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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

I'll ask you if the rain still makes you smile.

Amelia’s POV.

As I walked through the door my Mom’s confused face came into my view instantly.

“What’s up?” I asked as she started walking closer to me.

“Who was that in the car?” She asked calmly as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Just my music teacher Mom. He saw me out in the rain and offered me a ride. That’s all.” I said and she nodded softly. Her eyes telling me she didn’t believe a word.

“He looked awfully young..” She said and I rolled my eyes softly at her over protectiveness.

“Mom, He’s about twenty-three. Don’t you think that would be wrong?” I asked and she nodded her head. “And you know I’m not like that Mom.” I said plainly as I walked past her and up the stairs. But was I actually like that..? I mean, I was crushing on him but that’s different, Right?

The next day.

“I’m bored!” I exclaimed and I sighed softly as I waited patiently in the dining room for the bell to ring. I couldn’t wait for music yet again and I grinned softly as I realised there was only a few minutes left. People saw my excited expression and grew confused.

“You okay Lia?” Brooke asked and I nodded my head softly.

“I just love music.” I said with a chuckle and they rolled their eyes at my giddiness.

“We know you do Lia.” Andy and Brooke both said with soft laughs as the bell rung, telling us to go to next class. We walked down chatting quietly to ourselves and didn’t stop once we got in class.

“Morning Amelia.” Alex said with a shit eating grin and I smiled brightly back.

“Morning Gaskarth.” I said and he rolled his eyes at me playfully. The two of my friends looked on at our behaviour with confused expressions. “We talked everything out, He’s not a bad guy. Were being civil.” I said to ease their minds but their expressions just turned to one’s of shock.

“Guys, you know what to do, Just get going.” He said with a smile as he went behind his desk and sat down before filling in some papers. He suddenly got up, Grabbing everyone’s attention again. “By the way guys, I’m giving some guitar and singing lessons after school if anybody want’s them. Oh and I know which one’s of you will be going to actually learn and one‘s that are just going to stare at me. So if you’re one of those people, Don‘t bother applying” He said with a smirk and I pondered for a moment as I tried to cut off the slag's grunts of disappointment . I could do with a few pointers.. I’m not amazing like Alex but, I’d like to get there. I sighed and walked up to him nervously.

“Would I be able too..?” I asked and he looked shocked at my statement.

“Yeah, Coarse Lia. I know your able to work so it’s not a problem for me.” He said with a soft smile which I returned.

“I just want to get better than I am now and I think you’re the only way to be able to do that..” I said with a sigh and he looked at me sternly.

“Lia, you’re an amazing guitarist but I do know ways for you to improve slightly.” He said with another sigh as his eyes softened. “Your first lesson is today after class.” He said as the smile returned to his face. I smiled softly back and nodded my head. I turned around to get back to my friends and he went back t00o his work. It seemed as though.. He couldn’t look at me for very long today.

“What up, biatch!” Andy screamed and I laughed loudly at him.

“Move out my way, Fool!” I shouted back as I sat down on his lap since he was sat in a chair. I started playing ‘Pieces’ By RED as I was sat in his lap and he sang along quietly. Alex took a few glances over towards us but I didn’t pay him no mind. Why would he be bothered about us anyway? Andy lent his head on my shoulder as he sung. As soon as I finished singing and his head stayed on my shoulder I looked up at Brooke.

“Has this fucker fell asleep on me?” I shouted making Andy jump in surprise.

“You know what that song does to me!” He shouted and I laughed softly as I stood up from his knee and walked over to my case.

“You may as well keep that out,” Alex said with a small smile and I nodded my head softly. “Okay guys, Good lesson now pack everything away!” He shouted as he jumped over all the tables randomly. I giggled softly as I hugged Brooke and Andy.

“I’ll see you later guys!” I shouted as they left and they waved at me happily. Once everyone had exited the room I turned towards Alex and smiled softly. “So, what we doing first man?” I asked with a giggle and he forced on a small smile.

“Erm.. I’ll show you a few songs,” He said with a shrug. “I really don’t need to teach you about tabs or chords so, We’ll figure it out as we go along.” He said with an adorable smile and I couldn’t help but laugh slightly.

“Okay.” I said as I walked back over to my guitar and picking it up.

“So..” He said as he tuned what I presumed was his own guitar. “How long have you been going out with Andy?” He asked and I pretty much choked on my own spit.

“What?!” I asked with a loud laugh and he looked at me, His eyebrows raised slightly and his mouth had a small frown etched there.

“I saw you guys earlier.. Like all huggy and shit..” He said softly and I howled again.

“Were just really close.” I said with a smile as he seemed to get some of his happiness back. What the hell was that all about?

“Oh, right.. Now I feel stupid..” He said with a nervous chuckle and I patted him on the shoulder gently.

“It’s okay, Alex. I won’t tell anyone about your little mistake.” I said as I zipped my lips and held out my pinkie finger. He chuckled as he laced his finger with mine.

Half an hour later.

I laughed heavily as I placed a hair tie in Alex’s hair. We’d stopped playing about five minutes ago and were now just having fun and a laugh. He half smiled at me before looking in a mirror I passed him from my bag. He burst out laughing.

“You made me look like a tranny!” He shouted as he turned around to face me for a second before pulling out the band and facing forward again. I placed my hands on his shoulders randomly and put my head just over his shoulder.

“No I didn’t,” I whispered and he shuddered softly. “You did it all yourself.” I whispered with a small giggle at my own lame attempt at hypnosis. He turned his head slightly my way again and almost head butted me in the face but, I couldn’t laugh. I was too captivated by his eyes to do anything else. He seemed pretty lost in me too because our eyes stayed on each other for a good few minutes. I kissed him on the cheek and smiled softly as he felt where I had placed my lips, A wide grin on his gorgeous face.

“Thank you for my lesson, Alex.” I said with a grin as he grabbed his jacket from behind his desk.

“Wait up, I’ll walk with you.” He said as he shrugged on the leather. “And it’s okay, You’re my best student at the minute.” He said with a smirk as he shoved his hands into his trouser pockets awkwardly.

“What’s up with you?” I asked with a giggle as I motioned towards his pockets and his awkward behaviour.

“I don’t know..” He said shyly and pulled the most adorable embarrassed face ever.

“Your acting like a hormonal teenager on their first date.” I said with a loud laugh and he joined in quietly.

“I’m far from a hormonal teenager. I‘m twenty-three years old!” He shouted and I giggled softly as I ran out of the school doors.

“So, this is goodbye, Gaskarth.” I said and he nodded his head softly.

“Let me give you a ride home..” He asked and I shook my head no.

“It’s fine Alex,” I said with a faint smile, Disappointment washing over me. “See you tomorrow.” I said as I walked away from him and made my way home.
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