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Until Hell Freezes Over

The Evil Green Monster

As we approached our teammates at the top of the stairs, they gave us some curious glances. I knew at that moment that they knew. Of course, I didn’t know if they knew exactly what was going on or not. They sure seem like they knew something.

“Dilana!” Kaner whined, loudly as we entered the small group and tugged on my arm so that I had to look at him. “What do you want?”

“Claire brought a fag!” He whispered, loud enough for just our group to hear him. Our group now included: Duncan, Seabs, Kopecky, Hossa, Kane, Tazer, and I.

“You know what he’s a cool guy.” I growled, staring him down, “He’s my friend, too. He was my original little brother. He’s a part of my family. So stop dissing him and shut the fuck up!”

“Claire brought a gay guy?” Duncan stated, but the way he struggled to get it out made it sound like a question. Way to be blunt, Dunks! All of my teammates visibly cringed at the thought of having to hang out with Ashton then.

“Guys! He doesn’t act like a gay guy unless he’s hammered like he was at the game or we’re having a ‘girl talk’. He used to play hockey.” I explained, hoping that they could all at least talk about hockey because I didn’t want there to be any strains in my personal life. Not during the second half of the NHL season and the road to the play offs coming up after we get done here. Remember: I didn’t say anything about the play offs; its bad luck to talk about them.

After a few moments of silence, Captain Serious finally took control like he usually does, “So what are we gonna do know?” I was about to mention getting something to eat but my stomach did it for me. I blushed, furiously, and unconsciously turned into Jonathan’s side. Gosh, did I just make it obvious? Yeah, I thought so. I began to blush even more as I felt his arm pull me closer to him causing me to bury my face into his chest.

“Is there something that you and Tazer would like to tell us, Maxi?” I heard Marian ask and someone slapped me on the back.

“Okay, who was the douche?!” I questioned, turning away from Jon and scanning the faces of the retards I called my friends. Duncan, Seabs, and Kopecky held their hands up in defense. I already knew that it wasn’t them. Then I pin-pointed my target: Kaner…

“Patrick Timothy Kane, Jr.!” I roared and Kaner took off in the direction of the hotel. It’s sad to say that I was actually pissed enough to chase after him down several street blocks. I’m sure that most of Vancouver and Winter Olympic participants saw the two of us idgits and wondered what the fuck was going on.

“Hey, Maxi, I always knew that you were slow off the ice. This gives me plenty of time to call Sharpie and tell him your news.” Kaner called, as he dashed ahead of me, but barely. Hey, he had a head start.

“There is no way that I’m going to let you call Sharpie cause then he’ll the Burish and then the whole team. I’ll never live it down!” I denied, pushing myself harder to catch up. By then the hotel was just a block away and Pat was in between. We were so lucky that we didn’t get hit by any cars as we crossed side streets. I don’t think Coach Q or Coach Gordon would be too happy if Kaner and I both ended up in the hospital because we were paying attention while crossing the street. Tazer was probably going to scold both of us for being reckless, but I could deal with that. I was having too much fun to care.

Ultimately, I wasn’t paying enough attention to what was ahead of me because I ran into what felt like a brick wall. I looked up to see none other than Evgeni Malkin.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.” I informed him, as he pulled me up into a standing position, “Thanks.” Geno nodded, seemingly agreeing with me on that statement. I was going to tell him that Jon and I were finally together but he spoke first,

“My girlfriend flew in today. I want to be with her now. I cannot help you with Jon anymore.” He seemed sad to tell me this, but I wasn’t going to let him remain that way. What can I say? I love his goofy Russian smile.

“Actually, after I got done throttling Kaner I was going to tell you something…. Jon and I talked last night, we worked everything out. We’re together now.” Malkin smiled and embraced me.

“I happy for you, Mazi! Tazer is lucky man.” Speaking of the devil, that’s when Jon walked through the revolving door at the front of the hotel. This probably wasn’t what he wanted or expected to see. As soon as he noticed that Geno was standing with me, Jon’s face contorted with a pained expression. He quickly covered it up with a glare that he sent in Geno’s direction and then he marched past us, not even saying anything to me.

I must’ve looked like I was about to cry because Malkin gave me another quick hug and a pat on top of her head before taking off after Jon. Now, alone I decided to go sit in the ballroom where the party was going to be held instead of standing in the lobby like an idiot.

*Tazer’s POV*

Jonathan couldn’t believe what he saw as he jogged into the hotel chasing after his girlfriend, who was chasing after his best friend. He didn’t understand what had set Dillan off, but whatever action Kaner had implicated upon her sure pissed Dillan off. Jon could see the signs that Mount Maxi was about to erupt so he quickly followed after them for damage control.

