Status: Completed :)

Choose Me, Not Him

Kylee Brice is the lead singer of new rock band, Dark Labrynth, a group with raw talent. Mike Shinoda immediately signs them on to Machine Shop Records giving them a strong start to their future. That's when Kylee meets Chester.

Chester Bennington thinks he's finally found a woman to share his passion for music with. Only she's promised to another...He knows he can show her the love she deserves, but she keeps going back to her other man. Will she choose Chester or him?

Disclaimer: This is my first band fiction, so I have no idea if I'm supposed to say if I own Linkin Park or not. Just to be safe. I don't...but I wish I did. And even though Chester is married in real life, he's not here. I do own Dark Labrynth and the plot.