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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

Of somebody famous, At least for a day.

I woke up that morning with a smile on my face. My life was amazing. My parents were getting back together, My relationship was going perfectly. What more could a girl ask for?

“Amelia! A boys at the door for you!” My Mom shouted and I wondered down the stairs. Who could be here? My Mom knew Andy.. so it couldn’t be him.. I wondered towards the door and smiled softly as I saw Jack standing in my doorway.

“Hey Jack, what’s up?” I asked and he smiled softly back at me.

“Just came to check up on a friend, Is that such a crime?” He asked with a chuckle and I shook my head softly as I opened the door wider for him to come in from the cold. “I was just wondering if you wanted to go get some ice cream. I was bored.” He said with another chuckle and I rolled my eyes at him softly as I put on my over shirt and grabbed the things I needed before walking out of the front door with him.

“Trust you Jack. You get so easily bored.” I said with a soft chuckle and Jack wrapped an arm around my shoulder, messing up my hair slightly. He must have took note of the ring on my finger as he picked up my hand and stared at the rock.

“Did.. Did Alex give you this?” He stuttered and I nodded softly.

“It’s just a promise ring, Jack. It doesn’t say anything.” I said and he scoffed slightly.

“It says a hell of a lot.. Your promised to him Amelia.. You’ve only been going out two and a half months.. What if he hurts you again, Huh?” Jack asked and I shrugged my shoulders softly.

“I don’t know.. I trust him I guess..” I said with a sigh as we entered the small shop.

“You shouldn’t Lia..” He muttered quietly but loud enough for the teen to hear.

“And why shouldn’t I?” I asked and Jack sighed softly.

“He’s already cheated once. Who’s saying that he isn’t still doing it. He’s Alex Gaskarth. He can’t possibly stick to one girl and one girl only. Especially ask her to marry him!” He said, aggravated at Alex’s antics for some reason.

“Jack, What the hell do you have about me and Alex dating really?” I shouted quietly, Getting angry myself.

“Because I fucking like you too, Okay!?” He shouted louder than me, Earning the attention of most of the shop.

“What?” I asked for confirmation. Unable to believe what I just heard.

“I like you Amelia.. And Alex partially knows that too. I’m sorry for making things awkward between us. I’ll get over it. Don’t worry.” Jack said with a soft smile and my heart literally hurt for him.

“Jack.. It doesn’t change our friendship anymore if you like me.. It didn’t change mine and Andy’s so it won’t change mine and yours. So eat your Ice Cream you douche.” I said with a soft giggle and Jack smiled softly before tucking into his chocolate Ice Cream. “But you have to know I love Alex. Nothing will ever come of us Jack.” I explained and he softly nodded his head.

“Don’t worry, I know that.” He said with a shrug and I nodded softly as there was a comfortable silence that fell over us.

“Come on crack whore. Let’s go somewhere else.” I said with a soft giggle as I stood up from the booth. Jack followed close behind me.


The rest of the day was spent at the park and then Jack’s house. At the moment I was sat in his living room as he pulled out his acoustic guitar.

“Come on Amelia.. There’s nothing on TV so sing along.. Please? I like your voice.” He said with an innocent smile that instantly made me give in.

“Okay, Fine.” I said with a small laugh as he gently strummed at the strings.

“What would you say is your favourite song by us?” He asked with a smirk and I smiled softly before answering.

“It would have to be.. Six feet under the stars, This is how we do or Jasey Rae baby.” I said with a grin and he nodded softly as he started playing Six feet under the stars. I sang along and laughed softly as Jack’s smile widened as I started singing. Once the song was over Jack smiled as he placed his guitar down beside him.

“Your amazing Amelia-Mae.” He said with a chuckle as he sprawled across the sofa, Placing his feet in my lap.

“Thanks Jacky, So are you.” I said before jumping slightly as the front door swung open. “Hey Babe!” I exclaimed as I jumped up and he looked at me in confusion.

“Erm.. Why are you here.. With Jack.. On your own?” He asked, Jealousy seeping through in his words. I slowly walked towards him.

“We’re friends.. And you where grading papers so I had nothing better to do..” I mumbled making the older teacher relax slightly.

“I just.. Don’t want my fiancé leaving me for him okay.. I’m gonna get jealous. Your perfect.” He said with a grin as he soft wrapped his arms around my waist. “Anyway, I came to hang.” He said with a grin as he grabbed my hand, dragging me towards the sofa where I was sat previously.

The rest of the night was.. Awkward to say the least. Jack and Alex where talking but I was staying perfectly quiet. The only time I probably did start listening was when they were talking about the ring.

“So.. You gave her an engagement ring?” Jack asked with a small fake smile.

“Well.. A promise ring.. But I want it to be an engagement ring on day..” He said with a shit eating grin making me roll my eyes slightly.

“To be honest, I don’t really think you can make that kind of commitment Alex. You always cheat on girls. And I’m usually the one there to be their shoulder to cry on, even though I don’t want to be. Like when you cheated on Lisa for the tenth time.” He said and I instantly gasped.

“You fucking cheated on her ten times?!” I shouted and he instantly put his head in his hands as I did so. “So if you’ve done it to her, Why are you so sure that you won’t do it to me?” I asked and he just sighed as he looked up at me.

“I love you.. I didn’t love Lisa.. She was just a.. Fuck buddy I guess. It was all about sex with us but obviously somewhere along the way she grew feelings for me. It's obviously not about sex with us.” He said and I groaned in annoyance. That’s all he really wanted. Sex.

"Oh, I'm sorry for not putting out Alex. If you didn't know, I'm seventeen. I don't want to loose it just yet thanks." I said and I got up from my place and stormed out of the house. I just needed to be alone right now. I had just started the walk when I saw Andy.

“Yo! Andy!” I shouted and he smiled softly at me as I approached.

“What’s up Lia?” He asked and I shrugged softly.

“Just running from Alex because the bastard cheated on his last girlfriend ten times. If he can do it to her, he can do it to me. She was his 'Fuck Buddy' apparently.” She said with a shrug as she looked up at the pitch black sky.

“He could.. You look really good today Lia..” He said with a slight blush that made me grin widely.

“Thanks Andy.” I said with a smile as we walked down the road. “What where you doing out here anyways?” I asked with a slight laugh and he shrugged softly.

“I was going to the park. Want to join me?” He asked and I nodded softly as we started walking in the direction the park. He awkwardly put his hands in his pockets as we walked up to our park. I sat on one swing with him on the other. I was lucky to have Andy as a friend.. I really was..
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