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Until Hell Freezes Over

Throughout her life Dillan Maxwell has been alone through almost everything. That was until she found the sport that would change her life forever. She found the motivation to forge on through hockey, it gave her something to focus on besides school, work, and the problems her family had with money. Even though it was just Dillan and her Father things were tough, but somehow they always found enough to scrape by and still fund her hockey career. She finally got the breakout she needed when she was approached by Michigan University with the offer of a full ride scholarship and the chance to walk on to their hockey team.

The next four years, she all she did was eat, sleep, and breathe hockey. In 2008, she helped lead the team to the Frozen Four as a junior and in her senior season was granted the title of All-American for the records she broke during her collegiate career. That summer, she would make history yet again as the first female forward to be drafted into the NHL. She knew that upon entering that she would have to face many trials and be exposed to the cruel world of sports media before she would ever be truly accepted. Luckily, she isn’t alone because as she soon finds out that the bonds she formed with her team is like having brothers she never had and they are there for her no matter what. And yet, there is only one man who is willing to do whatever it takes. Jonathan Toews soon finds out that he is even willing to follow her to Hell and on after until it freezes over.

* I don’t know or own any of the Chicago Blackhawks or any of the other professional hockey players who will appear in this story. Further more Dillan is my personal expression of what I picture myself being in the future. Out of respect for me please don’t take her.
  1. The Beginning
  2. Captain Serious
    Dillan meets the Chicago Blackhawks and their Captain Serious'.
  3. Zero to Hero
    Dillan finds her place within the Blackhawks and the city of Chicago.
  4. La la
    Game night with the guys and Dillan receives an upsetting phone call.
  5. Misery Thrives with Company
    Jon comforts Dillan after the loss of her father.
  6. Bets, Bowling, and Some Taunting.
    Romantic tensions become aware between Dillan and Jon.
  7. Pick On A Teammate.
    Sharpie and Burish get Dillan to prank Jonathan and Patrick with them.
  8. A Series of Unsettling Events
    Impatience leads to a seperation between the two lovers.
  9. Hey, Vancouver! Here Come the Hawks!
    Maxi and Kaner take Vancouver!
  10. Bonding And Planning
    Opening Cerimonies and Crosby's pow-wow.
  11. Just Like Miracle
    First Olympic Game. USA vs Switzerland.
  12. A Canadian Beat Down.
    Canada destroys Norway.
  13. The Evil Green Monster
    Dillan and Jon reveal their relationship to their teammates and Jon get jealous of Geno.
  14. USA vs CANADA 1.0
    Dillan and Team USA prepare to face Team Canada during the preliminary round of the tournament.
  15. My Boys
    Dillan meets up with some of her old teammates after the first game against Canada. Read Author's note please.
  16. He Lied to me.
    Read to find out.