Tell Me I'm A Bad Man

Mikey and Gerard are reunited after Gerard ran away four years ago. Mikey finds out that Gerard is the leader of a cult, the Black Parade, that is gaining notoriety because of the crimes that the cult members commit.
  1. Memories of Runaways
    MIkey recounts the story of his brother, Gerard running away.
  2. Messages and Meetings
    Mikey meets a strange man in the park.
  3. Reunions and Explanations
    You fools tried to guess it, now here's who really showed up.
  4. Articles and Realizations
    well what do you think the title means?
  5. Brothers and The Black Parade
    stop reading descriptions and start reading the story, biznatch!
  6. Hypothermia and Horror Movies
    do you really need to be reading a description?
  7. Strange and Life Altering
    just read the story. stop wasting your time reading the description.
  8. Fires and Friendships
    Why do i even bother with descriptions when i'm not even describing?
  9. New Friends and New Homes
  10. Hotels and Food Fights
    two updates in one day? my new personal best.
  11. Newcomers and Old Stories
    credit to all the random places where i find 'inspiration.' and there's a lot of places.
  12. Covenants and Craziness
    hope you like this one!
  13. Changes and Conflicts
    please read the comments for an author's note
  14. Berries and Cream
    sorry about the title, i just love the starburst commercial.
  15. Potatoes and Chicken.
    no, that's not what i ate for dinner. read the chapter.
  16. Threats and Promises
    sorry for the wait. hope ya like it!!!!!