The Joke's on Me


Well, okay. So maybe wearing the shirt I had since I was seventeen wasn't a very good idea. But it was tight, and I thought maybe it would look good on me. Still.

"You look like a sausage, Sean."

I said I thought it would look good on me. Okay?

"Shut the hell up. I look great."

"In case you haven't noticed, you weigh a bit more than when you were seventeen."

"I realize."



Gavin huffs. "So nothing. You look great."

I grin. "Thanks. Have you seen Ian?"

He waves vaguely to his right at the Lostprophets trailer.

I give him a thumbs up and walk over there with a spring in my step.
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Dear Readers,

... uh... SURPRISE!
Erm. I've come back. Apparently. Obviously. Since this is up. I just wrote it, actually. But I'm kind of lost. That's why it's so short. Like, crazy short. I actually don't know what this chapter is about. But let's let Lauren sit and roost on it a bit and hatch a new chapter later that makes much more sense. I wanted it to be a surprise that I'm back. For you guys and for her! Like an awesome surprise party. Okay, so it's not much of a surprise. But it's the thought that counts, right?

I'm pretty sure this note is going to be longer than the actual chapter. But you guys are good, nice readers that love me, so you'll read on. Yes?

... okay okay. I know. I HAVE BEEN A GIGANTIC ARSE.
So what?
Actually. What a lot. I'm a jerk. I like, -POOF-, disappeared without ever saying anything. I swear to shit I'll try and update regularly again as well as shoot oneshots out of my ass like it's on fire like I used to.

You should feel privileged, actually.
Actually, half of you guys probably unsubscribed.

And Mibba's weird looking now. I'm so confused. I couldn't figure out how to post a new chapter at first, and then I accidentally posted a comment to someone else on my own fucking profile. And now it won't delete or edit. D: It's stupid. I miss the old Mibba. Like, '07 Mibba...
And now we can't have awesome profiles anymore. Which totally blows. I had an awesome idea... And now people can't even use making profiles as a writing contest prize because WE'RE ALL CONFORMISTS NOW. AND WE CAN'T HAVE INDIVIDUAL PROFILES ANYMORE. Wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

But hey, I'm glad to be back. :]

Hardy har.

If you're still reading this retarded rant, then, I love you. So... comment. Stuff like that. To the new people reading this: -open arms- WELCOME. :D SUBSCRIBE AND SHIT. IT GETS EVEN BETTER. EVENTUALLY.