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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

A reminder that creativity runs deep, like secrets.

Alex’s POV.

I smiled happily as my next class walked into the room. Most of the girls giggling quietly to themselves as they walked in.

“Okay guys, There’s a seating plan.” I said with a small frown. I hated being the boring teacher and seating plans spelled out exactly that. All the kids groaned in annoyance as they looked at the piece of paper I had in my hands. Once all the kids were sat down correctly I tried to start the lesson but was soon interrupted by three late comers walking in. “So nice of you to make it guys.” I said with a small smile and they all stood at the door awkwardly as I made my way over to them. Well these were different from the rest.. “Names?” I asked with a half smile. The ones called Brooke and Andy answered first before I let my eyes fall on the mystery girl in the middle.

“Full name?” She asked with a soft sigh and I nodded my head yes. She sighed again before replying. “Amelia-Mae Wilson..” She said quietly and I nodded my head with a smile. It was a nice name compared to some in here. The nicest I’d heard anyway.

“Nice..” I said with a small smile as I made my way back to the front of the class. It was so nerve wracking being stood in front of all these kids. Well, They weren’t really kids. They were young adults but that’s too much of a mouth full for me. The three of them walked to the back of the class and sat down together I chuckled slightly and whistled at them.

“Problem?” She asked in an overly sweet tone and I smiled over at the three.

“Seating plan.” I said as I held up the paper and all three of them cringed, annoyed looks plastered on there faces.

“Are you really going to try that with me? Because you might not want too. Every teacher so far has given up and let us sit together. You can’t tell us what to do, Gaskarth.” She said in bitter tone as her friends snickered beside her. Well, I was baffled to say the least. So far no one today had talked back to me, apart from this girl.

“Look, it’s not my rules okay? I got told to do this.” I said calmly and she scoffed as she stood up, resting her hands on the table to lean against it.

“So shit. Look, This is the only class I like so if you want me to like you, You might want to let us stay here.” She said and I sighed in defeat. I knew I probably should have told her off for swearing but at this moment in time, all I wanted to do was get on with class.

“Fine, sit there.” I said as I got out a whiteboard pen and scribbled my name on the board.


I sighed softly as I read through some of the students work I had told them to do first period. I only stopped marking the work when I heard a faint voice singing in the corner of the room. It was.. Amelia.. She had the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard come out of a persons mouth.. Soon enough she was smiling over at Andy as she played louder and he sang part of the song. These kids were talented, That’s for sure. I looked over at Amelia’s smiling face as Andy sang and couldn’t help but smile myself. She was.. Different. They soon finished the song and enveloped each other in a hug. I stood up, clapping my hands.

“Wow guys, Now that was amazing.” I said with a grin and they nodded their heads at me awkwardly.

“Cheers.” Amelia said quietly as she plucked at her guitar strings. I nodded my head as I grabbed one of the guitars myself and gently strummed. I closed my eyes and lent my head back against the wall as I sang along to Therapy.

“Your not half bad, Mr Gaskarth.” Amelia said as she put away her guitar in the store cupboard. Did I just get complimented by her..? I smiled sweetly at her as I placed the guitar beside me and rubbed my face.

“Thanks..” I muttered and she nodded. “It is the end of the day, right?” I asked and she nodded her head yes.

“It’s block four so yeah, end of school.” She said emotionless as she walked back over to her friends and instantly perked up, chattering away. I sighed as I grabbed my coat, heading towards the car park.


I sighed as I plopped down on my sofa with a beer. What the fuck was that today? Why did a shy teenage girl lash out at me just because I wanted to move them into a seating plan? We needed to sort out this small feud because this school year was going to be very difficult if we can’t even get along. My thinking was cut short as Jack burst through my door and took a seat beside me.

“Hey Jack.” I said with a half smile and he smiled back softly.

“What up, Gaskank.” He said with a laugh and I rolled my eyes softly. “So how did your first day go, Best buddy?” He asked and I sighed with a shrug of my shoulders.

“It all went great, Till last period.” I said and he looked at me curiously.

“What happened dude?” He asked and I sighed as I lent my head back on the couch and took a swig of the beer.

“Well, This girl, Amelia-Mae Wilson started randomly having a go at me because I said I had to put them in a seating plan. It was totally un-expected then her guy friend was like making digs about the band and shit. It really pissed me off by the end of the lesson but then, I heard her singing along while strumming her guitar. She has the most amazing voice ever.” I said with a sigh and Jack looked at me his mouth hanging slightly open as he listened to my story.

“Oh no, Bitch dissed our band.” He said with a scowl and I laughed at him softly as I drank more from the bottle in my hand.

“They like Bullet, Asking Alexandria, Atreyu. That sort of shit.” I said with a shrug and his mouth turned up into one of understanding.

“So their moshers?” He asked and I shook my head vigorously.

“I’d never say anyone was a mosher. They were different in a good way and I kind of respected them for that.” I said with a shrug and he nodded his head softly.

“Was the guy a mosher?” He asked and I hit him over the head softly.

“No!” I shouted with a laugh as Jack kicked his feet up on my coffee table and held his hands up in a surrendering manner.

“So.. Nice voice, huh? Sure that’s not code for huge tits or.. Nice ass? You are Alex Gaskank after all.” He said with a grin and I glared at him slightly.

“I ain’t like that no more, Barakat.” I said with a sigh and he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, Yeah Alex. I heard that one before. Be careful with this Alex, Don’t get too attached to any of these girls. You could go to jail and my best friend is not, I repeat! Not, Going to jail.” He said sternly and I laughed as I nodded my head.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” I said with a soft laugh and he still looked unsurely at me. I sighed as I clicked the TV remote and flicked through the channels.
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So.. Comment? By the way people, I am not making fun of 'mosher's' in this chapter. I just wanted Jack to be mad at the fact he dissed their band so he insulted them in a way poor Jack could. I love the fuck out of that guy though. I love mosher's too, Whatever the phrase actually means as me and my friends get called it a lot at school and our group has a variety of people in it. Their exactly like all the other different people, AMAZING! :) <3