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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

I'm losing the best of me.

Alex’s POV.

“Is there something wrong, Sir?” I asked quizzically and he sighed deeply before running a hand through his receding hair.

“We’re getting very suspicious with you and Miss Wilson, Mr Gaskarth. You’ve been having after school sessions and You’ve also been seen taking the student home. Is that correct?” He asked and I furrowed my eyebrows together.

“Sir, I gave her a ride one time when it was pouring down with rain and she had to walk a very long way. I would never do anything illegal with a student.” I said with a soft frown. It felt as though my heart was going to beat straight out of my chest. With each word he spoke, my heart raced more and more. He nodded his head softly with a sigh.

“I hope I can believe you, Gaskarth. I’m going to keep an eye on you.” He said and I nodded my head softly before walking back into the classroom. Amelia looked at me with a confused expression but I just blocked her gaze by turning around and helping one of the slutty girls with her guitar. I know me doing this was probably hurting her a lot but, I couldn’t lose her. And if that means ignoring her in class and getting intimate outside of school, I’d definitely do it. I showed the girl, Lucy, where to place her fingers on the guitar and she giggled an annoying laugh before running a hand down my leg. I quickly jumped away and stared down at her. I didn’t say anything but grimaced as I walked away from her hurt facial expression and over to my desk. As soon as I sat down the bell rang and everyone put away their instruments. But one person was slower than others, The hurt obviously stopping her from doing tasks quickly.

“I’m sorry Lia. The Princ-” I said but she cut me off to give me a cold glare.

“I don’t give a fuck what that bastard said. You still shouldn’t have gone over to that fucking slag. Did you really think you’d be able to go over there without being felt up?” She asked, tears welling up in her eyes as her voice got louder. I got up from my place at the desk and over to her, Wrapping her tightly in my arms. She pushed me away forcefully. “You said you loved me Alex, And then you do that with one of the fake twats.” She said with a soft sigh and I wrapped my arms around her again. She sank into my embrace and I smiled softly, kissing her forehead.

“Baby, I do love you. Your to important to me to lose so.. I had to try and ignore you.. The head’s getting suspicious.” I said and she sighed softly before wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her lips quickly to mine. “We best get out of here. He said he’s going to be snooping around for a while.” I said with a sigh but she only smiled.

“Oh well. That means we just spend time with each other out of school.” She said and I sighed as I grabbed my belongings and walked towards the music room door.

“You go out first then I’ll follow. It’ll look strange if we go out together.” He said and I nodded my head softly as I walked out of the door. I instantly felt at danger.. Alex always made me feel so safe and now.. I felt.. Off guard. I made my way out of the building and mentally groaned as I saw someone stood at the side of my car. Not just anyone. Chris.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” I shouted and he looked towards me, A smug grin on his pale face. God, What the hell did I ever see in him?

“I’m here for you baby. I know you still want me.” He said with a smirk and I grimaced.

“The only thing I want, is for you to be fucking dead.” He said through clenched teeth and he scowled lightly before running over to me, grabbing my wrists. Yet again.

“Your not getting that anytime soon baby. I still want you.” He said, inching closer to my face with each word.

“Leave me the fuck alone!” I screamed before I lifted my knee, Hitting him right where it hurt and escaping from his killer grip. I ran to the passenger side of the car and easily got inside, Locking the door behind me. He banged and banged on the door.

“Amelia, Let me the fuck in!” He shouted menacingly and I curled up into a ball on the seat. No doubt about it, soon enough he’d break through the window and kill me. The only time I got up from my place was when the thumping stopped and it was filled by inaudible muffles and grunts. I saw Alex outside of the door, Pinning Chris to the ground and punching him repeatedly. Chris was nineteen years old so Alex wouldn’t get done for assault as bad. Then again, Chris was too scared of me ratting on him so he daren’t say anything to the cops. Soon enough Chris ran away and Alex stood up from the ground. His knuckle that he’d been punching with was red raw and bloody.

