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She Was the Challenge He'd Been Waiting For

Unanswered Questions,

Amelia’s POV.

I sighed softly as me and Alex walked out of the building together.

“Would you like too.. Meet my friend.. Today?” He asked nervously. “Plus I kinda wanna talk to you about.. All this.” He said as he pointed to us. I nodded my head softly.

“Sure, why not. Sounds cool.” I said as we looked around quickly before making our way to his car and sliding inside. “So..” I said as the car started up. “What’s this friend called?” I asked, trying to make some more conversation. I hated silence.

“He’s called Jack. You’d probably like him. He’s a very amazing guy.. Once you get past his hyper activeness.” He said with a soft chuckle and I nodded my head with a smile. “But.. Please.. Can we keep what happened in music room quiet from Jack? I promised I’d never try anything with you..” He said with a deep sigh as he bit his lip.

“Erm.. Sure, I guess. I won’t say anything.” I said and he breathed out in relief. “So does this mean that.. If he flirts with me.. I have to go along with it..?” I asked and he frowned before shrugging his shoulders.

“I don’t know..” He said. His frown still visible.

“I’ll try..” I said as we parked into the parking lot of his apartment complex and got out of the car. We walk up to what I presumed was his apartment and he pushed his key into the door; unlocking it.

“Hey Gaskank where you-” His friend started saying but was cut off as he saw his best friend entering with me.

“Jack, I wanted to introduce you to somebody. This is Amelia.” Alex said with a smile and Jack grinned as he walked over to me.

“Hey Amelia, I’m Jack Barakat.” He said and I giggled slightly as I took his hand in mine, Shaking it softly.

“Amelia-Mae Wilson. Nice to meet you Jack.” I said politely and he bit his lip softly.

“Erm.. Okay, Can we move this outta the doorway, Barakat?” Alex asked, seeming slightly annoyed and we all nodded as we made our way over to the sofa. I was sitting in-between the two of them as me, Alex and Jack conversed back and forth. Jack did try flirting with me on several occasions but I just ignored all of them. Around an hour later I felt as though I’d known this kid my whole life.

“Anyone want a beer?” Jack called from the kitchen and I smiled innocently over at Alex.

“Can I have one?” I asked and he chuckled softly before nodding.

“Sure.” He said and I jumped up.

“Me please!” I shouted at Jack and he gave me the thumbs up, winking at me. I giggled slightly as I leaned on Alex. “What up, Teacher dearest.” I said with a small laugh and he flipped me off.

“I’m off duty, Missy. It’s Alex.” He said with smirk as he chugged on a beer.

“Well Alex, You seem depressed, Liven up man!” I shouted as I jumped up and Jack came into the room, standing beside me and wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“Yeah come on Gaskank!” Jack shouted too. “I know how fun you are, Why are you being boring just because Amelia’s here!” He shouted and Alex sighed as he rubbed his head.

“Jack, Suck my dick.” Alex said with a chuckle and Jack’s eyes widened.

“Okay man, If you insist.” He said as he walked over to Alex. Alex pushed him and the next thing I knew, Jack was in a heap on the floor. “Lia, The mean man hurt me!” He shouted and I giggled softly as I went over and helped Jack up.

“Shame on you.” I said as I plopped down beside him and opened up my beer. “I’m only kidding, Gaskarth.” I said with a giggle and he looked down at me with a small smile. Jack sat down next to me and huddled into my side. I giggled slightly and looked over at Alex who was definitely not happy. I stroked Jack’s head for a few seconds before Alex got up, storming into the kitchen. “I’ll go talk to him.” I said with a sigh and Jack nodded, sitting normally again. I walked into the kitchen and took a few steps towards Alex. “What’s up?” I asked with a frown as I stood beside him.

“You two are!” He shouted quietly. “Your acting like a fucking happy couple.” He said sadly and I quickly pulled him into a hug.

“You told me I had to go along with it because you didn’t want him finding out!” I shouted quietly and he shrugged.

“I just.. Like you Lia.” He muttered and I grabbed his hand.

“Come on, No need to be jealous, Okay?” I said as I pulled him back into the living room.

“Hey, your back!” Jack shouted from the sofa and we both nodded as we sat back down. I leant against Alex and sighed softly. Jack put his head in my lap and I felt Alex stiffen behind me. “So, can I ask? How old are you, Amelia.” Jack asked with a smirk and I rolled my eyes at him as Alex growled quietly.

“I’m seventeen, Jack. eighteen in around seven months.” I said with a shrug and Alex sighed beside me. Shit.. he mumbled and I looked at him curiously.

“I’ve really only just realised how young you are..” He said softly so only I could here and I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Okay..” I said quietly and put my hand over Jack’s eyes, Giggling softly.

“I can’t see!” He whined like a little baby making me laugh more.

“Okay, I can’t fucking do this anymore!” Alex shouted as he stood up, eying Jack evilly. “Look, Stop fucking flirting okay?! I’m fucking sick of it!” He shouted and Jack got up too, Getting right up in Alex’s face.

“I’m fucking allowed too, Gaskarth. At least it’s not you, You’re a fucking teacher. What am I? A guitarist.” He shouted back and Alex growled as he shoved his best friend.

“Well guess what? I like her okay!? I may be a teacher but I still have fucking feelings!” He shouted back and I stepped in-between the two.

“Guys, Guys, stop it! You guys are fighting over me! A sixteen year old girl! Look Alex, I like you too but think about it, This could never be, Could it..” I said with a frown as he stuttered for a moment before falling to the sofa. “Bye Alex..” I said with a sigh as I grabbed my shoes and made my way out of the door. Once I’d left the building completely I sighed as the cool air hit my face and legs. Why did it have to be cold? I started my long journey home. I groaned as a car pulled up beside me and the passenger door opened..
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