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Until Hell Freezes Over

Bonding And Planning

The Opening Ceremony was amazing. I had never seen a such a mass of people. When we walked out of the tunnel and into BC Standium, they were cheering so loudly that it was likie the roar out the ocean. I couldn't begin to describe to you what I felt at that moment. It was incredible! The standing ovation we recieved caused a fire to begin to burn in me because I was one of the individuals selected to represent my country even though I had not tried out or anything along those lines. On another note: I had never seen so many Canadians in one place either, well besides The Bell Centre in Montréal. It was kinda sickening when they sang, 'I'm Proud to Be Candien', it was so loud that I could barely hear myself think. The pride and passion for their country could be heard their voices. Kaner and I began singing, 'God Bless America.' while they sang that because we were hyped up. We were so hyped up that Patrick and Zach busted me up onto their shoulders as did some of the other American athletes that would be partaking in this years Winter Olympics.

The some of the events that took place like the lighting of the Interior Cauldron. That was freaking sweet. I love it when things are put on fire. But It took forever to get through everything I, eventually, stopped listening to the music or what people were saying on the stage and began taking pictures of my teammates and friends that I had met while lining up before walking into the standium. I had met Apollo Anton Ohno, Hannah Kearney, Shaun White, Kelly Clark, and Lindsey Vonn. I also met fellow women's ice hockey players: Hilary Knight, the Lamoureux girls, and Julie Chu. Each of them congradulated me on my enterance into the NHL and my outstanding season so far. I told them that I wish that more women were in the league because I found myself wanting a female companion on road games. They agreed to that, but then Hilary suggested that there needed to a Women's National Hockey League so that we could play as professionals without having to play with the guys and I totally agreed with that even though I loved my teammates in Chicago.

After the ceremonies, I ran to go meet Geno. When I found him, he was standing there with Sidney. It was funny how he avoided Ovechkin and Semin like the plague. Sergei Gonchar was also standing there and was introduced to me, offically. It was suggested that we head over to where all of the athletes were partying and so we went. Of course, Kaner, Parise, and Jack Johnson came along for the ride. Let's just say we were determined to let loose before we had to get serious and start practicing like crazy for the tournament.

Tomorrow, we were going to play our first Olympic Round Robin game againist Switzerland. I was pumped, but flat out exhausted. Coach had us skate and do drills until we were dizzy. We had to be in prefect sync to even hope to get to the tournament. Everyone on the team seemed so sure that we would make it, but I couldn’t help but feel that we were going to have to earn it. Luckily, we had just had a morning skate so we could have maximum energy for the game.

After the morning skate, Kaner and I decided to satisfy ourselves with a healthy dosage of bugging Miller and Kesler, after that we chilled in our room by watching Jersey Shore until Zach Parise and Jack Johnson showed up to chill with us after they went to the weight room.

“Is this really what’s it like there?” I questioned, looking up at Zach from my upside down position on my bed, my head and arms hanging over the edge. He flashed me a smirk and nodded,

“Yeah, but it’s only that bad between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which so happens to be during the off-season so I don’t have to deal with those people.” He then took up the rest of my bed because I’m so tiny and Pat always hollers unless Jon or Duncan are the ones sharing the bed with him. I nodded,

“Where do you spend your off-season?”

“Usually at home or down south. What about you?” He fired right back.

“My dad and I used to go up to Alaska or go camping in the boundary waters, but… recently my friends and I have gone out to Denver just for the hell of it.” I stated, not wanting to go into any detail about my dad. Zach seemed to understand and asked Jack,

“Hey, where do you go, Johnson?”

“I go home for a bit, and then go back out to Cali. That’s where the women are as fine as the weather.”

“Respect!” Kaner shouted into agreement, earning a fist bump from Jack who added, “No offense, Maxi.”

“You so just saved your ass, Jacky.” I informed him, rolling my eyes at how dumb boys could be at times.

“So, anyway, why are you and Kaner roomin’ together?” Jack questioned me after we had turned back to the TV to watch Ronnie take some dumb ass out because he was saying shit to them.

“Cause Kaner is my brother from another mother, duh.” I stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Thanks, Dil, you’re the sister that I always wanted!” Kaner shouted, before jumping from his bed to mine and tackled me in a bear hug.

“I thought you had sisters, Kane.” Zach mentioned, after he had pushed Patrick off the bed because he had put us all into an awkward position for doing that.

“Yeah, I have 3 older sisters.” Kane confirmed, as he rubbed the back of his head that had hit the floor in a ‘thud’ after Zach pushed him off. That was so going to be a goose egg in the morning, I hope his helmet still fits him for the game.

