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Until Hell Freezes Over

Captain Serious

The next few weeks were chaotic! My dad and I were scrambling around trying to get flights lined up and hotels booked. As well as keep up with the everyday things in life. I was getting calls left and right from all of my friends and Blackhawks authorities. But by the time I got to Chicago, it felt that everything had paid off.

“Welcome to Chicago, Ms. Maxwell.” General Manager, Stanley Bowman greeted me as we walked into the United Center.

“Thank you, Mr. Bowman. It’s a pleasure to be playing for such a popular team.” I said, just like I had rehearsed it because I still wasn’t too fond of the Blackhawks.

“I’m sure that you will fit in. We were lucky to find an individual such as yourself left in the draft. You were so under everyone’s radar we didn’t even notice you until it was almost too late.” He laughed, before leading our little party down to locker area downstairs.

“Ms. Maxwell, I would like you to meet your new coach: Joel Quenneville. He was the one who brought you to our attention.” Mr. Bowman introduced the man responsible for my drafting to me.

“It’s an honor to finally meet you, Ms. Maxwell.” The ma, who was going to be my coach stated, extending his hand out for me to take. I did, confidently,

“It is a pleasure to be working with you, sir.” I agreed. He nodded in agreement.

“How about I take Mr. Maxwell and Ms. Reynolds on a tour of the facilities, while Coach Quenneville introduces you to the team?” Mr. Bowman suggested, and then took my Dad and Claire in the opposite direction of which Coach Quenneville was taking me.

*General POV*

Team was waiting in the dressing room for coach to bring in the new rookie. They had heard about this kid since the draft and Jonathan Toews, for one, was certainly looking forward to playing with such a talented young player. As a captain, I looked forward to watching him grow into his full potential. He listened, carefully, to what the guys were thinking and they were thinking just about the same thing. Then he heard Coach Q’s voice talking about something that involves the team, he couldn’t quite make it out but apparently it was funny because a girl that he had brought with him giggled. Jonathan, then, stood up to be the first person to greet the new rookie.

The door opened and the coach appeared with him was a rather attractive girl. I looked behind him to see if there was anyone else waiting to be introduced but I couldn’t see anyone.

“Boys, allow me to introduce our newest rookie: Dillan Maxwell.” Coach stated, motioning for her forward.

“But she’s a girl!” The objection came from none other than Toews’ best friend, Patrick Kane, “Why would you want a girl to play for our team, it’s kind of embarrassing?”

“And she can still hear you.” Dillan growled, sending a look of the purest evil directly back to you right winger. Kane visibly flinched at her words even though she hadn’t said anything that threatening. She was very intimidating for her small size. Jonathan could tell that she had a big passion for the sport and was even more enthusiastic about working with her. So he offered her his hand before saying,

“Welcome to the team, Dillan!”

*Dillan's POV*

“Welcome to the team, Dillan!” The Blackhawks Captain, Jonathan Toews greeted me after Patrick Kane’s outburst. I smiled; as I took the hand he hand offered me and gave it a firm shake.

“Thank you, Jonathan!” I replied, a blush burning on face as he smiled down at me. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so hard after all. At least, I had the captain on my side.

Or maybe not, Jonathan Toews’ domineer completely changed once we got on the ice. He became so uptight and serious. Not wonder why he was the captain; he was the only one who was goofing off.

Of course, I had forgiven Kaner as soon as he apologized for his earlier outburst. I wasn’t going to hold it over his head because he was just being a stupid boy.

"Maxwell, over here!" Coach Quenneville ordered. To show off a little bit of the speed I possessed I sprinted down the ice toward him and Toews, skidding to a stop and spraying Toews with fresh powder "How about we start with a couple of basic drills to warm us up? How about a five on five? Toews, Byfuglien, Hossa, Stalberg, and Crawford in goal vs. Kane, Brouwer, Maxwell, Keith, and Niemi. I took my position with my scrimmage team, waiting for the rest of my team to shuffle over to our side of the ice.

Duncan was the first person to talk to me,

"Dillan, what position do you play?" I just shrugged as I looked around, "It doesn't matter. I don't specialize." He just nodded to center, so I lined up to face Toews for the face-off.

"What on earth are you doing here?" He question, this did sound like the Toews I had met in the dressing room only minutes before. I frowned, "I'm sorry, I thought this was a free country." I scoffed. Toews didn't even look taken back my harsh comment, no wonder why they called him: "Captain Serious."

Coach dropped the puck and I quickly gained control of it, and sent it to Kane. The puck was then passed back to Keith, as I set up a play. Byfuglien was guarding me, watching like I was some sort of prey, as Keith shot the puck to me. I evaded him, swiftly, before firing a goal, so fast Crawford didn't even know what hit him.

"Holy shit!" Byfuglien exclaimed, stopping behind me upon realizing that I had scored.

"Damn, Girly, that was kick ass!" Kane smiled tackling me like they would in a real game. Nothing like the sweaty armpits of hockey players to make your morning right.

After separating, I pin-pointed Toews, and shot him a glare. I knew I was going to fit into the team, but was our captain willing to accept me?
This was the first game of the season. This was no big deal to most of the guys, but to me it was my chance to shine.