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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

A touch of redemption, a hint of elation,

I sighed as I walked along the dirt path road that would take me to the park, a week had past since Alex had started waiting on me hand and foot. And in all honesty, he was royally pissing me off. I walked along the path, not really looking where I was going. I didn’t care. I sat down on a bench in the middle of the park and watched as the children played around me. It was strange knowing that in three to four years, my child would be playing in a park just like this too. I stood up when it started getting dark and continued walking. This time I came to a secluded area, it was shut off by trees. I sat down on the grass and looked out at the scenery. This place was beautiful, couldn’t get it anywhere else.

“Well, well, well.. Look who we have here.” I heard a girl say and I turned around to see Lisa standing there, looking very proud of herself.

“I’m not looking for trouble Lisa, I just want some peace.” I stated and she chuckled evilly as she walked behind me.

“Well, then you wouldn’t believe that while you were out Alex called me and invited me to his apartment.” She said with an evil smirk and I simply scoffed but carried on looking out at the pretty scene.

“Yeah, I’ll believe that.” I said and she simply chuckled.

“Call him, I bet his phone’s off. He’s waiting for me.” She said and I groaned as I pulled out my phone. I dialled Alex’s number and sighed as it went straight to voicemail.

“Whatever.” I said as I stood up. She blocked me wanting to get past by holding a hand to my shoulder.

“Not so fast, we’re not done here.” She said with an evil smirk. “All those times you’re at school, and he comes home early cause he has no classes. He’s not with the guys, he’s with me.” She smirked as she pulled something out of her pocket. I didn’t have time to look before she stabbed me in the stomach. I bent over in pain as she stood there, laughing. “Keep your hands off my man.” She said before running off. I picked out my phone and phoned an ambulance before ringing Andy since he was right across the road from me.

“Hello?” He asked concerned when he knew I was crying. I needed him at the moment.

“Andy! Please come fucking help me! I’m across the road behind the trees.” I said and with that I hung up. I laid there, trying to catch the blood that was rushing out of me. It was around two minutes later that Andy came rushing over to me, a look of pure horror overtook his features.

“Lia! What the fuck happened?!” He asked frantically as he knelt down beside me, grabbing my body with his arms and laying me on his knee. I couldn’t speak. A couple of minutes later the ambulance arrived and Andy was still cradling me in his lap, he saw my phone on the floor and grabbed it. “Why the fuck isn’t Alex here?!” He screamed but I had little to no movement in my body. “I’m going to call him, Lia. As many times at it takes.” He said as the ambulance men picked me up from his lap to hoist me onto a gurney. That was when my vision started going black, and I passed out.

Alex's POV.

My phone was driving me crazy! Lisa wouldn't stop calling me, so eventually I had to just turn my phone off. She was really pissing me off, I mean why couldn't she just leave us alone! Was that really too much to ask? I sighed softly as I threw myself down on the couch, a beer bottle in one hand and the remote in the other. I flipped through the channels and stopped on Friends, knowing it was Lia's favourite show and she'd hopefully be back from seeing her friends any minute. I looked at my phone, contemplating switching it on again before deciding I shouldn't. Lia was with her friends, I needed to give her space and I knew as soon as I turned the damn thing on Lisa would ring again.

When half an hour passed, I started to really worry. She was always on time, never late. I ran a hand through my hair roughly before spying my phone on the arm of the couch, still switched off. My eyes widened. What if she tried to contact me? I quickly fumbled with the phone before pressing the on button and watching the screen shine brightly with life. I had forty missed calls! What the fuck? I instantly rang back Amelia's number and heard multiple voices in the background.

"Where the fuck have you been?!" I heard an angry Brooke shout and I cringed at her shrill tone.

"I had to turn my phone off, Lisa was stalking me! Wait, where is she? What happened? Is she okay?" I asked frantically and Brooke wailed.

"Your fucking ex stabbed her! Straight in her stomach, get the fuck down here now or you will forever be responsible for this!" She exclaimed before abruptly hanging up. I looked at the device in my hand, my heart hammering against my chest as I thought about Lia and my childs safety. I quickly threw the phone at the wall where it shattered into a million pieces. I ran my hands over my face as the tears poured from my eyes. I sat like that for a few seconds before pulling myself together and quickly climbing up from my seat. I instantly pulled on my jacket and shoes before rushing out of the apartment. I just got to the front door as Lisa made her way into the building. She turned around, a shit eating grin spread out on her face until she noticed my tear stained face and angry expression.

"Baby? What's the matter?" She asked innocently and I practically growled at her, my disgust for the woman hopefully showing.

"Don't you dare fucking talk to me! What the hell did you do to her, you piece of shit?!" I exclaimed violently as I pushed her up against the wall, my fist clamped tightly around her throat.

"I-..I d-did.. It.. F-for.. Us." She said as she gasped for breath, all the colour draining from her makeup clad face. I pulled away from her, she fell to the ground with a thud and she sucked in harsh breaths. "We can be together now, Alex! I know you're only with her because you're scared she'll tell the police if you break up with her but now it doesn't matter! I got rid of her for us!" She exclaimed, her face turning an ugly shade of purple. An animalistic growl escaped my throat as I pulled out my phone and Quickly called 911. I gave them all my details and told them what she'd done before hanging up. Her face visibly paled.

"Tell that to the police, Lisa. They're on their way, and I don't think they'll see a murder charge as a sign of romance." I stated before walking quickly from the building and climbing into my car. Honestly, the police could deal with her so I didn't even care if she ran off. All I could think about right now was my girlfriend.

Half an hour later I'd finally made it to the hospital Amelia was being kept in. The layer of sweat on my hands had increased the closer I got to the hospital and I could feel a fresh set of tears coming on as I stared at the tall building. I took a big breath before making my way towards the automatic doors. I asked at the reception for Amelia, saying I was her guardian and they instantly directed me to her room. I saw Brooke sitting in the waiting area, her hair a hot mess as she leaned her head on Andy who's shirt was soaked with dried blood. I took one look at his shirt and my face paled. I instantly went running until a hard body stopped my attempts. But that didn't stop me trying.

"Let me fucking go! I need to see her! I need too!" I exclaimed, sobs wrecking my body but the person still held onto me tightly.

"Alex! Man, she's alright for now, but she's down in surgery having her wound seen too. Their keeping us updated every half an hour. There's nothing we can do until she comes out." I heard Jack say beside me and I instantly knew he was the one who had the death grip on me. I broke down on his shirt, right there in the middle of the hospital. Honestly, I didn't give a shit. My fiancé was lying in a hospital bed somewhere in theatre and I couldn't even make sure she was okay. I looked over at her friends to see them looking at me, tears staining their faces and their bloodshot eyes standing out against pale skin. I sank to the floor, my best friend and band mate sinking down beside me as I continued to cry.
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