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To Yonder

"Oh the ocean rolls us away..."

The life of a princess is run by rules. The life of a pirate is free as the wind. What happens when their lives become intertwined and the struggle for survival becomes the fight for love?

Alessandria Mignonette Contesse is crown princess of Arcadia due to marry Prince Cameron Grimaldi of Dalmasca. Their union is to bring peace between the two kingdoms and prosperity for their peoples. Exactly a month before their wedding, Alessia sets sail to meet her prince charming only to find her ship raided by pirates under control of the infamous Tanek. Remembering the stories her father has told her about the fearsome brute, Alessia does the only thing she can think of, hide. There's only problem, Tanek has been looking for Alessia, and he won’t stop until he does.

"...And I lose your hand through the waves"