You know, Went any further that could be rape.” Andy looked shocked at the Music teachers words but soon came back to try and defend himself.

“Dude, How the fuck do you know that’s what was happening? Actually me and Amelia like each other very much. I didn’t force her into anything!” He said as he pulled me to his side and I squirmed to get away.

“Let her fucking go!” He shouted as he pulled me from Andy’s grip and wrapped me in his safe, comforting arms. Andy’s eyes widened as he put together the pieces.

“You’re a fucking pervert dude. At least she’s my age.” He said and Alex sighed.

“How in the hell does this mean we go out? We’re just.. Talking till she turns eighteen.” Alex asked and Andy crossed his arms over his chest.

“Your making it pretty fucking obvious that you go out.” He said with a frown as he kicked idly at the ground.

“No man, This is making it obvious.” He said and pressed his lips to mine gently. I pulled away quickly to see Andy’s annoyed figure.

“Look, Andy.” I said and he looked up to meet my gaze. “You’re my best friend.. Shouldn’t you want me to be happy? No matter who I’m with..” I said and he sighed before smiling softly.

“Your right.. I’m sorry Lia.. I don’t know what came over me.. You guys deserve to be happy together and I’m not going to be the one to ruin that..” He said and I grinned slightly as I bit my lip and ran over to him, Bringing him into a giant hug. “Friends?” He asked and I smiled softly at him.

“Sure Andy. Just.. Don’t try it on with me again.. Or shout at me. That shit was pretty scary.” I said and he nodded his head sadly as I made my way back over to Alex’s arms.

“I know.. I’m sorry about that.” He said as he scratched the back of his neck. Alex wrapped his arms protectively around my waist from behind as he lent his head on my shoulder. It was around ten at night so no one was around. It was pretty much deserted and even if someone did see us, They’d probably think me and Alex were the same age. “Anyways, I’m gonna go Amelia.. See you tomorrow.” He said awkwardly and walked away. What the hell..

“Thank god you came.” I said as I leaned back into his chest and he kissed down my neck.

“No problem baby. I heard everything that dick said and made my way over here as quick as I could. Your worth more than me losing my job and who knows what that creep could have done to you..” He said with a frown and I nodded my head.

“I swear.. He was on something.. I was actually scared of him.. I’ve never been scared of him before in my life..” I said as my eyes brimmed with tears and Alex sighed before pulling me into a comforting hug.

“Come on baby.” He said as he dragged me over to a bench that was hidden by trees. No one could see us there. “Look.. Andy did seem.. Different but, That’s what love does. It changes people.” He said as he kissed my forehead softly and pulled me down into his arms as he sat down. “Your perfect Amelia.. It looks like I’m going to have a lot of competition at school..” He said with a chuckle and I rolled my eyes softly as I leaned into his hug.

“You won’t have any competition.” I said and he shrugged his shoulders.

“I think I will.. Especially with Jack as well.. And he doesn’t go to the school.” He said with a sigh and I kissed his cheek softly.

“I would never give up you for Jack. Simple as. He’s a cool guy but, I like you. Not him.” I said as I stared into his deep chocolate eyes. His eyes buried deep into mine and he held the back of my neck softly as he brought his lips down to mine in a very gentle, yet loving kiss. I ran a hand through his hair and gently twirled the locks as we pulled away. “I best get going home.. School tomorrow.” I said as I smiled enthusiastically and he rolled his eyes at me.

“’Cause you totally love school.” He said with a chuckle and I nodded my head softly.

“It got better once you arrived.” I said and he bared a shit eating grin as I said that.

“Good.” He said and his smile never faltered.

“I’m going home.” I said as I stood up from the bench and he got up too, Lacing his fingers with mine as we walked back to the cars. He hesitantly let go of my hands as we got into sight.

“Night Amelia.” He said with a smirk as he waved softly.

“Bye Alex.” I said and got into my vehicle, starting the short journey home.
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