Jibe Gajima


“...Text you? That didn’t sound like your average call back.” Danmi looked at Key, curiosity glinting in her eyes.

Smiling, Key replied, “I guess Jonghyun isn’t your average model.”

Jonghyun’s P.O.V

When Jonghyun hung up the phone, he felt incredibly stupid. Why did he do that? Sure, Krystal was practically breathing down his neck and rushing him to get off the phone so that he could help her, but he could have stayed on for a minute or two longer.

He knew Jessica wouldn’t care if he explained why he was on the phone but... well, did it even matter now? He was off the phone now, and he couldn’t really do anything about it. He resisted the urge to glare at Krystal as he walked back to the counter; it wasn’t her fault, after all. He was the one who decided to hang up the phone. Besides, he knew she just rushed him because she wanted his help. The coffee shop was particularly busy today, and if he were sixteen, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to deal with all of the customers by himself, either.

The phone in his pocket vibrated. Looks like Key did text him after all.

From: Unknown Sender (010-5378-9233)
Message: Schedule:
Thursday - first day of shooting @ 8:00 a.m.
Friday + Saturday- Photo-shoot, @ 8:00a.m.
Next Sat. - Fashion show rehearsal, @ 9:00a.m.
Fashion show starts @ 6:00pm

He smiled slightly at the signature that Kibum had forgotten to turn off. This whole thing was so unprofessional. What would Minho think when he told him? He’d probably just laugh. Jonghyun figured he probably didn’t have to text him back, but he did.

To: Key (010-5378-9233)
Message: Thank you! Again, I’m sorry about this. I’m just a bit busy right now,
so it’s a little hard for me to stay on the phone.
I hope I didn’t bother you with this.

He probably didn’t have to save Key’s number, either, but he did.

“So what was that about?” He looked up from his phone to see Krystal glancing at him while she made a customer their cup of coffee.

“Well,” he placed his phone on the counter, just in case Kibum replied to him. “I do some modeling and--”

Krystal cut him off. “Modeling? That’s so daebak. Have you modeled for anyone big yet? Any CF’s? I wonder if I’ve seen you somewhere before without realizing it.” She handed the costumer their coffee and said, “That’ll be ₩2,500, please.”

“I only do fashion and runway modeling,” he replied, walking over to the second cash register. He looked at the next customer in line. “What would you like?”

They continued on like this, talking between serving customers for quite some time, until the steady flow of customers decreased. Jonghyun leaned against the counter, his head resting on his hand.“Is it always this busy?” he asked.

Krystal nodded. “Usually.” She flashed him a small smile. “But it’s good, right? It makes Jess happy that business is so great. For awhile she worried that the shop would flop.”

He nodded, and merely said a small yeah. He didn’t really have much to say; he was too tired to even think. For a moment, his thought drifted to Jessica. He pictured her worrying about business and money and suddenly she reminded him of himself. Maybe they weren’t that different after all.

His eyes fluttered close for a moment, until the high pitched ‘ding!’ of the bell over the door roused him from his half-awake state. “Aish, just when we finally had a small break...” he mumbled, raising his head and glancing towards the door.

To his left, he heard Krystal laugh. “You don’t have to worry, he’s not a customer.” The man walked around the counter and grabbed an apron a hook on the wall. “This is Siwon,” she said motioning to him with her hands, “and since he’s here for his shift, that means I can leave now.” Jonghyun noticed that she sounded really excited as she said that last part. He didn’t blame her; he wanted to go home, too, and he hadn’t even been here as long as Krystal. “So,” she threw up a peace sign and grinned, “bye guys!”

Siwon chuckled a bit as he put on the apron. “She seemed eager to leave tonight.”

“I don’t blame her,” he laughed. Bowing his head, he said, “I’m Jonghyun. Nice to meet you.”

“And I’m Siwon, but I guess Krystal already told you that.” The taller man’s smile faded as he looked at Jonghyun seriously. “Long day?”

He nodded, rubbing his temples. “It’s been pretty busy today. Luckily for you, business started to slow down a little while before you came in. ”

“Victoria is supposed to start her shift soon. When she gets here, I’ll let you leave, all right?” The elder said, surprising Jonghyun with his kindness.

“...Are you sure?” Jonghyun asked, a little more than shocked. He glanced at the clock — it was only seven. “My shift doesn’t end until nine.”

Siwon nodded, grinning. “It’s fine. Vic and I can handle the cafe by ourselves.”

