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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

They go,

Amelia’s POV.

School the next day.

“So, you ready for music Amelia?” Andy asked in our Art lesson and I shrugged my shoulder.

“Ready as I’ll ever be. You know the lyrics?” I asked and he nodded his head with a smile.

“You know the chords?” He asked back and I nodded my head happily.

“It was piss easy dude. I learned it in like, Half an hour tops.” I said with a laugh and he smiled as he carried on painting his random stick people. Andy never really did much in this lesson. He always drew something really simple unless he was angry at someone. The Art would calm him down so he’d pay extra attention to every detail. I’d learned a lot about Andy in the years we’d been friends and I’m really glad that I have a friend as amazing as him to be here for me. I groaned as I was knocked out of my thoughts by Andy pushing me.

“Bitch it’s dinner.” He said with a chuckle and I shook my head softly before packing away my items and making a quick exit for the door with Andy.

After Dinner.

We all mentally prepared our self as we stood outside the music room.

“Come on guys, we can’t fucking stay out here all day.” I said with a sigh and they both nodded before I led them into the chilly room where Alex was sat cross-legged on his desk.

“Wow, your on time.” He said with a smile and I just rolled my eyes at him as we took our seats at the back of the class. “Okay guys, All I really want you to do today is what you were doing last lesson. I really want you guys to focus on these solo’s or duets. Whichever you prefer.” He said with a soft smile and I walked over to the cupboard again and he sighed with a slight smile as he came over and un-locked the door. “Thanks.” I said as my eyes met his for the first time.

“Amelia, I need to talk to you, After school. Think of it as a mini detention for swearing at me yesterday.” He said with a slight chuckle and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Fine, Fine.” I said with a sigh as I walked back over to my friends and he walked back to his desk.

“Fuckin’ hell.” I shouted quietly as I walked over to Andy and Brooke. Confused expressions on their faces as I got closer. “I have detention with Gaskarth for swearing yesterday.” I said with a sigh and they both laughed softly at my pissed off expression.

“Don’t worry Lia, You’ll be fine.” Brooke said softly and I nodded my head.

“Come on skank. Let’s get this show on the road.” I said as I winked at Andy and took a seat on a stool beside him. I started the opening chords and soon nodded at Andy to start singing.

He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes,
Started making his way past 2 in the morning.
He hasn't been sober for days.

Andy sang making Alex’s head shoot up and looked over towards us.

Leaning now into the breeze,
Remembering Sunday, He falls to his knees
They had breakfast together,
But two eggs don’t last like the feeling of what he needs.

He said and Alex came over to watch us, Smiling softly to himself. I could feel myself getting lost in the music but soon had to snap out of it since it was my part of the song.

I'm not coming back,
I've done something so terrible,
I'm terrified to speak,
But you'd expect that from me.
I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt, now the rain is just,
Washing you out of my hair.
And out of my mind,
Keeping an eye on the world,
From so many thousands of feet off the ground, I'm over you now,
I'm at home in the clouds, and towering over your head.

Andy finished the song and there was a big round of applause as I realised a huge circle had formed around us. Alex was stood in bewilderment before us as everyone separated.

“I thought you didn’t like our music?” He asked with a smirk and we all shrugged.

“We just wanted to do one of your songs to confuse you.” I said with a grin and he chuckled lightly before nodding his head.

“It was good guys.” He said with a smile before turning around and making his way back to his desk as he sat cross-legged on it again and grabbed a guitar.

“You know what I think!” I shouted to grab the whole class’ attention and, it worked. “I think Mr Gaskarth should give us a show.” I said and all the girls screamed and agreed that he should. He rolled his eyes at me slightly before tuning the guitar and turning back to the class.

“Fine, What song do you want?” He asked with a chuckle and I put my hands up with a grin. “Yes, Amelia?” He asked and I plopped my hand down.

“I think you should do Coffee Shop Soundtrack.” I said with a half smile and he looked more shocked at my knowledge of their songs.

“Erm.. Okay.” He said as he started strumming the guitar and soon enough started singing along. At least I knew now that when they were on stage they didn’t mime. If anything Alex was better in person than on the video’s. I sighed as he finished the song and clapped along with the boys as the other girls were screaming. He was.. Amazing. “Okay thanks guys but pack your crap. Were outta this place.” He said with a smile and I got up with my friends. “Except for us two Missy.” He said with a smirk as I said bye to my friends. I grabbed my hoodie from the back of my chair as I walked over to the front and sat cross legged on the table in front of him.