What he didn’t except however was to see his girl hugging the one man that had all potential to take her away from Jon. Evgeni Malkin: forward for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ever since they had arrived, the Russian had chased after Dillan and quite frankly Tazer was beyond jealous. After talking with Dillan the night before he was sure that he had solved that problem/obstacle, but apparently it hadn’t. Jon felt betrayed, he couldn’t bring himself to do anything but glare at the man that was clearly still in the race for Maxi’s heart and walk away from the painful sight.

Jon was half to his room when he heard heavy footsteps behind him. Part of him wanted it to be Dillan when he turned around. He wanted her to come crawling back to him. He pushed those thoughts away no woman deserved to be thought of in that manner. Especially, not his Dillan. He was surprised to see Malkin closing in on him, so Jon held is ground preparing for what was bound to be a fight.

“What do you want?” He spat before the stoic man could say anything. Jonathan knew that Evgeni was a man of few words and tended to use his actions to make a statement. When the Russian grabbed his arm and began to pull him back in the direction that he came from. Jonathan buckled down refusing to be taken anywhere without explanation.

“Why you resist?” Evgeni spoke out, turning around to face the younger man. His English made him difficult to understand, but Jonathan got the jest of it.

“Where are you taking me? I don’t have anything to say to her otherwise I would’ve said it before.” Jon growled, his tone was as icy as it had ever been before. Geno could tell that he was hurting. It took the man awhile to place the right words and Jonathan had almost lost his patience with him. “If you’re not going to tell me then let me go.” After struggling to break free, he gave in.

“You saw wrong. Maxi was congratulating me on my reunion with Oksana.” The tall man informed him and then he let Jon go. “You break her heart when you do not try to understand.”

Realization dawned upon him, suddenly. How could he have been so brash? He was always immediately expecting the worst out of situation that wasn’t as bad as it seem if he could’ve just let go of his jealousy then he wouldn’t have had to go through that pain. Pain? What pain had he caused Dillan? Malkin said that he had broken her heart. He was a failure. He was sure that Dillan had lost all hope in making them work by his recent actions.

“Where is she? I need to speak with her?” Jon asked, quickly, grabbing onto Geno’s shoulders his face now intense with worry.

“I do not know. I left her to get you.” Geno informed him with a shrug of his massive shoulders. They both made their way back to the lobby; but of course Dillan wasn’t there. They even checked in the ballroom. Still no Dillan…That was when Jonathan received a text from Claire,

’Quick come up to D/K’s room. You gotta see this!’

“Hey, Geno! I know where she’s at!” Jon exclaimed, as he took off in a sprint to get up to Dillan’s and Kaner’s room. Once he arrived at their room he was shocked at the sight before him.

*Dillan’s POV*

“I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT!” I roared, tackling Kaner after hearing the remark he made about what it would possibly be like to have a 3-some with Jon and I. In the process of driving Kaner into the floor we knocked over the lamp stand that was near the window. I’m sure everyone could’ve heard the crash.

Shortly, after Claire, Zach, and Ashton all burst into the room to see what the commotion was about. I only noticed that they were there because I had to look up to snatch a pillow that I could pound againist my blonde brother’s head.

“I SWEAR TO GOD, IF YOU EVER SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU ARE GOING TO DIE A VERY UNPLEASENT DEATH!” I exclaimed, as I continued to back hand with the decorative pillow.

“DILLAN! Please! Stop! It was just a joke!” Pat pleaded, attempting to push me off of him, but at the moment there was no way that he could move me.

“Why is everyone standing in the door way?” Sidney Crosby’s familiar voice asked from behind my friends.

“Oh, the D&K twins are having a little spat. Over what I have no idea.” Zach shrugged, not really knowing any other way to explain the situation to the Penguins Captain. “We don’t know who started it, but it looks like Dillan is fully intent on finishing it.”

“No, I’m finishing it.” A voice sounded from down the hall. It was no other than Jon, “What’s going on?” I heard him ask the witnesses.

The sound of feet shuffling out of the way; signaled that Jon had gotten through and I felt his footstep cross over so that he was now towering above us. “Dillan? Kaner? Mind telling me what the hell is going on?”

“Tell your girlfriend to get the fuck off of me!” Patrick demanded, pushing againist my shoulders. I was half tempted to punch him because I was upset with Jon from earlier. I restrained myself and continued laying into him with the pillow.

“What the hell is going on?” Jon repeated, not at all pleased that he didn’t get the answer that he wanted. Neither Pat or me replied this time, we were too busy trying to beat each other’s head in. Actually that was just me, Kaner was being a pussy. Unfortunately, before I could object a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist and pulled me off of the boy.

“Why were you beating Kaner, Dil?” Jon questioned, arms holding me againist him as I struggled to get away. Instead of answering him, I turned around and slugged his shoulder, “What the fuck was that for?”

