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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

Caught up in the spotlight,

I sighed softly from my place on the couch. Alex was taking me being pregnant way to far. He wouldn’t let me do anything myself and I was basically being waited on hand an foot. Sure, it was nice, but I sometimes had to do things on my own. I was now six weeks pregnant and luckily not showing yet, I only had two weeks left till graduation and I was literally counting down the days. I climbed up from the sofa and made my way into the kitchen where Alex was.

“Babe, you want anything for breakfast?” Alex asked and I sighed as I kissed him softly.

“Alex, I’m fine, I just need to get to school.” I smiled and he sighed softly before pecking my lips.

“You need to eat babe, for our baby.” He said and those words alone made me smile brightly like a little child. I kissed his cheek and smiled softly as I walked over to the toaster and placed in a slice of bread. Once it was done I grabbed it from the toaster, my fingers burning with the heat. I placed it on a plate and added butter, leaving it to cool a little before picking it up and taking a large bite. I walked into the living room and placed on my heels quickly, the toast dangling from my teeth. I smiled at Alex softly as he too got on his shoes. “You ready to go to school babe?” He asked and I nodded my head sharply as he opened the door, letting me through first. I grinned widely at him as he shut the door and locked it, keeping his eyes locked on mine the whole time.

“You ready?” I asked and he shrugged softly before shocking me by crashing my body against the wall, his amazing body leaning against mine.

“After this,” He said and crashed his lips against mine in a heated kiss. I loved the feeling of his lips against mine, it was like a perfect match. He pulled away from me a couple of minutes later and I gasped to catch my breath. “Now I’m sure I’ll last a few hours.” He said with a wink and I groaned slightly, the small action turning me on greatly with the added hormones in my body.

“Alexander Gaskarth, you are a great fucking tease.” I growled lowly before kissing him once more and walking down the hallway to his car, I couldn’t be arsed to drive myself, so I’d make him do it, just for him being a big bully.

After school.

I sighed softly as I started the walk home with Andy and Brooke, I hadn’t yet told them my secret, and it was killing me that I couldn’t even let Andy know.. But I knew it was the right thing to do, I already had everything planned for after graduation.

“Hey Lia.. Are you okay?” Brooke asked and I simply smiled at her as I nodded my head.

“I’m fine honey.” I said as we walked Andy up to his house. He gave us both hugs and kisses on the cheeks before entering his house, shouting a faint goodbye as he entered. As soon as Andy had gone I stopped stressing as much, I could trust Brooke with everything, but Andy at this moment in time, I could not.

“Honey what’s wrong? I know your not okay.” She stated with a sad sigh and I groaned as I stopped to slap my hand against my forehead.

“I’m stupid Brooke!” I exclaimed and she just shot a confused expression my way, telling me to go into more detail. I pulled her head closer to me so that I was centimetres away from her ear. “I’m pregnant.” I stated and she took a few steps back, her eyes wide in shock.

“You’re what?!” She exclaimed and I shushed her quickly before anyone on the street heard.

“Yes you heard me right and you can’t tell a soul Brooke, as long as no one hears about this before graduation, I’ll be fine. Don’t even tell Andy.” I warned and she nodded her head in agreement as she came to terms with what was happening.

“So.. I can be the godparent right? I also want to be known as Aunty Brooke. That’s my offer and you will like it. Even if I have to make you.” She said and grinned happily as she wrapped an arm around my waist. I really did have the best friend possible. And I always would.
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