The Joke's on Me

Sean Smith is a hopeless romantic. He loves being loved, but sometimes the love of his fans and bandmates just isn't enough. Sean comes across as loud and confident, but is a lot shyer and a lot more insecure than he appears. No matter what, he always has a positive outlook.

Ian Watkins is not a serious guy, despite how much he blushes. He's cynical about relationships and he doesn't enter them unless he's 100% sure that they're going to work. He hopes settle down one day, but until then he's going to have fun. Lots of fun.

Sean and Ian have known each other for years, now firm friends. What happens when their friendship crosses a boundary? And what happens when that shift brings a whole load of new trouble?

This is a fanfiction written by No Tomorrow and cameron liddell;.
Because it's a fanfiction we obviously own nothing but our original ideas, so if you steal them we'll come after you with sporks!
Warning; there will be boysex, seeing as this is a slash, so if you don't like, don't read!

Sean is written by Kristen (watson.).
Ian is written by Lauren (No Tomorrow ).