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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

I'm wasting my days, i throw them away.

I woke up the next morning and sighed as I looked over at my sleeping music teacher. This.. Really happened? I really had sex with my music teacher.. I looked down and sighed as I saw his arm wrapped around my waist. How could something so wrong feel so.. Right? I buried my face in his chest and his arm wrapped tighter around my waist. His eyes flickered open and he sighed softly as he kissed my forehead.

“Morning baby.” He muttered quietly as he blinked quickly to adjust to the sunlight peeping in through the windows.

“Morning.” I whispered and brought a hand up to brush his hair out of his face.

“Did-.. Did last night really happen?” He asked with a hopeful smile and I nodded my head softly as I continued to play with his Blondie brown locks. “You where.. Phenomenal for a first timer.” He said and I smiled as I kissed his lips softly.

“Why, thank you Mr Gaskarth.” I giggled as I turned so I was on my stomach and placed my chin in my palms that were propped up by my elbows. “And.. I have nothing to compare you too but you where amazing in my eyes.” I smiled and he smiled as he ran his fingers up my bare back making me shiver slightly. He smirked as he felt my reaction and moved his head as he started planting sweet kisses on the curve of my back. I giggled slightly and turned around. Bad move. Now my boobs where on show and he continued his kisses up my stomach. “Bad boy. Stop it.” I chuckled as I wrapped the blanket around me tighter. He groaned and fell beside me on the bed.

“You didn’t care when I saw them last night baby.” He whispered as he wrapped me in his arms again.

“Well, I care now Gaskarth.” I said with a smug smile and he groaned softly as he kissed the side of my face.

“Your mean.” he said with a smirk and I stood up from the bed and grabbed some clean underwear. I quickly put them on and rejoined Alex in bed. “Now, you look just as good so you didn’t help yourself at all.” He chuckled as he wrapped me up in his arms. He too now had on boxers.

“Well, what are we doing today Lex?” I asked curiously as I laid back down on my stomach and kicked my feet so every now and again they slightly hit my back.

“Hmm.. I don’t know yet.” He said with a shrug. “We have another day and we go home tonight.” He said and I smiled softly as I sat up properly on the bed.

“Well.. What do you want to do all day Mr Gaskarth?” I asked as I crawled into his lap, straddling him. He rested his hands on my legs and ran his calloused fingers up my soft skin.

“Well.. I have an idea but trust me baby girl, it’ll get us into even more trouble than we already are.” He chuckled and I rolled my eyes softly as I ran my hands down his chest.

“Alex, nothing we do now can make this any worse.” I said with a soft giggle and he smiled as he grabbed my neck gently and pulled me down to meet his hungry lips. “Down boy,” I whispered with a small laugh before quickly climbing off his lap and scrambling over to my duffle bag. I grabbed out some clothes and ran into the bathroom. I left the door ajar and turned on the water. I stripped down to nothing and jumped into the shower, The hot water felt amazing against my cold skin and helped my muscles relax. I jumped slightly as I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

“Calm down baby,” Alex soothed from his place behind me and I melted into his embrace. “It’s only me.” He chuckled and I smiled as I turned around in his embrace and ran a hand softly through his drenched hair.

“Now, how did you get in here Mr Gaskarth?” I asked, my pretending to act innocent didn’t last long.

“Lia, you left the door open so stop acting innocent.” He said with a small smirk and I shrugged softly as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I love you Amelia.” He whispered softly in my ear and I blushed softly as I kissed his cheek.

“I love you too Alexander.” I whispered back quietly and pressed my lips gently to his. His calloused fingers gently manoeuvred across my face as he pulled my body closer to his. He pushed me against the wall and smiled coyly.

“We don’t have to stop ourselves anymore baby girl.” he whispered with a smirk making me smirk too as he picked me up and I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Well then, let’s not stop ourselves.” I whispered quietly in his ear making him shiver softly. I ran a hand down his chest, smiling softly as I saw his legs shake slightly. I moved my hand down to his member and bit my lip softly as he let out a loud moan as I gently stroked the private skin with my delicate fingers. “You like that?” I whispered huskily with a small giggle as he let out another moan as I grabbed his shaft.

“Fuck a shower, We’re going back to bed.” He said with a chuckle as he carried me out of the shower before throwing open the bathroom door and dropping me back on the bed. “You ready for another round baby?” He asked with a soft smirk and I nodded my head vigorously. And so the process started again.


“You ready to go back home baby?” He asked as he softly kissed my forehead I nodded as I straightened out my skirt.

“You bet babe.” I whispered and with that, we made our way out of the comfy hotel room and into the small elevator. I sighed softly and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry babe. You can sleep in the car.” he whispered softly. We both had our hoods up as to not cause suspicion just in case someone did actually know I was a student. We quickly left the hotel and jumped into the car. Great.. Another long journey back..


“Baby.. Baby we’re back, Wake up.” I heard and felt someone lightly shaking me. I fluttered my eyes open softly and smiled as soon as I saw his face in front of mine.

“Okay, cool.” I said and climbed out of the car. We made our way inside and instantly threw our duffle bags to the side of the front door and ran to the bedroom. I flopped down on the bed and moaned softly. “Comfy.. Bed.. Yay..” I said in exhaustion and Alex chuckled softly as he flopped down next to me.

“I missed you baby..” He whispered and kissed the blanket softly.

“That’s just weird.” I giggled as I pulled off my clothes and climbed under the covers. Alex stripped down to and followed my steps shortly after.

“Did you enjoy this short break baby?” He asked and I smiled as I placed my head in his chest.

“I loved it Alex. It was beautiful.” I gushed and he chuckled softly as he kissed my forehead.

“Good Lia. Now, go to sleep, we have school tomorrow. Only two more months left.” He reminded me and I smiled softly at the thought. Two more months and we can be together properly.. That was the last thought that passed through my head before I fell asleep.
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