“That was for being jealous earlier, you twit.” I informed him before leaning up to press my lips againist his cheek as an offering of forgiveness. “Kaner was being a retard and said that it would be cool if the 3 of us had a 3-some.” I motioned in between Jon, Pat, and I to help shed light on what Kaner was implying. The discussed look on Jon’s face was hilarious. He definitely wasn’t for that at all,

“That’s just sick and wrong.” Jon mumbled before giving Kaner a soft kick to the stomach because he was still wallowing around on the floor.

“Come on, Tazer. It’s not like you haven’t thought about it too.” Kaner winced, no clutching is stomach as some blood began to trickle out of his nose.

“Holy shit, you beat him hard enough with a pillow to make his nose bleed.” Jon stated, “I didn’t think a pillow could do that.” Normally, I would’ve gloated a little but I didn’t feel like it so I waved him off,

“Nah, he must’ve connected with floor after I tackled him. Claire, get him one of my tampons so that he doesn’t get blood on the carpet.” She started to make her way over to the bathroom but then paused when she got to the door,

“You’re not on, are you?” I shook my head to the contrary, “Nope, but I have always prepared for accidents like these.”

“Accident? That was so not an accident, you purposefully tackled me to the floor like a defensive end, Dillan. You’ve could hurt me.” Patrick complained, taking my tampon from Claire and stuffing it up his nose.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, Kaner. Whatever you say.” Jonathan laughed, rolling his eyes and then he turned to me, “Hey do you wanna go grab a bite to eat before the party?” I nodded, vigorously because I had been hungry for what felt like forever now and I so needed to replenish my energy sources if we were going to be partying it up tonight,

“Yeah, totally! SOMEBODY didn’t let me go eat because HE was too busy primping after the game.” Patrick rolled his eyes, but didn’t say anything because he knew that it was true. He should know by now that I am always hungry after a game. Stupid boys.

“Shut up, Dilana. You could’ve gone by yourself to get something.” Kaner replied, mocking my tone and putting his hands on his hips in a very girlish fashion that made everyone in the room crack up.

“You know, Kaner, you really do look like a girl.” I pointed out before exiting the room with Jonathan only to have a shoe aimed at the back of my head, but luckily off the ice Kaner has poor aim.

“Congrats, Pat. You hit the wall.” I sang back to him. I then moved closer to Jon. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer, “So where do you want to go?”

“I don’t want to eat at the cafeteria. I want Chinese! I haven’t had Chinese since like the beginning of January.” I exclaimed, knowing that Jon wouldn’t care too much about what we ate tonight. Any other night he’d probably have a fit that we were going to be eating too much fat and grease. So after some debating we decided to go eat somewhere outside of the Olympic Village just because we wanted to get away.

’I have seen the others and I have discovered; that this fight is not worth fighting. I have seen their mothers and I will no other to follow me where I'm going. So, take a shower, shine your shoes, you got no time to lose. You are young men you must be living’
I groaned and set my chop sticks down to answer my freaking phone. I knew who it was and I put it on speaker so that Jon could listen in on it too.

“Hey DILANA! How are you and Towez doing?” Sharpie voice questioned, loudly on the other end of the line. Jon rolled his eyes at how Sharpie pronounced his name wrong on purpose.

“We’re fine, Sharpie. How are you and Bur holding up without the majority of the team in the Windy City?” I threw back at him.

“Oh, we’re as good as we can be. Without you, Towez, and little Peak-A-Boo here, we’re getting’ kinda bored.” He paused, for a moment. Apparently, he was with Adam right now. “Bur says, ‘To get on the Hawks website as soon as you can and watch our new video that we made while you guys are in BC.”

“What did you guys do?” Jon asked, deciding that he needed to speak up after plowing throw his pork lo mein.

“Oh, it’s not what we did. It’s what Dillan did.” Adam answered in turn. Oh shit, really? They would try and put something together that would embarrass me to death. I wonder what they could’ve pulled together seeing as they didn’t have their camera…

“How could guys have film me unless… Unless you guys had a hidden camera somewhere in my room before I started rooming with Tazer and Kaner.” I accused.

“Yeah, and for your sake’s I hope you didn’t get any naked images of my girlfriend.” Jonathan warned, his tone was serious yet again. Man, this guy needs to loosen up some or he’s going to have an aneurysm.

” Aw, come one, Tazer. I know that you want to see Dillan naked.” Patrick teased. I glanced up at Jon from across the table and his face was as red as a tomato. I raised my eyebrow at him and his face got even redder. Then an annoying beeping came from my phone signaling that the terrible twins had hung up on us, leaving an awkward tension in the air made me chuckle because it was cute to see Jon all nervous.

“Jon, you know they’re just teasing you.” I reminded him as I began to dig into my food again, slurping rather unlady like on a noodle. “And besides you know you want me.” I winked.

“Oh, god knows I do.” Jon agreed, catching onto my joke and then we both settled down to finish our meals before heading back for the party.
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Song: The General by Dispatch.

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