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His Savior

Forgotten Valentine.

"This is just stupid of us, isn't it?" Mirna said quietly.

The Doctor chuckled, and let go of her. "Yeah, it is."

"I mean, of course, I want to go off and explore the universe!" she exclaimed, walking over to the center of the TARDIS.

"Well, we could go anywhere." he stated, walking over to her. "I mean anywhere. From the end of time, to the outskirts of the universe."

Mirna yawned loudly. "I think I need a nap before we go see the wonders of the world. Also the Cybermen don't have great plumbing, so do you have a shower?"

He smirked. "Yeah. Third door down the hall upstairs."


An hour later, Jack knocked on the door to the TARDIS with a Daisy, and chocolates.

"I'll get it!" The Doctor shouted from inside.

"Good, 'cause I kinda can't!" Mirna called from the shower.

He chuckled, and poked his head out with still damp hair. "Jack, how did you find me?"

"What? You don't like surprize visits from your buddy?" Jack said, smirking.

"Well-" The Doctor started.

Jack interupted. "Can I come in? Thanks." He opend the door up, and saw that The Doctor only had a towel on. He cleared his throut, then looked down, and back up at The Doctor's face.

He looked at Jack puzzled, then remembered. "Oh! Sorry! Where are my clothes?" He spun around looking for them. "Where are my clothes?!" he called out to Mirna, embaressed.

"I hid them!" she called back.

"Why?!" He could feel his ears getting warm.

Mirna walked in, fully dressed, with a towel around her head. "So you'd change, for once."

"Just, please give them back." he pleaded.

"Over there." she pointed under the bench in the engine room.

He left the room to change.

Jack didn't recignise her, so he decided to flirt. "Helloooo, there." he said, while putting on his most charming smile.

"Jack, don't!" The doctor called out from whatever room he was in.

"I can't introduce myself to any of your lady friends anymore, can I?" Jack whined.

"Jack, it's Mirna." she giggled.

"Y-Nooo." His mouth hung open.

"Four years changed me that much?" she asked, then started poking her face.

"Mirna! My shirt's not here!" The Doctor said, stomping into the room.

"I know." she said, smuggly.


"You look cute this way." she said, then kissed him on the cheek as she walked by him to the kitchen.

He turned to Jack, who was grinning ear to ear. "Oh, shut up." he said, annoyed, as he walked to his rather large closet. "Why are you even here?" He pressed a shirt that was identical to his other one on his chest to see if it would fit.

"To give you these." Jack held out the Daisy, and chocolates.

"Oh, I'm flattered, Jack, but I'm not really-"

Jack rolled his eyes. "Not for you! They were for Mirna, I thought you would forget Valentine's Day, so here."

"Oh, man! I need to take her some place romantic." he said, running his hands through his hair.

"Ya know, Ianto and I could make it a double date." Jack said with a faux innocent face.

"Sure. What could go wrong?" The Doctor said, doubtful.

"Great! I'll go get him!" Jack said excited, and ran to get Ianto in a childish fashion.

"You never answered my question." The Doctor said.

"And what was that?" Jack inquired, spinning on his heels.

"How did you find us?"

"Did I ever tell you to ignore the tiny red flashin thing on the roof?"


"Well, ignore it." Jack stated, and ran off.

The Doctor shook his head, and slipped his shirt on before saying "Mirna! I got you something."
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Jack's a good friend to have. XD