“So, what’s this all about Gaskarth?” I asked plainly and he chuckled.

“Please, Call me Alex. I’ve had enough of all this ‘Mr Gaskarth’ shit. It bugs me to hell.” He said and I was shocked at his language at first but soon enough I laughed softly along with him.

“Fine, Alex what seems to be the problem here?” I asked and he smiled at me softly.

“I want to stop this feud between us.” He said softly with a sigh and I nodded my head to show I understood. “Look Amelia, You’re a talented girl and I want to be able to talk to you and teach you like everyone else. Not feel as though I have to tread on eggshells around you, You know?” He said and I sighed softly to myself.

“I know..” I muttered quietly and he plopped his legs over the desk.

“I know you guys don’t like my band but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad man Amelia-” He said but I cut him off half way through with a giggle.

“Okay, I thought I’d be able to hide this but I can’t..” I said with another laugh as he looked at me, clearly being confused. “We listened to your band all last night and.. We actually quite like you guys.” I said and a smirk played it’s way to his lips.

“Oh really?” He asked with a chuckle and I nodded my head softly. “Favourite song?” He asked the smirk still there.

“Therapy..” I replied as I bit my lip, placing my hands behind me on the desk to prop me up. It raised my shirt slightly but I didn’t really care, He was only a teacher after all.

“That’s my favourite too.” He said with a chuckle and I smiled softly at him. “You like Blink?” He asked as he took in my top.

“Yes sir, I love them.” I said with a grin and he smiled back.

“Same.” He said with a smile and I grew shocked.

“You like Blink 182?” I asked and he chuckled, obviously amused.

“Very much so.” He said as he bit his bottom lip. “So, there’s about 15 more minutes of this detention. What would you like to do?” He asked and I thought a minute before pointing to the store cupboard.

“Can I.. Have a go of my guitar?” I asked and he nodded his head happily as he got up and opened the store cupboard, Pulling the case from inside. I didn’t think he’d let me with this being detention and all but I wasn’t going to complain. I giggled happily as he passed it me and I opened up the case, getting the instrument from inside.

“You really love your music don’t you?” He asked with a small smile as I strummed lightly.

“I do. It’s the only thing apart from my friends that keeps me happy.” I said with a shrug and he looked at me questionably.

“You don’t have a man to keep you happy?” He asked softly and I shook my head.

“My last boyfriend.. Wasn’t the best, let’s just put it that way.” I said with a sigh and he looked at me sceptically.

“What you mean by that? If you don’t mind me asking..” He said awkwardly and I nodded my head.

“He was.. We he called me a lot of horrible stuff and shit. I left him when he first laid a hand on me.” I said with a shrug and Alex’s eyes widened drastically.

“He hit you?!” He screamed and I flinched back in surprised.

“Erm.. Yeah.. He only did it that one time though but he has been stalking the living shit out of me since.” I said with sigh and he looked at me with a frown. I started plucking to therapy and Alex’s ears perked up.

“Your good.” He said with a grin and I smiled back softly.

“Thanks, Can’t get the fucking chorus right though.” I said with a small giggle as he took the guitar from my hands and started strumming the pattern and sung the song beautifully. Once he’d finished the chorus he stopped and looked over at me.

“These are the chords.” He said as he showed me every movement of his fingers and I took them all in. I nodded as he handed me back the guitar. As soon as I got it I started to strum and sighed contently as I’d got it all right. “You’re a talented girl, Amelia. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” He said with a grin as he stood up from his desk. And grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair that he rarely used. “We best get going. Detention is now over.” He said with a soft smile as he took my guitar case and popped it back in the store cupboard. We both walked to the front entrance together and as we got outside I put my hand out towards him.

“Civil from now on?” I asked with a small grin and he nodded his head.

“Civil. Hey, can I call you Lia? Amelia is kind of a mouthful with my vocab.” He said shyly and I nodded my head, indicating it was fine.

“All my friends do so, Sure.” I said as I bit my lip softly and moved a piece of raven hair from my eyes. Probably showing him for the first time my light blue orbs. Apparently my eyes were a never seen before colour to my friends and I was slightly proud of that. “So, I’ll see you later Mr Gaskarth.” I said with a smile and he nodded as we went our separate ways. I had been walking for about five minutes when a car parked up beside me and the door opened..
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