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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

And i need a get away, Get away.

Around a month had passed since the incident with the principle. A month since the incident with Chris and a month since Alex Gaskarth admitted his love for me. Also, Two days till my Daddy comes home. And I couldn’t wait! I hadn’t seen my Dad since my fifteenth birthday due to the fact the moved to Germany. Don’t ask why because I have no clue. Maybe he hated my mother that much he chose to leave the country, and his little girl just to be away from her but, I didn’t judge. He was my father after all. And now he was finally coming back! He was coming home Monday night. All I needed now was the weekend to go extra quickly so I could see him.

“So.. Mom.. You think you and Dad will ever get back together?” I asked and she frowned slightly. The hurt in her eyes shining out in her features.

“No Honey.. Nothing I can do will ever bring your father back permanently. I don’t even know what I did to start with..” She said, she hung down her head and stared straight at her hands. I walked towards her and wrapped an arm around her, Hugging her tightly.

“I know you still love him, Mom. He was stupid to leave you.” I said with a sigh, comforting my sobbing mother.

“I just don’t understand Amelia.. Why did he do it?” She said and I sighed, Not being able to give her a reply hurt me but, that was Dad’s job. Not mine. I waited a moment until her sobs subsided and she let go of me, Going back to washing the dishes. I moved her out of the way softly and told her to sit down. She hesitated but sighed softly before flopping down on the couch. Once I was all done, I laughed slightly as I saw my Mom watching P.S I Love You. No doubt she’d be crying her eyes out later.

“Mom.. I was going to go for a little walk.. Will you be alright for half an hour?” I asked and she smiled softly at me from her place.

“Oh of coarse Honey. You go have fun.” She said and I smiled softly before slipping on my converse. I walked through the door and shut it softly behind me, the cold winter air hitting my face instantly. I pulled my beanie further over my head and sighed softly as I walked down the deserted street, Popping my ear phones in my ears and smiling as Alex’s soothing voice filled my head. Once I got to the Ice cream shop two blocks from my house I pushed open the door and walked over to the counter, ordering my Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and paying the lady as she handed it me over. I walked over to one of the little booths in the back and grabbed out my lyric book and stared down at the words before me.

Here’s a song,
For the nights I think too much and,
Here’s a song when I imagine us together.
Here’s a song, for when we talk too much,
And I forget my words..

Heaven can wait up high in the sky.
It’s you and I.
Heaven can wait deep down in your eyes,
I’m yours tonight.
Lay your heart next to mine,
I feel so alive.
Tell me you want me to stay,
‘Cause heaven can wait.

I was startled when I heard a voice above me.

“Hey, Lia.” I heard as the familiar voice of Jack Barakat and smiled up at him as I put my book away. I thought he didn’t see it but, he did. “Hey what’s that Shorty?” He asked as he sat across from me. I sighed softly as I pulled out the book.

“It’s my lyric book, Jack.” I said with a soft smile and he smiled back as he pulled it from my hands.

“Do you mind if I.. take a look?” He asked and I shook my head softly.

“Go ahead.” I said and he grinned happily as he flipped through the messy pages, most filled up with lyrics while there were a few at the back still blank.

“Wow.. These are really good Lia.” Jack said with a smile as he handed me back the book.

“Awh, Thanks Jack.” I said as I took a bite of my Ice cream. “You’re the only person that’s seen those so.. Shush.” I said with a soft giggle and he sent me a shy half smile.

“Really? Not even Alex..?” He asked and I nodded my head softly.

“Not even Alex, Jacky.” I said with a small smile as the grown boy jumped up and down in his chair.

“Yay!” He exclaimed and everyone in the small shop stared at him.

“Should you be here Jack.. I mean.. A twenty two year old rock star with a seventeen year old school girl.. People might think it’s a bit strange..” I said and he rolled his eyes softly, Resting his cheek on his closed knuckle as he stared at me intently.

“I’m not like Alex, Lia. I’m not a teacher and this is not illegal.” He said and I nodded softly as I tugged on my bottom lip. “You look really pretty today..” Jack said, His voice trailing off towards the end but, I heard him alright.

“Erm.. Thank you.” I said. A soft blush lacing my cheeks as Jack smirk, supping away at his coffee. “But.. You really shouldn’t be saying things like that.. I’m your best friend’s girlfriend. It’s not right.” I said and he sighed softly as he ran a hand over his face and through his perfectly messed up hair. “Where is Alex anyways?” I asked and Jack bit his lip softly.

“When I went round there Lisa was just walking into his apartment so.. I walked straight down here.” He said and my heart literally fell at that moment. How the hell could he do that to me.. I only saw him a few days ago.. He said he loved me.. “I’m sorry Lia..” He said with a soft sigh as the tears softly fell down my cheeks.

“No Jack.. It’s fine.. I’ll be okay..” I said as he moved around the booth so he was beside me. He wrapped an arm protectively around my shoulder as I buried my face into his shirt. He rubbed my back soothingly and kissed my forehead.

“You want me to go shout at him?” He asked with puppy dog eyes and I couldn't help but giggle at his expression. He looked too cute for words.

“No Jack.. Their not worth it..” I said with a sigh and he shook his head vigorously.

“No Lia. We will go shout at him. The twat hurt you and you’re a lovely girl.” He said with a soft smile as he got out of the booth. He held out a hand for me and I gladly took it in mine. As he lead me out to the car I could help but keep thinking.. Everything that’s happened.. He said he would wait for me.. But obviously not. Once a whore, always a whore. I thought and mentally scoffed. We climbed inside Jack’s car and we were soon on our way to Alex’s house. Once we parked up outside Jack growled softly.

“What’s up?” I asked curiously and he just looked at me, His eyes showed sympathy.

