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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

And watch 'em name their kids after cars.

I sighed softly as the light flooded in through my open curtains. Fuck.. I need to learn to shut them things. I got up with a groan and pulled the curtains shut before walking over to my wardrobe. I picked out my clothes for the day and took a quick shower before slipping the clothes on. Once I was all dressed and ready I made my way downstairs to a smiling mother.

“Morning.” I said and she smiled over at me as she handed me some toast.

“Morning Honey.” She said with a cheeky grin and I looked over at her with a confused expression. “So.. When are you going to tell me why you’ve been spending so much time out lately?” She asked and I rolled my eyes softly at her.

“Oh you know, just hanging out with the guys.” I said and she gave me a look that screamed out ‘Don’t lie to me’. “I’m not dating anyone Mom.” I said with a soft laugh and she shook her head softly.

“Okay.” She said with a smile as I got up from my stool and made my way towards the door. “Oh honey, Just to let you know, Your Dad’s going to be visiting in a couple of weeks.” She said with a soft smile and a grin broke out on my face.

“Thank you for telling me.” I said with another smile and exited the door, making my way up to the car.


Once I got to school, I instantly felt low. This wasn’t going to be a good day for some reason.. I finally realised why when my usual group of friends weren’t in their spot. Andy and Brooke were off ill.. I sighed loudly and made my way into the empty school building, Instantly walking down to music and knocking on the door. Alex came to the door moments later, his eyebrows furrowed together obviously from not knowing who was behind the door. He instantly smiled as he saw me and let me into the room, His arms instantly attaching to my waist.

“What are you doing here?” He asked and I shrugged my shoulders softly.

“Andy and Brooke aren’t here so I thought I’d come and pay a small visit.” I said with a warm smile and he grinned back. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Well.. You could always come in here for break and dinner.” He said with a small wink and I giggled lightly.

“I might need to take you up on that offer.” I said with a soft sigh as I fumbled with the precious necklace around my neck. Alex lowered his forehead onto mine before pecking my nose lightly.

“It’s from you sister, isn’t it?” He asked, motioning towards the necklace and I nodded softly.

“It’s a part of her with me. It keeps me sane.” I said with a soft laugh and Alex pulled my body closer to his. His face buried into my neck and started kissing down. I pulled his lips away from the sensitive part on my neck and smirked softly at his best puppy dog face. “The only time that works for me honey is when the fucking cat does it on Shrek.” I said with a giggle and he crossed his arms with a huff. I placed my hands on his hips softly and started walking him backwards against one of the desks. His lips instantly attacked mine and soon enough we were making out in the middle of a classroom. I pulled away abruptly and he frowned slightly. “How about we continue this at break..” I said with a soft smile as the bell rang and he nodded as he kissed my forehead lovingly. I kissed him one last time before making my way out of the door and towards my Math’s class. I’d have to admit.. It wasn’t the same without Andy.. sure he fancied the fuck out of me but, I could deal with that. What I couldn’t deal with was being on my own in class. I sighed softly as I rested my chin on the palm of my hand. I’d had enough of fucking Algebra! I sighed happily as the bell went, signalling that we had English.


I slowly made my way to the music classroom and took a deep intake of breath before opening the door. I saw Alex sitting at his desk and instantly walked over to him, A slight smile coming to my face as I saw him grinning like a madman over at me. He opened his arms widely and I sat down on his knee as he wrapped his strong arms around me.

“Lia.. Can I tell you something..?” He asked and I nodded my head softly as I played with his hair. “I think-.. I think I’m-.. Falling for you..” He said and my eyes widened.. Did I love him.. I felt a lot of feelings towards him.. He made my heart skip a beat every time he so much as looked at me.. I felt safe in his arms.. It was like.. Not even my ex could hurt me..

“I think I’m falling for you too, Alex..” I said certainly and he grinned back as he bit his bottom lip.

“I love you Amelia-Mae. I know I haven’t said it before but now, I think I’m definitely sure. This past month and a half has been the best time of my entire life. I’ve finally met the perfect girl.” He said and my cheeks flushed red as he spoke. His words were so sweet. He kissed my cheek softly. “Your cute when you blush.” He added and I punched his chest playfully.

“I love you too, Alex.” I said with a wide smile and he squeezed me tighter.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear that.” He said with a soft chuckle and I kissed the tip of his nose before planting a gentle kiss on his plump lips. Alex soon deepened the kiss and his tongue was exploring my mouth as our tongues fought against each other. “Baby, Don’t get me all worked up right before class.” He said with a groan and I bit my lip as I switched my position so I was straddling him.

“Why? What you going to do, Mr Gaskarth?” I asked with a smirk and he bit his lip softly as his hands ran up and down my thighs.

“How the fuck am I going to hide this problem now, Miss Wilson?” He asked with a soft groan as I rubbed against him.

“You’ll have to.” I said with a mischievous giggle as I got up from his lap and stood in front of him.

“Your such a tease Lia.” He said with a sigh as he wrapped his arms around my torso and kissed my covered stomach. The bell rung and I sadly got out of his embrace. He frowned at me softly before I kissed his forehead.

“Bye Alex.” I said with a smile before making my way to Science, And then soon after would be art.


Music class.

I walked into the room and instantly got out my guitar. I don’t even think we had a start to the lesson anymore, all we did was practice but that was definitely a good thing. Alex took the guitar from my hands and put his capo on the second fret before looking at me.

“Join in. You’ll know when.” He said with a soft smile and I nodded my head softly as he began playing the opening chords to ‘Remembering Sunday’.

He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes
Started making his way past 2 in the morning
He hasn't been sober for days

Leaning now into the breeze
Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees
They had breakfast together
But two eggs don't last
Like the feeling of what he needs

Now this place seems familiar to him
She pulled on his hand with a devilish grin
She led him upstairs, she led him upstairs
Left him dying to get in

Forgive me, I'm trying to find
My calling, I'm calling at night
I don't mean to be a bother,
But have you seen this girl?
She's been running through my dreams
And it's driving me crazy, it seems
I'm going to ask her to marry me

Even though she doesn't believe in love,
He's determined to call her bluff
Who could deny these butterflies?
They're filling his gut

Waking the neighbors, unfamiliar faces
He pleads though he tries
But he's only denied
Now he's dying to get inside.

I sighed softly as It came up to the girls part and Alex just looked at me reassuringly as I began singing.

I'm not coming back
I've done something so terrible
I'm terrified to speak
But you'd expect that from me
I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt, now the rain is just
Washing you out of my hair, and out of my mind.
Keeping an eye on the world,
From so many thousands of feet off the ground, I'm over you now,
I'm at home in the clouds, and towering over your head.

I smiled softly over at him and then over at the group that had formed around us. Alex handed me back the guitar with a grin and I smiled softly back. How much longer could this keep happening till we were found out.. I bet the school we’re already getting suspicious. The school weren’t as stupid as they seemed and they took things like this seriously. Very seriously. Not long later the head teacher walked into the class and Alex smiled sweetly at him before speaking.

“Is there anything I can help you with, Mr Smith?” He asked and the head just looked at him, His stare never faltering.

“May I please talk to you I private, Mr Gaskarth?“ He asked, A certain edge to his voice. Was something bad going to happen..
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I know I've used Remembering Sunday in this before but I really like the song. Hm'kay?
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