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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

Go back to the place we knew before,

Alex’s POV.

I sighed as I got in my car and started up the engine. I quickly made my way out of the parking lot and huffed loudly as I saw Amelia not far in front, Walking on her own with her earphones jammed into her ears. It was starting to rain slightly so the teen pulled her hood over her head. I couldn’t let her walk in this could I..? I pulled up beside her and opened up the door.

“Amelia, Do you want a lift? The rain will get heavier soon and I don’t want you walking home in this weather.” I said with concern and she bit her lip softly before shaking her head, denying my offer.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine, my house is only like.. 6 blocks away..“ She said and I groaned as I motioned to the car.

“Come on Lia. It’s going to pour it down and you’ll be drenched by the time you get home.” She nodded her head softly and jumped into the car with me.

“Thank you, Alex.” She said with a light smile as she buckled her seatbelt and pulled down her hood to show her long black and pink hair again.

“It’s no problem, I want to make sure you get there okay.” I said with a half smile and she nodded her head softly. Why did I all of a sudden care about this girls wellbeing? I guess getting to know her better brought that on. She gave me the address and I headed towards the destination as we sat in a comfortable silence.

“So..” She said awkwardly and the car filled up with my loud laugh as I chuckled at her awkwardness. She smiled over at me as she twisted in her seat so she was facing me more. The movement made her shirt rise up a little but I knew I couldn’t look because I was a teacher after all. “Just to make this worse on my friend, She said you were fit.” She said and I smirked to myself slightly.

“Oh yeah?” I asked and she nodded her head.

“The girl I sit next too, Brooke, It was her. Can you make her life hell now? I think her exact words were ‘Dawg, Our music teacher is fine!’” She said as she grinned mischievously and I chuckled.

“I’ve heard worse.” I said with another chuckle as I scraped my fringe out of my eyes and continued looking at the open road.

“Your not that bad Gaskarth.” Amelia said with a soft laugh and I turned my head to her for a second to smile before going back to the road.

“Neither are you, Amelia-Mae.” I said with a grin as she pushed my shoulder softly. Soon enough we were pulled up to her house.

“Well, See you tomorrow Alex.” She said with a what I’d like to call breath taking smile and shut the door as I said bye myself. I placed my head on the steering wheel for a few seconds before turning back on the engine and making my way to my apartment.


I sighed softly as I dropped my coat and bag on the floor before making my way over to the couch, Plopping down lazily as my mind wandered. Why was she all I could think about? I hadn’t stopped since I’d dropped her off and I was really starting to get worried. All I could think was; was she okay?, did her parents see me and are debating on getting me done? Do I think about her a little more than I should? I asked myself these questions but quickly brushed the last one off. I wasn’t thinking anything sexual about her I was just.. Worrying.. I’d learnt a lot about the mysterious girl in the thirty or so minutes we’d spent together and it only made me want to find out more. This girl intrigued me, more than anyone else in the school. She had a bad past but, she was still strong as fuck. As I let my mind wonder again, All I could see was those beautiful, Blue eyes. I’d never seen the colour or her eyes before.. And I’ve met a lot of people. That’s when I realised.. She’s beautiful.. I groaned loudly as my apartment door flew open and the whole band walked in.

“What up, Gaskank!” Jack shouted loudly as he sat down on top of me.

“Get up Jack. I’ve had a rough day.” I said with a groan and he chuckled as he got up from me and plopped down on the floor.

“What happened?” He asked and I told him about what happened after school today. He nodded softly along and sighed.

“Do you like her Alex?” He asked and my head shot up.

“What? No, no! She’s one of my student’s Jack. I’m just.. Worried about her. I learned a lot about her today.” I said and he nodded his head. Telling me he understood.

“You sure, Buddy?” He asked and I nodded my head softly. I couldn’t like Amelia.. Could I? I did have to stop myself from staring at her from time to time but She was a fucking student. Sure she was gorgeous but I’m not risking my way of living over something like that..

“Sure Jack.” I said with a sigh as the other guys emerged from the kitchen, their mouths stuffed with food.

“What’s up Alex?” Rian asked and I smiled softly at him.

“School troubles.” I said with a slight laugh and Rian rolled his eyes.

“I never knew why you trained to be a teacher, Alex.” He said with a chuckle as he sat down on one of the sofa’s and I shrugged.

“I always loved the idea of teaching kids about Music. I loved it at school and I wanted to do the same for kids now.” I said with a small smile and Jack stifled a laugh.

“Their not kids. Their seventeen year olds with huge tits and raging hormones.” He said with a chuckle and I whacked him over the head.

“I’m not thinking about that shit, Jack.” I said sternly and his laughing stopped immediately.

“I wanna see what Amelia looks like..” He said softly. I tried to grab him before he could run off to find my laptop but the fucker was just too fast and took off at lightening speed up to my room. Coming down seconds later with my laptop. “Let’s have a goosy gander.” He said as he opened a page and went on his face book. He must have remembered the name I told him because he typed it in easily and grinned as she was the first person to pop up. He looked through her photos, his mouth hanging lower as he went through. “Okay, Hands up, She’s hot.” He said as he held his hands up in the air. And I chuckled lightly.

“Shut up, Jack. She’s a student.” I said with a laugh as he looked at me confused.

“So fuck, I’m not a teacher!” He shouted as he stuck out his tongue out at me as he flicked up another picture of her. “Does she have black hair or blonde now?” He asked and I looked over his shoulder with a confused expression.

“She was blonde?” I asked as I sat up properly and he nodded his head.

Look dude.” He said as he passed me the laptop and I gasped in shock. That was fucking her? She looked.. Completely different.. She looked.. Scene. I turned onto another photo and she had the same hair as she does now. Now that’s the Amelia I know.. I thought with a soft smile and I turned the laptop towards Jack.

“That’s her now, Jack.” I said and he smiled softly before taking the computer back off me.

“At the minute, I really don’t give a fuck that she said bad shit about us.” He said and I rolled my eyes at him as the other two looked on confused.

“What the fucks happening here?” Zack asked with a laugh and Jack turned the computer around to face them.

“It’s Alex’s amazing student that has the ‘Voice of an angel and her guitar skills are amazing.’“ He said with air quotes and I hit him around the head.

“Fuck off, Jack!” I shouted and they all chuckled softly. “Jesus, why does everyone think I like her!” I screamed and Jack chuckled.

“Actually, I’m the only one that thinks you like her. Fuck you I can like her. Mines not illegal!” He shouted and those words hit me hard. Illegal. Fuck, we shouldn’t be talking about her like this. I was her fucking teacher. And now my best friend fancied her, What the fuck? I sighed sadly and laid my head back on the sofa as Jack carried on talking about Amelia.
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