Jonghyun smiled. Honestly, his a bit taken aback by how kind Siwon was. A complete stranger — one that he met less than five minutes ago — was nice enough to let him leave early. Was everyone who worked here so caring? “Thanks. But... won’t Jessica mind if I leave a little early?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think she will. Besides, when neither Jess or Krystal are here, I take over as acting-manager. What I say goes.” He grinned, and Jonghyun responded with a broad grin of his own. He couldn’t help it; the man’s happiness was infectious.

Siwon looked at the counter, surveying the supplies there. “Looks like we’re a bit low on sugar...” he mumbled. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to get some from the back room.” With that, he left, and Jonghyun was alone in the front of the store, except for the few customers slowly sipping their coffees and teas and making use of the free wi-fi.

He took advantage of the time to check his texts; his cellphone had vibrated while he was filling orders, but he hadn’t had the time to see who the message were from.

From: Key (010-5378-9233)
Message: Stop apologizing; you really didn’t bother me at all!
It was... a little unconventional, but hey, I’m not one to
follow rules.~

Jonghyun smiled. Did Kibum even realize he still had his signature turned on? Still, he felt a wave of relief. At least he hadn’t bothered Kibum by asking him to text him the schedule. He looked up from his cellphone when he heard the door open.

His eyes widened. Was that...?

He slid his phone back into his pocket, and straightened out his clothes.

“Jonghyun?” The familiar voice said.

“Uh, hello, Kibum-ssi,” he said politely.

Kibum looked as surprised as Jonghyun felt. “Always so polite...” He mumbled, smiling. “Funny seeing you here.”

“I guess it’s a small world,” Jonghyun joked. He wanted to think that it was weird to see Kibum outside of work, but really, the younger man just seemed so... normal, and not all intimidating like previous designers he had worked for. “What can I get for you?”

“A large Americano, please.” He answered, not even looking at the menu. Did he stop by the cafe often? Jonghyun wrinkled his nose at the order without even realizing it; Key, however, noticed. “What? Not a fan of Americanos?”

“Ah, well,” he said, putting a shot of espresso into a cup, “I usually like something a little less... bland.”

“Yah!” Key said, pointing a finger at him. “Watch it, that’s my favorite coffee.”

“Sorry,” Jonghyun said, scratching the back of his neck. He extended his arm out to hand Kibum his coffee. “I meant that I like... sweet things.” Key went to grab for his coffee as he said that, his fingers brushed against Jonghyun’s slightly, and — Jonghyun withdrew his hand quickly, a slight heat rising in his cheeks. He hoped Key didn’t notice his blush, and he hoped he didn’t notice the reason for Jonghyun blushing in the first place: the irony of his words being said as their skin touched — even though it was only for a second — and the fact that he and Kibum were looking each other directly in the eye when he said it.

If the young designer noticed, he didn’t say anything, much to Jonghyun’s relief. He pulled his credit card out of his wallet and handed it to the barista.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jonghyun said, pushing the credit card back to Kibum. “It’s on the house.”

“Really?” Key asked, surprised. He titled his head to the right slightly. “Can you even do that? Give away free drinks, I mean.”

Jonghyun shrugged. “I get a free drink every shift, and I haven’t used mine yet, so...” He trailed off at the end of his sentence. He didn’t really know what possessed him to give Kibum his drink for free. When he looked at the younger, he just didn’t want to make him pay.

Key laughed. “What if you end up wanting that drink later? Then you’ll think back to right now and say, ‘Man, I really wish I hadn’t given my drink to Kibum. I’m so thirsty.’” He made exaggerated movements, mimicking someone who was dying of thirst.

Jonghyun couldn’t help but laugh. The younger’s antics were... charming. “I’ll be fine. I get off work soon, anyways.”

“You mean you get off work now.” A deep voice said from behind him. Jonghyun turned around. Siwon was standing near the door to the back room, with a brunette girl standing to his left. “Victoria got here a few minutes ago. I guess you were too busy to notice.” The tall man smiled lopsidedly at him.

“Anyonghaseyo” the long haired girl said with a slight accent and a smile. “Nice to meet you Jonghyun.” He waved at her and reciprocated the greeting.

Turning back to Key, who was still standing at the counter, Jonghyun corrected himself. “Now,” he said with a smile, “I guess I get off work now.”

“A jinjja?” Key took a sip of his coffee. “Then would you like to help me with a few things for the photo shoot? I have to finalize a few last minute decisions, and I could really use a second opinion.” He took another drink of his coffee. “That is, if you’re not busy.”

The blonde glanced at the clock. It was only fifteen minutes later than it was when he last checked the clock. “Sure.” He replied, shrugging off the green apron. Why not? Minho wasn’t going to expect him back until nine, anyways. “I’d love to help.”
♠ ♠ ♠
Daebak - Awesome
A jinjja? - Oh, really?
Yah! - Hey!