“Meet at my place.” Alex said quietly and I nodded softly before I started up the car and made my way down the very familiar roads. Once we were both parked up, I ran over to him, Holding his knuckles in my hands.

“You’ve done this to many times for me. Your going to get yourself arrested!” I said and he just sighed softly, linking one of his hands in mine, despite the blood, and leading me up to his front door.

“Your worth it.” He said with a faint smile and I smiled back. I sat him down on the sofa.

“Let’s get this seen to.” I said as I wondered into the kitchen and grabbed a cloth, wetting it slightly. I grabbed some cream from the first aid kit and a bandage and wandered back into the kitchen and sat down beside him, Bringing his hand into my lap as I cleaned off all the dried blood. Once I was done bandaging up his hand he pulled me with his good hand into his lap.

“I have my own personal nurse.” He said with a soft chuckle and I nodded my head softly, kissing his forehead.

“He’s not going to give up Alex.. He’s going to carry on stalking me till he gets what he wants..” I said and he sighed, his arms wrapping tighter around my waist.

“Lia, I won’t let him hurt you anymore.” He said sternly and I slowly nodded my head. “Plus, I doubt he’ll bother you for a while after what just happened.” He said, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck.

“Should we really be here together..? With Smith hanging around and all?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders softly.

“I doubt they’ve gone so far as to stalk us, Lia.” He said with a sigh as he laid me down on the sofa, Hovering over my body.

“So, five more months.” I said with a giggle and Alex rolled his eyes softly.

“I can wait, You know.” He said with a chuckle and I softly bit my lip.

“Well then, you’re the first boy ever.” I said with a soft smile and he smiled warmly back. A wide smile broke out on his face and I looked at him, my eyebrows raised in confusion.

“Would you like to be the first person to hear our new song?” He asked and I nodded my head furiously. I loved hearing Alex’s voice so I definitely wasn’t passing up this opportunity.

Safe little house, safe little friends,
Safe little thoughts to keep you safe.
From all those big bad wolves that eat you up.
(Aw shit)
Safe in your room, safe as a tomb,
Sleep in a coffin made of glass.
It takes a big façade to hide the cracks.

Can you make this last?
'Cause now I'm not so sure
Are you up to the task?
Sometimes the sickness is the cure
(Sickness is the cure)
You're searching so hard
You've lost yourself

Does it help you to play as you're wasting away
Like a silver screen cliché?
'Cause, after all, we're actors on a stage
Would it help you to wait for the moment to break?
Is it real, or is it fate?
All we are just chapters on a page
('Cause, after all, we're actors on a stage)

I sighed softly as he continued playing. However the hell he was playing with busted up knuckles was beyond me but, I wasn’t exactly going to stop him was I. His voice was like an angles, No better than that. Once he’d finished the song, He stared at me intently before he placed the guitar back against the wall and threw the pick across the room. He pushed me softly against the wall and kissed me hungrily. It was as though we hadn’t kissed I decades and we’d finally found each other again. He pulled away from me quickly, his lips so close I could feel his hot breath.

“What did you think?” He asked and I smiled softly.

“I loved it.” I said as I bit my lip softly and he pecked my lips lightly. “I should probably get going..” I said with a sigh and Alex pouted.

“Do you have to?” He asked and I nodded my head softly.

“I need to go talk to my Mom. My Dad’s visiting soon and we still need to talk about it.” I said with a small smile and he nodded his head sadly.

“Okay then baby. I’ll walk you to your car.” He said before pulling a hoodie over his head and pulling up the hood. We walked out towards my car and I lent against it as he stood in front of me. “I love you Lia.. Drive home safe.” He said placing his lips against mine softly. The electricity going through my body was like a thousand volts as the butterflies in my stomach erupted.

“I love you too Lex. Don’t worry, I will.” I said giving him one last kiss before getting into the drivers side and backing out of the parking lot, heading over to my house.
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