“The bitch is still here.” He said with a sigh and I shrugged softly as Jack got out of the car. Me following shortly after. We walked into the tall building and up the never ending stairs. Once we finally got to Alex’s front door my heart race was beating probably twice it’s normal speed. Jack quickly slammed open the door and peered inside. And there they we’re.. On the sofa.. Making out..

“Fuck Gaskarth!” Jack exclaimed and Alex quickly sat up from where Lisa was pinning him to, His eyes instantly going wide as they met with mine.

“Lia, Let me explai-” He said before I held up a shaking hand, Signalling him to stop.

“Don’t even bother Alex. You know.. To think I actually thought you were different.” I said bitterly and I could see the hurt in his eyes.

“She forced-”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear your damn excuses Gaskarth.” I said harshly and I heard the slut laugh softly from the corner.

This Is your new girlfriend Alex? God.. I expected you to sink low but.. Not that low..” She said with another laugh as Jack shot her an evil glare. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his chest. I instantly felt safe inside his arms.

“So this is what it’s all about Jack.. You wanted her so badly.. And now that this has happened you’ll probably try.” He said, his voice straining slightly as he continued to talk. I shook softly in Jack’s embrace as I felt a sob escape my throat. Jack kissed my head softly as I wrapped my arms around his torso.

“You fucked this up for yourself, Alex.” Jack said and pulled me out of the embrace, Holding me at arms length away. “You want to go somewhere else? We could got to your house.. The park.. Mine.. The little café down the road..” He said rambling and I just gave him a soft smile.

“Just please.. Anywhere.. I just need to get away from them.” I said a clearly acidic tone to my voice.

“Look, Lia. Please don’t do this. Let me explain please!” He shouted and I scoffed slightly.
“You were kissing her back Alex! There is no explanation needed.” I shouted and Jack took hold of my hand.

“Let’s go.” Jack said as he pulled me through the door, Walking away from Alex’s pleading calls.

“You know I’m always here for you, even if Alex isn’t, right?” He said and I nodded my head softly with a faint smile. He lead me out to the car and I instantly got inside. “I’m sorry about that, Lia..” He said as he sat in the drivers side and buckled up. I smiled softly over at him.

“Jack, It’s not your fault that Alex was making out with his ex.” I said with a shrug and seconds later the bitch walked out of the complex, Her facial expression one of anger as she straightened out her top. I sighed softly as Jack flipped her off as we backed out of the parking space and onto the main road.

“So… What do you want to do?” He asked and I shrugged my shoulders softly. “Well.. What do you usually do?” He asked and I smiled softly.

“I sing. And play music. It’s the only way I stay sane.” I said with a soft giggle and he smiled over at me.

“Well, Your in luck.” he said with a chuckle and I furrowed my brows at him. What did he mean? we got out of the car as he pulled up to the park near my home. He opened up the back and brought out an acoustic guitar. “Come on, I want you to play me something.” He said with a big grin and he made his way over to a climbing rock. He passed me the guitar and started climbing. Once he was sat on the top he grabbed the guitar from my hands and then I made my way up. Once I was safely sat on the top Jack passed me the guitar. I softly started strumming and he seemed to recognise it straight away.

Strange maze, what is this place?
I hear voices over my shoulder.
Nothing’s making sense at all.
Wonder, why do we race?

When everyday we’re running in circles.
Such a funny way to fall.
Tried to open my eyes,
I’m hopin’ for a chance to make it alright.

As I continued singing, his jaw dropped more and more. Once I was finished Jack clapped loudly. I blushed slightly and he smirked.

“Wow… Your really good, Lia.” He said and I mumbled a thank you as I blushed deeply.

“Jack..?” I asked and he turned his head back to look at me.

“Yes?” He asked and I bit my lip softly.

“Why do you think he did it..?” I asked and he sighed heavily as he grabbed the guitar from me, Setting it down softly beside him then wrapping an arm around me. I soon snuggled into his warm side.

“I don’t know why Lia.. I thought he’d changed but.. Obviously not.” He said and as if on queue, Alex started walking towards the rock we were sat on.

“What the fuck do you want!?” I shouted and he sighed softly as he looked up at us from the bottom. “I wouldn’t try coming up here, Gaskarth.”

“Please Lia, Hear me out!” He shouted and I scoffed.

“Why should I hear you out when I’ve just found you on the sofa with your ex girlfriend!?” I shouted and he sighed again.

“She forced herself on me. She saw Jack walking up here with you and instantly thought 'Girlfriend alert’ So she threw herself on me! She was pinning me to the couch, She‘s stronger than she looks.” He said and I shook my head softly as I buried it deeper into Jack’s chest.

“I don’t think I can believe you, Alex.” I said and he hesitantly started climbing the rock. Once he was at the top, He saw mine and Jack’s position and frowned lightly. “I thought you were different. Obviously I was wrong.” I said into Jack’s T-shirt and Alex sat at the unoccupied space beside me.

“Lia.. Baby.. Please believe me. I can’t go on without you. We’ve connected in ways that I’ve never before connected with another person. I love you Amelia-Mae.. I wouldn’t want to get back with that slut. Your to perfect.” He said and the butterflies in my stomach erupted again. I couldn’t help them. I’d fallen for him to hard, I loved him. Jack’s grip got tighter around me as I looked up at Alex.

“Your going to have to win back my trust. I won’t be promising that you’ll ever get it back but, you can try.” I said as I got out of Jack’s grip, Hugging my knees close to me.

“Thank you, Lia.. I will.” He said with a soft smile as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

“I’m going home guys.. Maybe you should too..” I stated as I climbed out of Alex’s grip and down the rock. The boys climbed down shortly after and I said goodbye to both before heading home.
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