“Four.” I correct him, sitting up so that I was sitting Indian style next to Zach and Jack.

“What?!” Patrick gasped, I knew he was just being over dramatic because he wanted more attention.

“I’m older than you.” I informed him, doing my little ‘yay me’ dance. He continued to stare at me in disbelief, “No way, when’s your birthday?”

“June 7th, et toi?” I stated, earning a high five from both Zach and Jack,

“I’m so glad that you are actually older than because if you weren’t it would just make him look worse.” Jack told me, which caused everyone but Patrick to laugh.

“Uh, mine was in October, remember? I’m pretty sure you were there for the party.” He scoffed, faking that he was hurt.

“Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot.” I shrugged, scratching the back of my head.

“Of course, you did. You were too busy making googly eyes with Jon.” He had to remind me of the time when I had been full out crushing on Jonathan before my dad had died.

“Wait, so Maxi, you and Tazer dating?” Zach questioned, with a raised eye brow. I held up my hands, defensively in front of myself,

“No, we aren’t.” Zach looked at me like he didn’t believe me before Jack cut in,

“Yeah, they aren’t together because I saw her all over Malkin after the opening ceremonies. Isn’t that right, Maxi?” I blushed, not because I didn’t think anyone would see us, but now that I knew that if Jack knew then Jon would know also because he hangs out with Sidney and Jack.

“Guys, come on.” I groaned, I really didn’t want to talk about my love life or lack there of at this point in time because I wasn’t with Malkin the way everyone thought I was. I told him about Jon and he understood that whatever went on between us wasn’t going to leave Vancouver.

“Quit whining, Maxi.” The strangely familiar voice that I had come to recognize as Sidney Crosby’s chuckled from the door way, “Hey, can I borrow these guys for a second?” I shrugged,

“I don’t own them; they can do as they please… No, just take them. I need to shower and I don’t want to know that there a bunch of guys outside the door creeping on me.” Pat got the point at once, hopped up from the bed, grabbed his team USA jacket, and then headed out the door. He was followed by both Jack and Zach. I shut the door behind him and locked because I knew that Kaner didn’t take his key with him. So there would be no way he could creep on me.

*General POV*

Once they had arrived at Crosby’s and Fleury’s room, they noticed that Duncan, Malkin, Gonchar, Seabs, and Staal were already in there.

“What’s this about, Crosby?” Patrick asked, turning around to face the Penguins captain, but it wasn’t Crosby who answered him. It was his own teammate, Duncan,

“We’re here because we need to figure out a way to Tazer and Maxi together or at least the way they were before they had the big blow up.”

“I think the way they were before was the problem,” Seabs admitted, “Their relationship was at a crossing and neither of them could decide what they wanted to do. “

“What happened?” Marc-Andre asked, looking between the 3 Blackhawks, they were the only ones who knew the whole truth because they had listened to both sides of the story.

“Out of annoyance with each other’s indecision, they had a fight. It was about the dumbest thing ever though.” Duncan finished.

“They clearly have issues that need to be settled before they try to start any kind of relationship.” Eric Staal pointed out to the group. They nodded in agreement.

“So, why is Geno here?” Patrick questioned, not quite sure of how the Russian was involved until he realized that he was the one who was going to put their plan in motion. Evgeni was currently, Dillan’s distraction from thinking about Jonathan and if he were to be removed then she would have to see that she needed to be with Jon. “So what’s the plan, guys?”

“Tomorrow, after the first round of exhibition games, there’s going to be a Mardi Gras festival because that’s what tomorrow is after all. I was thinking that would be the best time to do it because Geno could slip away without her noticing, then we could move Jon closer to her.” Sidney informed them.

“How is she not going to notice? It’s not like she’s not going to notice that. Trust me, Sharpie and Burish have tried to prank and after the first couple of tries it didn’t work out for them.” Kane interrupted.

“Well, if you would’ve let me finish. You guys were going to distract her, while all at the same moving her into position for them to meet up.” Crosby finished. Keith, Seabrook, and Kane all looked at each other for a moment before Seabrook asked,

“What’s plan B?” Crosby looked crestfallen when Brent asked that because he thought his plan would work.

“Well, just throw them into someone’s room and lock the door or something like that.” Sergei offered and of course everyone agreed to that. Maybe they should’ve decided to do that to begin with? But no one wanted to tell Crosby that his plan was a little beyond what they were trying to accomplish.

“Alright, we’ll try Sid’s plan and if it doesn’t work I have some duct tape in my bag that we could use to kidnap them with.” Duncan agreed, this made them all laugh because they knew that if it came down to it they might have to, for the sake of their teams.